Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Palm Beach Social Diary

Donald Burns, Steven Stolman, and Gregory Connors
Nancy Greengrass and Felix Mirando
Down in Palm Beach, fashion designer Steven Stolman has expanded his professional horizons and moved into the world of non-profit fundraising with his recent appointment to the position of Director of Development of FoundCare. FoundCare is the organization building Palm Beach county's newest non-profit, non-governmental Community Health Center for the uninsured and underinsured.

“This was just one of those things that I simply could not say 'no' to,” Stolman said. “The health care crisis in Palm Beach County- the home of both America's wealthiest and poorest people simply cannot be ignored- and I felt so honored to be asked to be the face of a capital campaign to make this Community Health Center a reality- this is what being a citizen rather than just a resident is all about!”

The very popular signature Stolman fashions will continue to be available in his shops in Southampton and Palm Beach during what he says is “an amazing lesson of how massive this problem is and how passionate people are about making quality health care available to all.”

To celebrate the designer’s new adventure, Don Burns and Greg Connors hosted a cocktail party at their oceanfront mansion in his honoring. There: Frannie Scaife and Tom McCarter, Pauline Pitt, Mish Tworkowski, Felix Mirando, Bill Pannill and his step-daughter Talbott Maxey, Grace and Chris Meigher, Sandy and Buddy Thompson, Gillian Miniter with her brother Ross Meltzer, Nancy and Jeffery Smith, Patty Myura, Renee and Carlos Morrison, Jack Young, Pamela Fiori and husband Colt Givner, Diana and Michael Perry, Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler, Polly Onet, Robert Janjigian and Tom Cahill,Maureen Basse, Lee Bierly and Chris Drake, Brantley and Peter Knowles, Alex Carantza, FoundCare CEO Yolette Bonnet and major benefactors Anjette Sheiman, Lydia Crozier and Philadelphians Lyn and Dan Lerner, who just announced their pledge of a quarter million dollars to the cause.
Colt Givner and Pamela Fiori
Dan and Lynn Lerner
Patty Myura and Gregg Beletsky
John and Susan Wanamaker Leas
Tom McCarter and Frances Scaife
Steven Stolman and Talbott Maxey
Michael and Diane Perry
Grace Meigher and Tom Cahill
Pauline Pitt, Robert Janjigian, and Gillian Miniter
Jonathan Adler, Alex Carantza, and Simon Doonan
Lydia Crozier, Mark Weyner, and Anjette Scheinman
Polly Onet, Gregory Connors, and Gillian Miniter
Brantley Knowles with Jeff and Nancy Smith
Gregory Connors, Talbott Maxey, and Donald Burns
Brantley and Peter Knowles
Carlos and Renee Morrison with Nancy Greengrass
Steven Stolman and Yolette Bonnet
Skip Quinn, Gillian Miniter, and Ross Meltzer

Photographs by Lucien Capehart