Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Palm Beach and Chicago Social Diary

Looking up along Worth Avenue.
Palm Beach moved into full gear. Thanksgiving weekend with family, friends all pouring into this perfect little” town” with its Camelot-like climate. The town really comes alive and it could not be more apparent than when you take a stroll down the fabled Worth avenue.

This weekend I spotted such stars shopping as Miley Cyrus “Hannah Montana” and from the fashion world Mark Badgley and James Mischka plus Arnold Scaasi. For shoppers there are bunch of great new stores there such as Reed Krakoff’s Coach, Jennifer Miller’s wonderful jewelry store and also the Tomas Maier store with a beautifully edited goodies including  jewelry” Most Wanted Design “designed by Valentino’s PR man Carlos Souza (Carlos was staying with Julia and David Koch).

Hilary Geary Ross and Wilbur Ross
Around the corner on South County you will find Nancy Corzine’s first retail store loaded with very chic furniture and goodies including the candles created for her by Marjorie Gubelmann. Nancy had an opening party and all of PB popped in to applaud her.

Speaking of parties in stores that same night on Worth Avenue ... at Valentino a bunch of pals toasted the dance chairman of the Young Friends of the 4 Arts, Talbot Maxey and  Piper Quinn along with co-chairs Lourdes Fanjul and Tom Quick. The dance is to be held on February 29th, Leap Year in the garden pavilion at the 4 Arts designed by Morgan Wheelock donated by Talbot’s parents Kit and Bill Pannill.

Among the group were Talbot’s husband Jack, Kit and Bill Pannill, Muffy and Don Miller, David and Julia Koch, Bruce and Maria Bockmann (who just bought a house in PB), Chris and Grace Meigher, Howard Cox, Ellen and Ian Graham, Nicole Hanley, Dabney Mercer, Ted Geary, Eleanor and Jon Ylvisaker, Alexandra Papanicolau, Gerry Jordan, Whitney and Eric Bylan, and more.

Thanksgiving night adorable Marjorie Fisher opened the doors to her divine lakefront house for a traditional Thanksgiving meal. It was a glorious balmy night so all the doors were opened to the beautifully lit terrace where a magnificent Botero is placed right in the center, with the lake beyond. She set a long narrow table with smilex, fresh artichokes, green grapes, green apples, lady apples and 20” tall green glass candlesticks by Kay Farley plus place cards, and we headed to a buffet of a traditional menu of turkey with all the trimmings.

Among the guests were most of Marjorie’s family: Brian and Mila Mulroney, Paul and Jacky Desmarais, Chris and Grace, Elizabeth and Amanda Meigher, Wilbur Ross, Ted Geary, Robert Janjigan, Christina de Caramen, Kate Ford and Frank Chopin, Felix  Miranda, Jean Tailer and more.

Hilary Geary
The Scene at Ann Downey's new Palm Beach home
More from Palm Beach: Every sophisticated town on the social axis has its share of much-loved, accomplished hostesses whose invitations are of the “gotta go” ilk. In Palm Beach, one of those women gals is Ann (Mrs. Morton) Downey — widow of the popular radio star of the 30s and 40s, man of the world and intimate Joe Kennedy, not to mention various show folk of the day — most famously Barbara and Frank Sinatra who were frequent houseguests.

Tall, slim, blonde and sporty, Ann, now in partnership with her daughter Mona de Sayve, is well-known as an accomplished decorator for the smart set. Her signature style is as individual as she is full of bright and bold color oranges, greens and yellows. For her own new home, it’s pure Ann Downey at her best ... definitely not the place for a shrinking violet to feel comfy cozy. But the mind-boggling collection of Braques and Chagalls and all that (don’t you have a Dufy in your dressing room?) brings even the most beige and white purists to their knees.

To kickoff FoundCare’s upcoming fundraiser (December 14th in a gala tent behind media mogul Sheila Johnson’s new Market Salamander) Ann honored the chairmen and sponsors — Johnson, Town & Country’s Pamela Fiori, Cynthia Boardman, Sandra Thompson, Elizabeth Sans and daughter Mona. It was one of those good old “town sweeps” with all the trimmings, bars everywhere, tea sandwiches and that enigmatic Palm Beach cocktail party staple, brown sugar glazed bacon.

