Friday, September 26, 2008

Houston, Chicago, and Newport Social Diary

Dinner at the Corinthian for the Houston Symphony's Opening Night Concert and Gala.
The Houston Symphony held its Opening Night Concert and Gala “Beethoven Rocks” at Jones Hall. Co-chairs were Susan and Dick Hansen, Susan and Mike Plank, and Vicky and Paul West. The theme was black and white and so the female chairs of the evening wore jewel colors so as to stand out. The honorees were the Mach Family – Cora Sue and Harry, Joell and Steven and Carmen and Butch Mach.

The evening, hosted by the Houston Symphony League and Houston Symphony Society, began with a concert at Jones Hall, followed by dinner at the Corinthian.

It kicked off the Houston Symphony season with more than 400 guests attending and grossing a record breaking $325,000. Richard Flowers, a big underwriter on décor, displayed handpainted Warhol themed pianos centerpieces stuffed with pink and red roses and orchids.
Anthony and Cynthia Petrello
Bill Pugh and Dr. Lisa Santos
Betty Tutor and Sidney Faust
Alan and Roz Pactor
Carmen and Butch Mach
Cora Sue and Harry Mach
Denise Bahr and Betty Tutor
Dick Hansen, Mike Plank, and Paul West
Don and Sidney Faust
Elizabeth Peterson and Milton Townsend
Ed and Lorraine Wulfe
Fran and Philip Peterson
Jeff Gremillon and Philip Meyer
Jesse and Betty Tutor
Joyce and Andrew Echols
Jorge Duran and Catherine Anspon
Gabriela and Danny Dror
Melissa Mithoff and Margaret Alkek Williams
Jeff Gremillion and Joyce Echols
Mike and Susan Plank with Melissa and Michael Mithoff
Julia Frankel
Kelley and Cindy Parker
Mimi Levine
Leisa Holland-Nelson
Phoebe Tudor
Ramona Davis
Reese Davenport
Laura Spalding
Philamena Baird and Jan Carson
Scotty Arnoldy
Nancy and Erik Littlejohn
Nancy and Robert McCormick
Philamena and Arthur Baird
Nancy and Franco Valobra
Steven and Joella Mach
Samantha Schnee and Michael Hafner
Jim Daniels and Margaret Alkek Williams
Vicki West, Susan Hansen, and Susan Plank
Rosie Jowitt and Margarita Graff
Susan and Mike Plank
Sylvia and John Sullivan
The Gilt Groupe held a private screening of "The Duchess" in Chicago.
Tara Marsh, Jessica Nielsen, and Sara Swift
Annie Barlow, Alexis Maybank, and Liz Holt
Samantha Gauntt and friend
Jennifer Gunning, Kate Fitzgerald (event chair), Kate Dixon, Stephanie Fisher, and Sara Swift
Anita Legeler, Robert Legeler, and Holly Cortes
Abby and Leslie Sarnoff
Allison Clark, Charlotte York Mathews, and Courtney Pitt
Sean Eshaghy, Courtney McGovern, and Val Hammond
Kristin Smith and Jennifer Hamood
Sean Eshaghy and Dennis John Healy
Angelique Soave and Maggie Meiners
Jeana Anderson, Marie Claire Anderson, Jared Craft, and Danielle McKenzie
Jennifer Kasten (event chair), Wells Ryan, and Kate Fitzgerald
Liz Holt
Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Susu Block (event chair), and Alexis Maybank
Laurie Rosenow
Julie Selakovich and Graham Kostic
Marissa Gillman, Susu Block (event chair), and Kate Templin
Meghan Sundermier and Julie Selakovich
Carolynn Pfaff and Jennifer Gunning
Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson
Bill Ward, Kristen Ono, and Barrett McFarland
John Buchbinder and friend
Samantha Gauntt and Riley O’Neil
Susan Welter and Stacy Dreyfus
“Rough Point,” the Bellevue Avenue estate of the late Doris Duke, was transformed into a lavish Moroccan fantasy, complete with giant topiary camels, for the 2nd Annual Doris Duke Historic Preservation Awards, given by the Newport Restoration Foundation for contributions to preserving the historic nature of Newport.

Rhode Island State Senator Teresa Paiva Weed
Many guests dressed Moroccan, and the serving staff wore fezes. In attendance were Mrs. Robert H. “Oatsie” Charles, President of the NRF Board, Mrs. John R. (Noreen) Drexel III, a 2007 award winner, Mr. and Mrs. David Gordon, VP of the NRF Board, celebrity realtor Melanie Delman of Lila Delman Real estate, a 2007 award winner, Angela Brown Fischer, Paul Miller, Curator of the Newport Preservation Society, Cheryl Helms, Director of the Redwood Library, State Senator Teresa Paiva Weed, City Council member Kate Leonard, Mary Riggs, Architect John and Mary Ellen Grosvenor, Betsy Ray of Christie’s, and Roderick O’Hanley. Jazz guitarist Gene Bertoncini provided music in the house’s great room, and the lavish hors d’oeuvres and buffet were of Middle Eastern delicacies.

2008 Winners were Alexandra Allardt for 73 Division Street, Carol and Les Ballard for “Edgehill”, 31 Beacon Hill Road, and the Ramparts and Barracks at Ford Adams. The presentations were made by Mr. Roos, Shantia Anderheggen, Hiistoric Preservation Planner, City of Newport, and Newport City Manager Edward Lavallee.

All proceeds from the awards celebration benefit the Doris Duke Fund for Historic Preservation, which distributes grants to civic and non-profits organizations within the community.
Mrs. John R. (Noreen) Drexel III, Alexandra Allardt, and Mrs. Robert H. “Oatsie” Charles
Paul Miller, Curator of The Preservation Society of Newport County, with Victoria Mele and Tom Kenan
Jana and Don Jagoe with Kathleen Shinner and Steve Jobus
Cheryl Helms with friend
Eugene Roberts, Angela Brown Fischer, and Mr. Hoops
Pieter Roos, Executive Director of the NRF, 2008 award winner Eric Hertfelder for Fort Adams, sponsor and 2007 winner Melanie Delman, and Edward Sanderson, Executive Director of the RI Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission
Karen and Tom Roskelly with Christine McDonald
Mary Riggs with Richard and Mary Ellen Grosvenor

Photographs by Pete Baatz and Fulton Davenport (Houston); Kari Skaflen (Duchess)
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