Tuesday, March 13, 2007

NYSD in New Orleans, D.C., L.A., and Houston

Walking at The Krewe of Barkus 2007 parade in New Orleans.
It’s a Dog’s Life:  Frances Hayward and her rescued Shepherd, Amigo  led the The Krewe of Barkus 2007 parade at this year’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Amigo, who is the inspiration for Frances’ BeKind Foundation (www.bekind.org) just lost his leg to cancer, but the scrappy canine still managed to take on the role of Grand Marshall of the only parade in the city for the animal population.

Last year, Amigo wore the crown as the King of the Barkus and Frances was his Queen, leading the way in full royal regalia on the 15-block route through the French Quarter. This year Amigo and his lovely lady wore festive feathered costumes in aqua blue and yellow and kicked off the "Pawty" at Armstrong Park on Sunday (February 11th).  The happy crowd, which included hundreds of locals and many of their dogs dressed to impress, enjoyed the procession of floats on a beautiful Louisiana afternoon.

No strangers to giving back, Amigo and Frances returned to the 15th annual parade working diligently for animals in need.  In the last year and a half, Amigo and Frances  created "The Amigo Express," a "bus-lift" rescue expedition to Tylertown, Mississippi to save animal victims of Hurricane Katrina.  They have also funded and starred in a PSA for the Humane Society of the US to stop inhumane trapping which aired nationally. Their next big event will be the Humane Society of New York’s third annual Fine Art Photography Auction in New York on April 16 where Amigo will act as Animal Chair.

The Krewe of Barkus is a chartered, non-profit organization with the sole purpose of providing an entertaining parade for the canine and canine-loving citizens of New Orleans while simultaneously promoting adoption/rescue of homeless animals through their donations to animal welfare organizations.
Grand Marshall Amigo with King of Barukus
Frances Hawyward and Amigo
Washington, D.C.: The International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) is pressing for the United  States and world community to invest more in adolescent girls. Their objective is to achieve community- based interventions that can reduce child marriage and protect girls from poverty and serious health risks. 
Meryl Streep and other dignitaries joined this call to action at ICRW’s 2007 gala, “Champions for Change,” at Union Station in Washington, D.C. 
ICRW President Geeta Rao Gupta said that more community-based programs are  needed to address the specific challenges faced by adolescent girls, particularly child  marriage which has been mainly ignored by both the developing world and donor  countries. 51 million girls worldwide are currently married, perpetuating an  endless cycle of gender inequality, sickness and poverty.

New research by ICRW finds that some of the countries with the highest child  marriage rates have no programs or interventions to prevent this practice or support girls who do marry young.
G.V.S. Ramesh, Mekhala Krishnamurthy, and Meryl Streep
Jessye Norman and Meryl Streep
“In too many parts of the world, adolescent girls are robbed of their potential by early  marriage, by limited schooling, and poor health care,” Streep says. “And when girls fail to thrive, societies fail to thrive. While more and more countries are waking up to the possibilities and working to build programs to empower girls, much more needs to be done. Adolescent girls are our future and deserve our help.” 
Rao Gupta urges the international community to support proven efforts to delay marriage, including keeping girls in school beyond primary education. “Our research reveals that primary education is simply not enough to prevent early marriage and help women escape poverty,” Rao Gupta says. “We must keep girls enrolled through secondary school. Only then do we see real results in girls’ earning power, their ability to insist on their rights, their empowerment."  

