Thursday, April 5, 2007

UNICEF in Houston and Sacha in Palm Beach

Zhandra Rhodes and Donna Bruni
Jill Bertuccio, Millette Sherman, and Leda Netland
Susan Plank and Anne Carl
Last month in Houston, Dr. Carolyn Farb and Fendi hosted a luncheon at the Alden Hotel for 90 of Houston’s most fashionable women. Fendi president, Gianluca Flore, was made a special appearance for the occasion, bringing with him unique one-of-a-kind accessories and Spring/Summer ’07 runway looks not available in Houston. Proceeds of sales from the day went to UNICEF.

“UNICEF is leading the global response to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic. It is providing a safety net for women and children with HIV prevention, education, antiretroviral drugs, care for orphans and vulnerable children and other lifesaving efforts,” according to Dr. Farb who was chairwoman of the event. As the world renowned activist Bono recently said: “Where you live in the world should not determine whether you live”.

The luncheon venue was designed to resemble a contemporary Italian garden of boxwood and drowned orchids. And it drew a fashionable crowd including Joanne King Herring, the Duchess de Gramont, Designer Zhandra Rhodes from London, Donna Bruni from San Antonio, Eileen Lawal, Barbara Smith from New York City, Lisa Holthouse, Elizabeth Petersen, Jennifer Bosch, Jo Lynn Falgout, Lucinda Loya, Jill Bertuccio, Kimberly DeLape, Monsour Taghdisi, Keva Horry, Betty Hrncir, Cassandra Johnson, the Consul General of Italy Cristiano Maggipinto, Amy Lee, Marthann Masterson-Weaber, Edna Meyer-Nelson, Carrin Patman, Susan Plank, Ed Silliman from Jaguar North America, and Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk from Dallas.
Lisa Holthouse
Brian Socia and Paige Pedersen
Carolyn Farb and Gianluca Flore
Chef Ryan Pera of the Alden's nationally acclaimed “17” restaurant started the ladies off with a medley of martinis -- mango, kiwi and pomegranate -- and then onto a sumptuous menu of Chilled Asparagus Vinaigrette with Lump Crab, followed by Curried Chicken Salad with Heart of Palm and Grilled Apples and Lemon Ice Box Pie with Spiced Blueberries.

The luncheon also marked the beginning of Fendi’s new relationship with Houston, according to Flore said, referring to their renovated store designed by Peter Marino, which will reopen this summer and will accommodate the entire Fendi collection.

For more information about UNICEF, please call John M. Tsacrios, Jr. Regional Director at 713.963.9390 or visit
Ed Silliman and Altschuler
Barbara Smith
Edna Meyer Nelson and Yvonne Melcher
Joan Blaffer Johnson, Barbara Smith, and Joanne King Herring
Standing l. to r.: Mahnaz Ansari, Ghayda Midani, Sima Ladjevardian, and Podi Constantiner. Seated, l. to r.: Liz Altschuler, Astrid Van Dyke, Baroness Elizabeth Pettit de Montfichet, and Judy Oudt
Elizabeth Petersen
Astrid Van Dyke
Eileen Lawal and Keva Horry
Tara Walker and Shirelle Chementi
Sarah Simon, Tana Wood, and Dena Prasher
Jacquleine Gennsler and Shelly Dee
Nancy Dinerstein
Louise Ng
Leela Krishnamurthy
Betty Nrncir
Rana Taghdisi and Monsour Taghdisi
Lucinda Loya, Gianluca Flore, and Amy Lee
Andrea Hannon and Jennifer Bosch

Sacha Newley was in Palm Beach last week with an exhibition of his portraits at the N.P. Trent Antiques Gallery on Worth Avenue. The list of portraits in the exhibit is impressive and include a number of prominent citizens down among the sheltering palms such as: Pauline Pitt, Duncan McClaren, Kira Flanzraich, Mary and Lewis Campbell, David Morris and Marc Rosen. The Trent Gallery had a cocktail reception in his honor and the whole town turned out. Among the crowd: Frannie Scaife and Thomas McCarter, Sally Ann Howes and Douglas Rae, Marc and Arlene Dahl Rosen, Suzette and David Morris, Pauline Pitt, Grace Meigher, Winston and Luce Churchill, Terry Allen Kramer and Nick Simunek, Beth DeWoody, John Mashek, Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osborne, Arnold Scassi, Parker Ladd, Vic and Rena Rowan Damone, Sharon Sondes, Geoffrey Thomas, Angie Ilyinsky, Fern Tailer, Betsy and Wally Turner, George and Carla Mann, John and Myrna Daniels, Isabelle Leeds, Nancy Paul, Hilly Mahoney, Ann Downey, Manley and Dodie Thaler, Pat Montesino.

The portraitist hails from a familiy of artistry (not to mention celebrity). His father was the great actor/singer/lyricist and librettist Anthony Newley and his mother the fabulously irrepressible Joan Collins. The handsome and talented son is making his creative mark from from another vantage point: observing, noticing.The show was a big hit.
Sacha Newley with Audrey and Stuart Peckner
Marc Rosen
Marc Rosen with Mrs. Paul Ilyinsku
Hillie Mahoney and Calyxte Campe
Sue Phillips and Pat Montesino
Nancy Paul, Freddie Adler, and Catherine Adler
Sacha Newley with Davis and Suzette Morris
Marc Rosen and Arlene Dahl
Derek Flanzraich
Pauline Pitt
Frances Scaife and Thomas McCarter
Sally Ann Howes, Douglas Rae, Arlene Dahl, and Marc Rosen
Sacha and Angela Newley
Susan Telesco and Sacha Newley
Sharon Sondes and Geoffrey Thomas
Robert Osbourne, Lady Sharon Sondes, and Charles Cochran
Arnold Scaasi, Angela Newley, and Parker Ladd

Photographs by Lucien Capehart (Newley).