Wednesday, October 10, 2007

San Francisco Social Diary

Anna David reads an excerpt at Books, Inc.
By: Jeanne Lawrence

The 3 B’s, Sloan Barnett, Sharmin Bock and Carol Bonnie, co-chaired the California Pacific Medical Center Foundation’s 2007 “Wishes for Wellness” luncheon.

Held this year at the Ritz-Carlton, the luncheon honored four outstanding doctors: internist and medical ethicist Dr. William Andereck, pediatricians Dr. Lisa Dana and Dr.Martin Ernster, and obstetrician Dr. Fung Lam.

Dr. Martin Brotman, President and CEO of CPMC
Jerry Mapp, CPMCF Board President, introduced the honorees, who were chosen by their colleagues. Talk about a huge honor: California Pacific is one of the largest private community based, not-for-profit teaching medical centers in the state, with four campuses in SF alone.

The event was born when Sharmin and Carol gave birth at California Pacific, piquing their interest in pediatrics and neonatology. CPMC is San Francisco’s hospital of choice for obstetrics, with over 60 % of the city’s babies born there.

Recent New York transplant Sloan Lindemann Barnett agreed. She moved to San Francisco when her husband, Roger Barnett, became CEO of Shaklee Corporation, one of the nations’ biggest vitamin producers.

Sloan commented that one of the first tasks for a newbie in town is to find some good doctors. So she also ended up at CPMC, where she gave birth to the couple’s third child. 

The luncheon attracted many of the younger set - lots of pregnant ladies, too. They have personal experience with CPMC’s first-rate care and naturally want to lend their support.
Dr. Martin Ernster, Dr. Fung Lam, Dr. Lisa Dana, and Dr. William Andereck
There seems to be a trend toward couples having three and even four children again.  One gal joked that it’s a status symbol to show you can afford a big family. I think the trend is a return to the feeling that family is important.

Board Chair Gail Glasser announced the results. “In 90 minutes,” she said, “we raised $645,000…so next year the luncheon will be 2 hours.” Just think how much more that will be!

Gail, by the way, used to spend a lot of time in Manhattan with her stepdaughter, the late Nan Schlesinger Kempner. Now married to Dr.Harvey Glasser, Gail promotes their shared interest in the medical arts.

Sharmin Bock and Gail Glasser announce the winner of the drawing
The top category of donors included the Vera C. Hendry Foundation, Sharmin and Brian Bock, Boucheron, Farideh and Masud Mehran, and Diane Wilsey.  Their contributions will fund purchases from a “Wish List” of technologically advanced equipment compiled by the honored doctors as well as supporting critical programs for women and children.

Graciously representing the younger set were: Vanessa Getty, Victoire Brown, Leslie Thieriot, Kathryn Lasater, Susan Dunlevy, Lori Puccinelli Stern and Peter Stern, Isabelle and Serena Fritz-Cope, Lisa and Chris Lenzo, and Adrianna Pope Sullivan.

Hospital bigwigs included: Rosemary Klebahn, past CPMCF Board Chair and current Board member, with supportive hubby, Hugh Klebahn; Dr. Harvey Glasser; Shelby Bonnie;and the honorees’ families: Lun, Pamela, Richard, and Shui-Ying Lam; Carter and Helga Andereck; Catherine, Francesca and Bill Dana; and Mark and Virginia Ernster.
Among the charitable were: Carla Emil, Elisa Stephens; Theo Schwabacher; Linda Cannon; Carole Robinson; Pamela Deikel; Juliet de Baubigny; Nicola Miner; Hilary Newsom Callan; Summer Tompkins Walker with her mother, Susie Tompkins Buell; Dr.Martin Brotman; Laura Pfaff; and philanthropist Maurice Kanbar.

Along with equally generous: Bryan Hemming; Pamela Baer; Leigh Matthes; Stephene McKeen; Brenda Jewett; Lucy Buchanan; Melanda Moore Reynaud with her children, Malcolm and Morgan and mother, Gertrude Moore;artist Ira Yeager; and Ted and Wendy Hoffman.

Big-hearted Boucheron contributed elegant and fragrant “thank you” candles to take home, the perfect commemoration of an illuminating event.
3 B's - Carol Bonnie, Sharmin Bock, and Sloan Barnett
Laura King Pfaff, Kathryn Lasater, and Brenda Jewett
Melanda Moore Reynaud, children Malcolm and Morgan Reynaud, and Gertrude and Stanley Moore
Gail Glasser and Sloan Barnett
Dede Wilsey and Sloan Barnett
Chris Lenzo, Maurice Kanbar, and Lisa Lenzo
Major donor Farideh Mehran
Kathryn Lasater, Adrianna Sullivan, Elisa Stephens, and Theo Schwabacher
Susan Dunlevy and Juliet de Baubigny
Jerry Mapp, Board President and Rosemary Klebahn
Tina Javer, Lori Puccinelli Stern, and Pam Baer
Laura King Pfaff, Bernie Hagan, and Stephene McKeen
Victoire Brown, Vanessa Getty, and Leslie Thieriot
Pam Deikel
The luxe interior of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel
Gail Glasser, Dr. Harvey Glasser, Ira Yeager, and George Hellyer
Linda Cannon and Carole Robinson
Bryan Hemming and Rosemary Klebahn
Lun Lam, Shui Ying Lam, Dr. Fung Lam, and Richard Lam
Family support
More family support
Winner Lucy Buchanan
By: Jeanne Lawrence

Another Book Party for a San Franciscan-turned-New Yorker.
Novelist Tom Dolby was back in his home town for a fete thrown by his parents, Dagmar and Ray Dolby (of surround sound fame) at their house in Presidio Heights. It was to celebrate Tom’s new book: a collection of essays co-edited with writer Melissa de la Cruz, entitled, Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys: True Tales of Love, Lust, and Friendship Between Straight Women and Gay Men.

