Tuesday, November 4, 2008

London, Memphis, Chicago, and Palm Beach

London – Phillips de Pury & Company launched the exhibition of Annie Leibovitz The Master Set Part I, composed of approximately 200 iconic images created during Leibovitz’ prolific career.

Instrumental the establishment of the Master Set is Phillips de Pury & Company Chairman Simon de Pury and Phillips de Pury & Company Worldwide Director of Photographs, Charlie Scheips.

The first group of 24 master prints was presented at Phillips de Pury & Company London on October 23, 2008. Each large-format master print will be made available in an edition of 7.

The initial group within the Annie Leibovitz Master Set includes portraits of legendary icons such as John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Patti Smith, Susan Sontag, Mick Jagger, Queen Elizabeth II, Cindy Crawford, Louise Bourgeois and Mikhail Baryshnikov, among others.

The inaugural Annie Leibovitz Master Set exhibition coincides with Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life, 1990-2005 at the prestigious National Portrait Gallery in London. Her latest book, Annie Leibovitz: At Work, will be launched to coincide with the exhibition.
Jessica Parker and Brandei Estes
Alexander Sparey and Julie Pellerin
Jo Mathews and Susan Bloom
Charlotte Simms and David Carter
Annie Leibovitz and Anthony Haden-Guest
Kathlene Caldwell and Eleanor Macnair with a friend
Nabil Zaouk and Julia Baumhoff
Amelie Resanger and Johanna Frydman
Angus Stewart and Bettina McNulty
Gertrud Conran, Richard Strange, and Kelly Dearsly
Cristian Lanfranchi and Sara Gordon
Jay Clement and Sam Harmer
Karen Mulligan and Steve Hasker
Nikolai Ruskov and Ekatrina Reynolds
Elif Bayoglu, Jill Watchorn, and Eimear Nolan
David Carter, Eimear Nolan, and Eleonore Ansari
Brian Angel and Phillip Morgan
Charlie Scheips and Annie Leibovitz
Elisa Shack, Francesco Breinta, Phillip Colbell, and Shaina Danziger
Nicky Haslan and Rodman Primack
Wendy Seinturier and Annie Leibovitz
Susan Trocme and Stuart Osborne
Steve Hasker and Ashley Schulten
Shawn Brandt and Maria Galamatianot
Sebastian, Oksana Kolomenskaya, and Peter Fronda
Nikolai Ruskov and Ekatrina Reynolds
Jeffrey Raush, Juan Vasquez, and Bruce Baker
Poline, David Carter, Julia Sicard, Johanna Frydman, and Charlotte Simms
David Bailey and friends
Margaret Mann, Annie Leibovitz, and Daniel Quirici
Mr. Janmol, Katy Orkisz, and Wendy Seinturier
Natalia Nostrova and Marta Gregorio
Yasmine Rahimzadeu, Daniel Quirici, and Margaret Mann
Stefania Kallon and Angela Radcliffe
Serena Morton and Stefanie Bergot
Down in Memphis — They’re still recovering from the 15th annual Blues Ball, a “Hallelujah Homecoming” dedicated to Isaac Hayes, Honorary Chairman and headliner for 14 years.

The Blues Ball/Memphis Charitable Foundation supports numerous charities as well as providing funding for Memphis Musicians including insurance support and Memphis area music scholarships.
Kevin Kane, Pat Kerr Tigrett, and Mayor W.W. Herenton
Jerry Lee Lewis
They take over two city blocks of downtown Memphis, fence them in with a six foot fence, surrounding the Gibson Guitar Factory and two of Mephis’ newest clubs – Morgan Freeman’s Ground Zero and the Red Rooster Bar.