There in support of Palm Beach County’s much-needed community health center for uninsured children and adults (an estimated quarter million people): stunning Lesly Smith and Dr. James Walsh, Kit and Bill Pannill, Sandy and Buddy Thompson, Talbott and Jack Maxey, Anthony Baker, Liz and Stephen Sans, Tatiana and Campion Platt, Sybil de Bourbon Parme, Lady Sharon Sondes and Geoffrey Thomas, Trent Steele (President of FoundCare’s Board of Directors), Wayne Lewis, US Trust’s Beau Breckenridge, Frank Crystal & Company’s Mark Freitas and Mark Montgomery, Steven Stolman, Tricia Burt, Annette Tapert and Joe Allen, Lois and Stanley Udell, Muffy and Donald Miller, Liz Quinn, Ryan Messing, Robert Janjigian, Susanna Cutts, Neiman Marcus’s Beth Pine, Saks’ Nancy Kezelle, FoundCare execs Jim Sugarman and Larry Leed, Lydia Crozier, Patty Myura, Scott Kent, Dan Hall,  Flo Chase (Lilly Pulitzer’s sister), Rudy Guiliani’s main man Bill Diamond, Melissa Parker, Margot and Ashton de Peyster, Stephen Mooney and Scott Velozo, Renee Wood,  Peter Cromarty, Tom Shaffer, Susan Gutfreund, Andrea and John Stark, Jack Young, Parker Ladd, Hope and Ed Gropper, Ken Wyse, Larry Lazlo, Lars Bolander and Nadine Kalachnikoff, newlyweds Danielle and Kelly Moore and still behaving like newlyweds Iris and Carl Apfel.
Bryan McDonald and Mark Brentlinger
Christopher Phillips and Renee Wood
Dani Moore and Beau Breckenridge
Ann Downey with Anne and Bill Hamilton
Scott Kent, Liz Quinn, and Dan Hall
Kit and Bill Pannill
Hope and Ed Gropper
Susan Goodfriend and Tom Shaffer
Mark Montgomery and Steven Stolman
Susan and Jim Collins 
Lydia Crozier and Jim Sugarman
Sandy Thompson, Mona de Sayve, and Liz Sans
Carl and Iris Apfel
Ryan Messing and Tara Von Strasdas
Mark Montgomery and Tricia Burt
Kelly and Dani Moore
Sandy Thompson, Steven Stolman, and Candy Hamm
Trent Steele and Tricia Burt
Trent Steele and Lesly Smith
Beth Pine and Melissa Parker
Jackie and Richard Cowell
Stanley and Lois Udell with Peter Cromarty
Anthony Baker and Mona de Sayve
Carl and Sabrina Forsythe
Jack and Talbott Maxey
Andrea and John Stark
Lesly Smith and Jim Walsh
Campion and Tatiana Platt
Muffy and Donald Miller
Moving on to Chicago: The 6th annual Handbags & Halos luncheon and raffle benefiting the Howard Brown Health Center was held early last month at the Palmer House Hilton. Tippi Hedren, film actdress and animal-rights advocate was the featured speaker. Guests were encouraged to bring a gently-used handbag, which was donated to Howard Brown Health Center’s Brown Elephant Resale Stores. All proceeds along with raffle proceeds from 12 designer handbags (with tickets sold only at the luncheon) benefited the Health Center.

The event was created and produced by Bunky Cushing whom Vogue magazine has called “Chicago’s social tugboat.” Michael Cook, President and CEO of Howard Brown Health Center aid “Bunky is a great friend to Howard Brown. His dedication and generosity in making this event happen make it possible for us to serve hundreds of people who wouldn’t otherwise be served. He’s a real hero to us.”
Mamie Walton and Lynn McMahan
Marilyn McEathron, Laurie Marchese, and Sherry Holso
Howard Brown Health Center is the leading provider of health and wellness concerns in Chicago. Established in the fall 1982, the first Brown Elephant Resale store opened on North Halsted Street in the Lakeview neighborhood, where it is still open today. Through the years the Brown Elephant has opened three additional locations, though the sale of all handbags from this year’s event will take place only at 3651 North Halsted.

Stores donating handbags for raffle prizes this year were Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Escada, Kate Spade, Yves St. Laurent, Bulgari, Neiman Marcus Northbrook, Loro Piana, Macy's State Street, Bloomingdale's and Prada. They raised $45,000 through ticket sales and handbag raffle.
Gay Daniel and Bunky Cushing
Bunky and Tippi Hedren
Lisa Malkin and Nancy Klimley
Raffle volunteers Anthony, Angie, and Gaby with Hazel Barr
Zarada Gowenlock, Meredith Wood-Prince, and Jonna Chewning
Elizabeth Bertucci and Michael Cook, HBHC president
Tippi Hedren and Megan McKinney
Sandy Wood-Prince and Wendy Wood-Prince Sherman
Maria Smithburg
Lilly Zhann, wife of the Chinese consul general
Ann Wallace
Cookie Cohen
Gerri Shute and John Anshel
Helen Melchoir and Candace Jordan
Karen Goodyear and Noren Ungaretti
Diedre Curry, Brian White, and Sally Jo Morris
Lesley Goodman and Amy Prizant
Sherren Leigh and Maria Pappas
Rebecca Nykiel and Sheryl Rothschild
Stanley Paul and Candy Evans
Chicago orchestra leader Stanley Paul hosted a Patron’s Tea on the terrace of his penthouse apartment in honor of actress Tippi Hedren who was in town to speak at the annual Handbags & Halo Luncheon at the Palmer House Hilton.  Ms. Hedren is remembered most for her roles in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, and Marnie. She is also the mother of Melanie Griffith and the mother-in-law of Antonio Banderas.  Besides her film career, she has made her life work as an animal-rights activist and founder of the Shambala Reserve for rescued animals, an 80-acre wildlife habitat which she founded in 1983.

Among the guests were HBHC President and CEO Michael Cook, Hazel Barr, Handbags founder and coordinator Bunky Cushing, Megan McKinney, Mary Ann Murphy, Mamie Walton, Zarada Gowenlock, Jonna Wood-Prince Chewning, Nancy Klimley, Nancy Kelley, Lynn McMahan and Suzanne Deveney, and Paul Fairchild.
On the Terrace
Nancy Kelley, Mamie Walton, and Cookie Cohen
Hazel Barr and Tippi Hedren
Megan McKinney and Lynn McMahan
Bunky Cushing and Mary Ann Murphy
Suzanne Deveney, Tippi Hedren, and Paul Fairchild
Michael Cook, Mamie Walton, and Stanley Paul
Nancy Klimley and Nancy Kelley
Jonna Wood-Prince Chewning and Nancy Klimley

Photographs by Lucien Capehart (Foundcare); Joan Hackett and Ken Rest (Chicago).
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