Tom’s other books include The Trouble Boy and the upcoming The Sixth Form, and de la Cruz, who lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter, is known for The Fashionista Files and her young adult series, The Au Pairs.

A job well done - Melissa de la Cruz and Tom Dolby
For this collaboration, the pair solicited stories from writer friends and acquaintances to come up with 29 essays about these unconventional relationships, from friends and lovers to parents and children. The book includes pieces by Emmy Award-winning Sex and the City producer and columnist Cindy Chupack; creative director of Barneys New York, Simon Doonan; National Book Award winner, Andrew Solomon; New York Observer editor, Alexandra Jacobs; Village Voice columnist, Michael Musto; founder, Elizabeth Spiers; and bestselling novelists David Levithan, David Ebershoff, and Gigi Levangie Grazer, whose latest book, The Starter Wife was recently made into a USA Network movie, starring everyone’s favorite best friend, former Will & Grace star, Debra Messing.

The anthology came about when Dolby and de la Cruz wanted to compile a collection of stories that would honor the friendship they have. “We knew there were other people out there with stories like ours,” says Dolby, “that of a gay guy and a straight girl who loved to hang out. The two of us bonded because we were both writers, but we knew the connection was universal.”

Special guests at the celebration were contributors Armistead Maupin (Tales of the City); Ayelet Waldman (Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, and wife of Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, Michael Chabon); and K.M. Soehnlein (The World of Normal Boys).

Others mixing and mingling at the party included gay men, their favorite gals, and admirers of both, such as Maupin's husband, Christopher Turner (the two were recently married in Vancouver); Toms’ brother, David Dolby; Gretchen de Baubigny and her daughter Helene with her husband John Golob; Michael Cohen; Alex Chase; Craig Pard; Nonie Greene; and Todd Werby.

Also taking part in the festivities were Sako Fisher; Elizabeth Folger; Nancy Bechtle; Bob Hinckley and his wife, Tina Bartlett Hinckley; Monika and Harry Hunt and her daughter, Antonia Clark; Ching de la Cruz; Mandy and Ray Haas; writer and editor Merla Zellerbach with her husband, Lee Munson; Paulette and David Kessler; Francoise and Andrew Skurman; and Mara Fritz.

More revelers:  Ellen and Walter Newman; Jerry Rosenstein; JaMel Perkins; Lynne Newhouse Segal; Jim Willenborg; Tom Kelley; Liam Mayclem; Samantha Weaver; and psychologist and bestselling author, Madeline Levine, who pronounced the book “an important work of sociology, in addition to being fun!”

Dolby and de la Cruz have been promoting the book all summer, with stops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and East Hampton. We caught up with them at  a reading at Books, Inc. in San Francisco, where the gang signed more books for their adoring public.

For more information (and fun photos from their book tour), go to
Contributors - K.M. Soehnlein, Melissa de la Cruz, Tom Dolby, Ayelet Waldman, and Armistead Maupin
The proud parents - Ray and Dagmar Dolby
Francis de la Cruz and Christina Hwang
Kim Karp and Margo Simons
Morton Miller and Lonie Darwin
Authors Melissa de la Cruz and Tom Dolby
Melissa de la Cruz and Ching de la Cruz
Marissa Shipman and Andre Hakkak
David Dolby, Dagmar Dolby, Ray Dolby, and Tom Dolby
Matt Fowler, Karen Fowler, Natasha Desterro, and David Dolby
Dagmar Dolby and Alex Chases
Sarah Varney and Tad Whittaker
Ellen and Walter Newman
Gail and Harvey Glasser
Merla Zellerbach and Lee Munson
Craig and Mandy Pard
Jim Willenborg and Ray Dolby
Jerry Bert, Samantha Weaver, and Gregory Kunin
John Golob and Helene de Baubigny
Tom Kelley and Lynn Newhouse Seigel
Janie and Don Friend
Matilda Kunin, Dagmar Dolby, and Dick Kunin
Ricky Camargo, Christopher Turner, Marissa Shipman, and Andre Hakkak
Bob Hinckley and Tina Bartlett Hinckley
Dagmar Dolby and Jan Sargent
John Golob and Gretchen de Baubigny
Monika Hunt, Harry Hunt, and Antonia Clark
Holly Suich, Lucie Weissman, and Mara Rich
Melissa de la Cruz, Anna David, and Ayelet Waldman lay down their Jane Hancocks
Alexis Tellis, Gail David-Tellis, Anna David, and Tom Dolby

Photographs by Thomas John Gibbons & Drew Altizer
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