Monday, December 31, 2007

Palm Beach and Chicago Social Diary

The Christmas tree along Worth Avenue.
By Hilary Geary Ross

It wasn’t a white Christmas in Palm Beach
but I was humming “it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas” as we opened the door to the beautiful casa of Emilia and Pepe Fanjul for their annual Christmas dinner.

The Fanjuls’  grand house was decorated  for the holiday with wreaths, holly, garlands, poinsettia, mistletoe and best of all, a fifteen foot tall fully decorated Christmas tree surrounded by tons, tons, and tons of presents. The beauteous Emilia greeted us in a silver and white Azzarro, Pepe was "best dressed" in velvet smoking jacket, and everyone else looked very glam in their black tie finery as we sipped cocktails in the wood paneled library with Christmas cards from their worldwide assortment of friends on display.

Afterwards we were ushered into a seated dinner starting with Leek and Potato soup, Roast Beef and Buche de Noël for dessert.  

Arnold Scaasi, Alexandra de Borchgrave, Muffy Miller, and Arnaud de Borchgrave at a party hosted by Wilbur and I for Harry Benson's Tivoli Gardens
At the end of the delicious  dinner each guest was given as a party favor to take home -- either a two-foot snowman or a penguin, and let me tell you, captains of industry were having trouble deciding which one to take. I think it was because they wanted both as they were so irresistible!  

Amongst the guests were Alfy and Raysa Fanjul (she gets the best dressed award in silver sequins pants) Brian and Mila Mulroney, Lally Weymouth, Christina de Caramen, Percy Steinhart, Pauline Pitt and Gerry Seag, Raymond and Maria Floyd, Pari Sima Pahlavi, Dixon and Arriana Boardman, Peggy Siegal, Arnaud and Alexandra De Borchgrave, John Mashek, Diana and Llwyd Ecclestone and more.

What do you do when a dear friend creates a book? Well, throw a party and that is exactly what Wilbur and I did when the great Harry Benson and John Loring got together to create Tivoli Gardens.

Harry Benson is one of the world's greatest photographers and is the only living photographer to have a retrospective at the National Museum of American Art in Washington, DC amongst other numerous achievements.

John Loring has penned more than a dozen books so this is a must buy! Everyone popped in to toast the duo from Paige Rense and Ken Noland to Arnold Scaasi, Parker Ladd, Arnaud and Alexandra de Borchgrave, Michele and Howard Kessler, Muffy and Don Miller, Sharon Hoge, Terry Kramer and Nick Simunek, Gigi Arledge, Roberto and Joanne de Guardiola, Hillie Mahoney, Tom Quick and more.
Stacks of Tivoli Gardens before the guests gobbled them up.
Catching up with Palm Beach: The March of Dimes “Glitz” fundraiser was held at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach on December 14th. The theme was “007 Bond Style.”

At the Breakers for The March of Dimes “Glitz.”
The cocktail hour featured a silent auction with a huge selection. There was also a display of a Ferrari and an Aston Martin from Star Supercar Life. A model was wearing a diamond necklace from Bulgari which later sold for $20,000 at the live auction. The final proceeds from the auctions was more than $500,000. 

Among the guests were Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Victor Spillatra and his fiancée, and Carlos and Renee Morrison.

After dinner the guests danced to the “Sultans of Swing. For the final event there was an “art performance” when a nearly naked girl was rolled out on a platform daubed in gold paint a la “Goldfinger.”