At the March 7 gala event, ICRW honored two of its partners for their exemplary work  to improve the lives of women and girls in Africa and India with the “Investing in  Women” awards. ANERELA+, African Network of Religious Leaders with or personally  affected by HIV/AIDS, was recognized for its vision in mobilizing the faith community  to help end stigma and discrimination against people living with AIDS. ICICI Bank,  India’s largest private sector bank, was honored for its innovative activities to lift poor  women and their communities from poverty. Learn more about ICRW and its work at www.icrw.org.
Ann Gupta, Sylvia Lin, and Kandy Ferree
Geeta Rao Gupta and Meryl Streep
Deborah Calmeyer, Meryl Streep, and Geoff Calmeyer
Leslie Calman, Rev. Johannes Heath, and Jacki and Steve Hofman
Frank Islam, Esther Coopersmith, Meryl Streep, and Carol Lascaris
Jeanne Warner and Michael Curran
Meryl Streep, Carol Lascaris, and Dr. Mahinder Tak
Justice Stephen Breyer, Joseph Patuleia, and Kathryn Williams
Caroline Atkinson, Matthew Mallow, Jeffrey and Nancy Goldstein, and Carole Dickert-Scherr
Meryl Streep and Sen. Amy Klobuchar
Meryl Streep and Rev. Johannes Heath
Craig Cichy, Mat Gulick, Karen Buglisi, and Frank Abdale
Ambassador Tim Worth and Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep and Geeta Rao Gupta
Ann Terry Pincus and Alan Novak
Mercedes Fitchett, Geraldine Sealey, and Olivia Leland
Christine Wallich, Mayra Buvinic, Brooke Shearer, and Leo Hakim
Meryl Streep, Rev. Johannes Heath, and George Vradenburg
Ugandan Ambassador Perezi Kamunanwire and Mrs. Carolyn Hu Kamunanwire
In Los Angeles, interior and lifestyle designer Barclay Butera hosted a book party for Panache Publishing’s “Spectacular Homes Of California” featuring fifteen designers with homes in Southern California. Mr. Butera has a multi-page spread in the book with his signature blue & white, ocean-inspired look, among other examples.  New Yorkers saw his over-the-top, blue-and-white beach look in the grand entryway of last summer’s Hampton’s Design Showhouse.  He also has a showroom at the D&D Building in NYC.

The cocktail party was for all the designers and the publisher. That day was also the birthday of Anne Volokh, publisher of Hollywood Life magazine. A friend of Butera’s, she was presented with a giant birthday cake from her favorite Old-World European bakery in L.A., B&L Bakery.  Hollywood’s favorite chanteuse, Morganne sang “Happy Birthday” to Ms. Volokh, and these two absolutely “fabulous” women connected immediately, with Ms. V also breaking into  a ditty.
Anthony Lepre, Libra Weltsch, and Michael Martinez
Atch, Kristen Gunnette, and Lisa Holchin
Michelle Hanson, Barclay, Julie Du Brow, and Whitney Sisler
Richard Gladstein and Barclay Butera
Soriya Dancsecs, Lisa Holchina, Kristina Gunnette, and Birte Bant
Donald Baker, Caroline Baker, Rozalynn Woods, and Robert Hyman
Rozalyn Woods and Barclay
Sue Potter, Heather Rosas, and Shannon Aras
Rick Scott, Russ Shafer, and Ross Landess
Valerie Landon and Kimberly Fischer
Maria LoBosco, Nicole Cadena, and Jennifer Perry
Candice Weiner, Jennifer Pecor, Julia Brill, and Mary Campion
Ron Woodson, Libra Weltsch, Jaime Rummersfield, and Michael Martinez
Susan Rosen and Gay Parrish
Anne Volokh, Barclay, and Jennifer Perry
Barclay and Jennifer Perry
Anne Volokh and Morganne
Thomas Mitchell, Linda Allen, and Caroline Baker
Carolina Oliver and Peter Valli
Donna Estes Antebi and Jennifer Perry
Jorg Widmann, Barclay, and Harry Weinberg
The Salvation Army annual luncheon held at River Oaks Country Club was a sellout with over 500 supporters in attendance. Chair for this year’s luncheon was Linda D. McReynolds. Guest speaker for the popular luncheon was Rob Pace, a managing partner of Goldman Sachs New York. Notables included: Dr. Walter McReynolds, Dorothy Nicholson, chairman of the Houston Advisory Board of the Salvation Army, Robert A. Mosbacher, Pat and Dan Breen, Ginger and Jack Blanton, Major Marshall Gesner, area commander of the Salvation Army Houston Metropolitan area and Major Carolyn Gesner, coordinator of women’s ministries; Lilly Andress and Merritt McReynolds Marinelli. The event raised more than $825,000 for programs and services in the Houston area.
Linda and Dr. Walter McReynolds with Merritt McReynolds Marinelli
Majors Marshall and Carolyn Gesner, Nikita Atkinson, and Ktrina Atkinson
Lilly Andress and Sheridan Williams
Dorothy Nicholson and Sara Howell
Joyce and Tom Standish
Major Carolyn Gesner and Oscar Roane
Rob Pace and Dorothy Nicholson
Phoebe and Bobby Tudor
Marshall Gesner
Jeanie Kilroy and Sidney Faust
Beth Moore
Carolyn Mann and Jui Holmes
Ginger and Jack Blanton
Jane Wise
Robert Mosbacher and Pat Breen
Pat and Dan Breen
Mary and Jerome Edwards
Kristi Schiller and Sheridan Williams
Kathryn Smith and Elizabeth Petersen
John and Anne Bookout