Tuesday, December 23, 2008

L.A., Houston, and Palm Beach Social Diary

Michael Eisner, Alyce Williamson, Jane Eisner, and Joan Hotchkis
Los Angeles, CA — The young Venezuelan conducting sensation Gustavo Dudamel doesn’t take over his duties with the Los Angeles Philharmonic until October 2009 but LA Philharmonic Board member John Hotchkis and his wife Joan threw a festive dinner party to introduce Gustavo and his wife Eloisa, to friends of the Philharmonic and its Board.

The Philharmonic’s current conductor, Esa-Pekka Salonen, will hand over the baton to Gustavo dudamel at a concert and ceremony at the Hollywood Bowl on October 3rd. Dudamel will make his official debut with the Philharmonic at its gala season opening at the Walt Disney Concert Hall on October 8th.
Tom Gregory and David Bohnett
Dan and Christine Ewell
Rob Maguire and Laurie Gilmore
John and Joan Hotchkis with Gustavo and Eloisa Dudamel
Constance Towers Gavin and Ambassador John Gavin
Vicki and Terry McCluggage
Deborah Borda and Jay Rasulo
Ann and Arnold Kopelson
Tom Jones, Lynn Booth, and Peter Mullin
Mark Lipson, Suzanne Kayne, and Margy Eberhart
Don and Kelly Johnson
Ric and Susanne Kayne
John and Kimberly Emerson
Alyce Williamson, Jennifer Diener, and Ellen Lipson
Judy Beckman and Linda Hodge
Houston, TX — The 25th Annual One Great Night in November, an elegant Gentleman’s black tie event, was held on a Wednesday in the middle of November at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston where just over 265 men raised $800,000 and inspired a pledge from the MFAH Board of Trustees for an additional $275,000 for the purchase of art for the museum, bringing in 24 news works of art.

Mr. Meredith J. Long
and Mr. Fayez Sarofim chaired the benefit evening and the chairmen’s sons served as Honorary Chairman: Peter K. Jameson, Melvin Trey, Allard Lipsitz III, Ernest Meredith Long, Edwin H. Murphy, J. Cavanaugh O’Leary, Andrew Sarofim, Christopher Sarofim, Maxwell Sarofim, and Phillip Sarofim.
Davinder Bhatia, Lenoir Josey, and Dr. James Willerson
Jim Crane, Jared Crane, and Gregg Steffen
Bo Long, Trey Lipsitz, and Peter Jameson
Fayez Sarofim and Peter Marzio
Lee Godfrey and Don Short
Maxwell Sarofim and Phillip Sarofim
Crawfiels Moorefield and Frank Hevrdejs
Ed Eubanks, Mickey Ables, and Mike Linn
Mike Ballases, Bill Wheless, and Frank Hevrdejs
Scott Holstead, David Grimes, and Christopher Sarofim
Reed Morian and Jody McCord
Ben Lundquist and friend
Tom Glanville and Mike Linn
John Loring and Mike McClure
Meredith Long and Alfred Glassell III
Preceding the 25th annual Gentleman’s Smoker, One Great Night, the museum hosted a cocktail reception in honor of John P. "Jack" Cowan (1920-2008), an artist who created sporting art inspired by the Texas coast and the region’s wildlife and who often depicted his friends saltwater fishing or bird hunting. Approximately 30 paintings by the artist were on view.
Aimee Woodall and Sara Allen Abbott
Bob Coffman and Martha Harris
Linda McReynolds
Monica Bickers, Allie Fields, and Elin Jackson
Caroline Clinton, Kathleen Tanner, and Dana Kantalis
Cornelia Long
Kitty Allen with Meredith and Cornelia Long
Elin Jackson
Kate Stukenberg and Peter Marzio
Laurann Claridge and Catherine Anspon
Willard Holmes and Amy Purvis
Martha and Trey Lipsitz
Sara Allen Abbott, Kitty Allen, and Kate Stukenberg
Michelle and Frank Hevrdejs
Marjorie Horning and Jack Tausend
Meredith and Cornelia Long
Ron and Sarah Simon
Will and Kate Stukenberg
Corky Bloomfield and John Parker
Peter Marzio
Emily Neff
Tony Burden
Liz Anders
Palm Beach, FL — Shannon Donnelly, the revered, sometimes feared, fawned over society editor of the Palm Beach Daily News, recently used the term “smoking ash heap” to describe the Palm Beach economy in the wake of the Madoff Mess. And while that may certainly be the awful truth for some of the island’s richest Ritchy Riches, it’s becoming quite clear that the future of America’s gilded resort lies in the hands of its youth, especially those who didn’t have millions to fork over to Mr. Madoff.

A perfect example of who will be who on PB’s reset playing field showed up in high spirits for architect Michael and Diana Perry’s annual holiday drinks party in the Preservation Foundation’s ethereal Pan’s Garden, gifted by the late Lydia Buhl Mann. There, in sky-high Louboutins and sexy sheaths: folks like Kourtney and Mac Pulitzer, Penny and Keith Williams, Stephen Mooney and Scott Velozo, Cristina and Desmond Keogh, Preservation Foundation exec John Ripley, Scott Moses, Andrea and Brian Kosoy, Joanie and Kim Sargent (the renowned interior design photographer) Melanie and Chris Hill, Patrick Killian, Kenn Karakul, Coleen Orrico, Sarah and Brian Miller, Steven Stolman, and Wendall Nuckols.
Joanie and Kim Sargent
Cristina Keogh, Michael Perry, and Colleen Orrico
Scott Velozo and Keith Williams
Diana Perry and Susie Dwinell
Diana Perry, Angelo Davila, Courtney Pulitzer, and Ali Mendia
Elisabeth and Adam Munder
Andrea Kosoy
Jason Guari, Nate Ward, Shaun McGruder, Adam Munder, Sarah Miller, John Cassidy, and Nevin Bauman
Scott Velozo, Stephen Mooney, Penny Williams, and Cristina and Desmond Keogh
Steven Stolman and Kourtney Pulitzer
Wendall Nuckols
Sarah and Brian Miller
Jessica McGruder
Don Burns, Katherine Bohannan, and Greg Connors
Michael and Diana Perry with Sharon and Jim Mattei
Kourtney and Mac Pulitzer
Tammy Gomersall and Diana Perry
Jessica Koch and Crissy Poorman
Caroline Forrest, John Ripley, Tom Correst, and Katheen Koons
Jason and Nicole Guari with Jamie and Scott Murray

Photographs by Lucien Capehart (Perry)

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