Lori Stoll and Annie Falk chaired the evening.
Elizabeth Belkin, Vanessa Beyer, and Jill Silverman
Kerry Kensington, Adam Falcoff, and Cynthia Lehman
Karen Gladstone and Jeff Sugars
Auctioneer Mike Kagnis, Leslie Lindar, and Doug Caparrino
Ali Gerard, Diane Giamm, Tod Waks, Lisa Waks, and Shawn Knowles
Mickey and Jill Silverman
Valerie Kaan, Bill Lilly, and Briana Brummer
Sara Harryman and Tony Messina
Judith Rothberg and John Allen
Roxanne Cella and Bonnie Roseman
Martha Gschwend and Mariane Merrero
Ann Roth, Mitzi Oreman, Tom Bates, and Katia Bates
George Cloutier, Briana Brumer with friend in Tiffany Blue, and Marie Ellen Mosca
Brenda and Bobbie Castellano
Will Shagets and Elizabeth Patipa
James and Shirly Bean
Liah Patipa
Anna and Nick Loeb
a la Goldfinger
Cory Saban and Adriana Quijano
Lisa Hagar, Robin Boner, Pat Herest, and Amelia Ostrosky
Jan Otto, Doug Capporina, and Jim Braden
Darrel and Rocki Branch
Kirsten Braden and Leslie Lindar
Alison and Ann Dadon with a friend
That toddlin' town Chicago: More than 1300 gathered at the Hyatt Regency Chicago on a Saturday earlier this month for the 49th annual Children’s Ball which is sponsored by the Medical Research Institute Council (MRIC) of Children’s Memorial Hospital. The ball was a celebration of the MRIC 2007 campaign which raised $3.1 million for pediatric medical research.

Co-chairs were Lisa Lewis of Oak Park and Jenny Patinkin of Chicago. The theme was Galaxy Gala, a nod to the era of space exploration of the 1950s and 60s.

The space ship theme was evident from the cocktail hour with time machines, an alien band of musicians, robotic drink-dispensing machines as well as roaming “alien” guests in black tie.
Phoebe, Lila, and Olivia Patinkin
Lisa Lewis with daughter Lainey and husband Ray
Co-chairs Jenny Patinkin and Lisa Lewis with the alien band and alien guests
Michael Lerich’s 17-piece orchestra provided the evening’s soundtrack, with professional dancers boogeying on stage with the crowd boogeying on the dance floor.

They announced the co-chairs of the 2008 campaign and ball: Meredith Bluhm-Wolf and Emily Emmerman. The Medical Research Institute Council was established in 1951 as a private independent initiative to raise funds for innovative biomedical research. Since 1991, the MRIC has been raising funds exclusively for research at Children’s Memorial Hospital. Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago is recognized as one of the top pediatric hospitals in the country by rankings published in the U.S. News & World Report. Its physicians are on the faculty at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.
Co-chairs for 2008 Emily Emmerman and Meredith Bluhm-Wolf
Liesel Brown
Beth and Randy Gross
Marilyn and Larry Fields
Illinois State Comptroller Dan Hynes and Pat Magoon, Children's Memorial Hospital president and CEO
Marilyn Freund and David Anderson
Ill. State Sen. Don and Teresa Harmon of Oak Park and Honey and Sam Skinner
Michelle Harris and Alana Schlifke
Gwen Callans and Biff Ruttenberg
Patrick Dati, Jaqueline Jackson, and Erik Himel
Aliens at the drink machine
Ron and Ellen Saslow
JoAnn and Marshall Eisenberg
Jackie Friedman of Highland Park with Shelly and Debbie Friedman of Northbrook
Ronna and Steve Zoll
Bill Budinger and Valerie Conn
Captain Jim Lovell of Apollo 13 and Mary J.C. Hendrix, PhD
Brad Griffith and Tiffani Kim
Rick Tannenbaum, chairman of the MRIC, Mary J.C. Hendrix, PhD, president and scientific director of Children's Memorial Research Center, and Pat Magoon
Jeremy Wynes, Lesley Kagan, and Katrina Lehman
Ruth and Larry Geller with Linda Dickens
Orren Pickell of Mettawa
Bill and Joan Brodsky with Loretta and Sen. Dick Durbin
Michelle and Corey Harris
Karen Segal and Betsey Pinkert
Nancy Berberian and Mimi Sherman amongst alien friends
Lisa Lewis and Jenny Patinkin with time machine
Anne and Zach Lazar with Nancy Berberian
Rick Tannenbaum, MRIC chairman, and his wife Ellen Distelheim
Photographs by Brent Jenkins (Glitz).

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