Sunday, March 25, 2007

Palm Beach Social Diary

Hermes Horsemen welcome the guests
Hermes in Palm Beach marked its 30-year anniversary on that little diamond of an island in the sun with a reception for 350 at its Worth Avenue store. The party was hosted by Robert Chavez, president and CEO of Hermes USA, and Sharlene Nichols, managing director of the Palm Beach branch. Also present was Xavier Guerrand-Hermes.

In the crowd: Lars Bolander, Vesna and Laurence Leamer, Grace Meigher, Kate Gubelmann, Becky Bruder, Mai Harrison, Isabel Leeds, Allie and Lee Hanley, Lourdes Fanjul, Emilia Fanjul, Ross Meltzer, Susan Keenan, Jody Weissman, Jane Foseter, Allan Reyes, and Loria Bernstein.
Alexandra Snyder and Ross Meltzer
Christopher and Binkie Orthwein
Bob and Mia Matthews
Amy and John Lagae
Kathy Leone and Margaret Costello
Emilia Fanjul and The 4 Horsemen
Lourdes Fanjul and Arianna Boardman
Norberto and Robin Azquta
Chad Renfro and Lori Bernstein
Lars Bolander
Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler and Lourdes Fanjul
Guillaume de Seynes and Xazier Guerrand Hermes
Ambiance in the Villa
Gordon and Jane Brown
Ginny Bond and The Four Horsemen
Hosts Sharlene Nichols and Robert Chavez
John and Jane Scarpa
Jane Ylvisaker
Minot and Victoria Amory
Kate Gubelmann, Xavier Guerrand Hermes, and Grace Meigher
Kelly Klein, Arianna Boardman, and Kate Oliver
Johanna Kendall and Samantha Leas Gauntt
Sharlene Nichols and Patricia Yunghanns
Mai Harrison and George Stamos
Ruth and Ray Perelman
Talbott Maxey and Sasha Lickle
Linda Uribe and Jill Goodman
The dessert table
Peyton Colbert and Payton Reid
Virginia Oatley, Tirzah Roberts, RJ Weingartner, and Jordan Mill
Xavier Guerrand Hermes, Sharlene Nichols, and Guillaume de Seyne

Photographs by Lucien Capehart