Founder and General Chairman is the indefatigable Pat Kerr Tigrett. Among the Honorary Committee: Priscilla Presley, Dan Aykroyd, Isaac Hayes, “Sam the Sham” Samudio, Jerry Lee Lewis. And they have a good ole time, as you see.
Melanie and Kerr Tigrett
Halley Phillips and Chad Yeager
Jerry and Knox Phillips
Andy Childs
Donna Corbat and Metri Manuela
Eddie Floyd
Dr. Benjamin Hooks
Joy Hawn and Stacie Waddell
Kallen Esperian
Melanie Tigrett and Stephanie Lovins
The Lucketts and the Elkingtons
Jonathan Marder with Shannon and Megan
Brooke Tweddell, Silky Sullivan, and Beth Flanagan
David Porter, Rudy Gay, and Fred Cannon
Jerry Schilling and Priscilla Presley
Nikki Schroeder and Renee Trammell
Lois and Buzz Aldrin
Davidw Porter and Adjowa Hayes
Ruby Wilson
Dr. Shirley Raines and Charlotte Neal
Sam the Sham and Buzz Aldrin
Jon Hornyak and Knox Phillips
Over in Chicago — The Guild of the Chicago Botanic Garden held its Tenth Annual Harvest Ball on the beautiful, late summer grounds of the Chicago Botanic Garden. Over 630 guests attended, raising nearly $400,000 for the Children's Growing Garden, a 5,000 square-foot interactive learning space at the Chicago Botanic Garden. The event also honored the founding co- presidents of the Guild, Susan Canmann of Winnetka and John Fornengo of Chicago for their leadership.

The Harvest Ball was co-chaired by Guild members Elizabeth Holt, Jennifer Keenan and Kathryn Mangel. Among the guests: Liz Holt, Riley O’Neil, Sophia and Jon Siskel, Bill and Vicki Hood, Janet and William Ryan, Jay Owen, Kimberly Burt, Susu Block.
Janet and William Ryan
The 2008 Harvest Ball co-chairs Kathryn Mangel, Liz Holt, and Jennifer Keenan
Susan Canmann and John Fornengo
Laura Carlson, LJ Savarie, and Kathryn Mangel
Susu Block and Jay Owen.
Sophia and Jon Siskel
Vicki and Bill Hood
Whitley Bouma-Herbert and David Herbert
Kimberly Burt and Riley O'Neil
Ben and Lina Fritz
Geff Starlin and Vern Schultz
Melissa Sullivan and Shawna Owen
Barbara Malott Kizziah and Liz Holt
Down in Palm Beach — Witches and Pirates, Pumpkins and Bats ... That’s the crowd that showed up at chic little Club Colette on Thursday, Halloween Eve. All gathered at the request of Eles Gillet to celebrate the birthday of beau Jimmy Kaufman.

The table was decorated by a large, triple faced jack-o-lantern with beautiful orange roses; Winter gourds; candy corn and party hats. Eles served one of her favorite October menus which included: Curry Apple Soup with Cheddar Cheese Straws; Dover Sole and Tenderloin of Veal with Bordelaise Sauce; Mushroom Risotto and Timbale of Carrot and Sautéed Baby Spinach Leaves.
The table decorated by a large, triple faced jack-o-lantern with orange roses.
A Halloween Themed Cake was presented to the birthday boy and his favorite dessert, Profiteroles with Vanilla Gelato with Hot Fudge Sauce Drizzled everywhere! Birthday Guests included: Ann Downey, Jimmy Clark, Richard Horowitz and Diana Downs, Allan and Maggie Scherer, Bill Diamond and Regine Traulsen Diamond, John and Liz Schuler, Billy and Ann Hamilton, and Rodney and Peggy Dillard.
Anne and Bill Hamilton with Jim Kaufman
Peggy and Rodney Dillard with Eles Gillet
Eles Gillet and Jim Kaufman
Liz Schuler, Ann Downey, Regine Traulsen, and Eles Gillet
Bill Hamilton, Allan Scherer, and John Schuler
Bill Diamond and Regine Traulsen
James Clarke and Jim Kaufman
Ann Downey and Regine Traulsen
Liz and John Schuler
Maggy Scherer and Dan Ponton
Diana Downs and Richard Horowitz

Photographs by Lucien Capehart (Kaufman)
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