Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Palm Beach, San Fran, and L.A.

Cutting the rug on the Lucite dance floor at Tommy Quick and Talbott Maxey's birthday bash.
There are moments in a social chronicler’s life observing the rich, the chic and the shameless when one sees the touching moment that may evoke a tear along with a smile. A debut, sometimes; or a wedding, or a milestone birthday, perhaps. But nothing is more satisfying than witnessing someone’s “growing up” before one’s eyes, revealing the individual that they have become rather than the child they once were.

Talbott Maxey and Tricia Quick
Such was the case as Tricia Quick, long known as a party gal who has blossomed into a gracious, and confident hostess that she was on the occasion of her birthday bash for her brother Tommy Quick and her great friend Talbott Maxey.

Tricia with showgirl legs that recall a young Judy Garland, greeted guests at her Palm Beach home in a short, sparkling “cocktail shaker” dress, diamond earrings and sky-high heels.

The youngest of the legendary Quick clan,Tricia and her oldest sibling Tommy have become the bookends for a family well-known for achievement, generosity, philanthropy and deep commitment to each other and their close-knit group of friends.

It was a “T” party- for Tommy and Talbott (and Tricia, no doubt.) The facade of her house was awash with bright pink light and projected capital T’s. Beyond the living room, there was a massive clear tent featuring black carpet inlaid with white T’s, a crystal chandelier ala Hudson Hotel over a Lucite dance floor covering the pool, and a towering letter T aglitter in silver sequins. Did we mention the “T” ice sculpture on the raw bar? Totally terrific.

A live jazz combo featuring Philadelphia drummer Michael O’Rourke alternated with NY deejay Karin Ward as wave upon wave of the Palm Beach social set arrived  beginning at eight for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres followed by a lavish spread including Peking Duck, “21” Club chicken hash (Tommy’s favorite) and a hip low-carb burger bar (Bibb lettuce leaves instead of buns- with all the trimmings!).
Casa Quick in party mode
House of Cards Birthday Cake
A House of Cards cake acknowledged the birthday girl as “The Queen of Bridge” and the birthday boy “The King of Hearts.” Many guests stayed until four, so needless to say, the house was quiet the day after.

In the clamoring crowd, Kate Gubelmann, Jerry Seay and Pauline Pitt, Roman and Helena Martinez, James Walsh and Lesly Smith, Cynthia Boardman, Chris and Binkie Orthwein, Ross Meltzer and Tom Samet, Craig and Michelle Millard, David and Jennifer Fischer, Nick Seminuk and Terry Allen Kramer, Jack Young, Llwyd and Diana Ecclestone, Britty Cudlip, Alfie and Raysa Fanjul, John Ripley, glam Greenwich/New York/Moscow mother-daughter combo Elena Volgin and Ksenia, Michael and Nancy Peacock, Piper Quinn, Wally and Betsy Turner, Victoria Farris, Brett Price, Don Burns and Greg Connors and on and on ... most definitely one of those parties that has raised the bar for parties to come.

Special to the NYSD, Casper
Kate Gubelmann and John Mashek
Dame Celia Lipton Farris and Burt Sokol
Susan and Tim Malloy
Laura Evans, Brett Price, Alex Snyder, and Reid Boren   
Lesly Smith and James Walsh
Diana Ecclestone, Tommy Quick, and John Mashek
Talbott Maxey with mom Kit Pannill
Mark Brentlinger and Bryan McDonald
Minot and Victoria Amory
Brett Price and Michele Kessler
Tommy Quick, Craig Millard, Shannon Donnelly, and Dan Ponton
Cathy and Andres Fanjul with Tricia Quick
Jennifer Fischer, Betsy Turner, and Michael Crimi
The Family Quick: Nancy, Tommy, Chris, and Tricia
Holly and Michael McCloskey
Steven Stolman with Susan and Michael Crimi
Pauline Pitt and Jerry Seay
Alfie Fanjul and Terry Allen Kramer
Brett Price, Chris Quick, Laura Evans, and Tommy Quick
The Norton Museum of Art’s annual Bals Des Arts was held at the Mar-a-Lago Club, Palm Beach earlier this month in the Grand Ballroom. The elegant evening included a poolside cocktail reception, a gourmet dinner and dancing to the City Lights Orchestra. A highlight of the evening was the live auction, led by Christie’s Americas auctioneer George McNeely, which featured: a magnificent necklace donated by their Grand Jewelry Sponsor, Tiffany & Co.; a two-year lease on a 2007 Mini Cooper donated by Braman Motorcars; an 11-night transatlantic voyage on a SeaDream mega-yacht; a five-course dinner for 16 in the highest bidder’s home prepared by Café Boulud’s celebrated Chef, Zach Bell; and four tickets and VIP backstage passes to any concert on the Allman Brothers Band spring/summer tour, including the shows at the Beacon Theater in NY.

The event’s theme of “Applaud The Arts” was inspired by the genius and innovation found in the current exhibition, A Show of Hands: Photographs and Sculpture from the Buhl Collection, on view at the Norton Museum through March 25th. Some of the greatest names in photography and contemporary art are among the more than 100 artists represented in the exhibition. A Show of Hands spans the history of photography, including images produced in the practice of science, journalism, and "art." 

Lois Pope and Mary Montgomery were Chairwomen and Thomas C. Quick served as Honorary Chairman. The event was attended by special guests, including: Sally and William Soter, Jeffrey and Frances Fisher, James and Sara McCann, Robert and Ellen Jaffee, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bateman, Carlos and Renee Morrison, Kemp and Edith Stickney, Katherine and David Dickenson, Bill and Christine Aylward and Stephen and Petra Levin.
Jeff and Elizabeth Bateman
Sally Soter, Jeff Bateman, and Christina Orr-Cahall
Joan and Alfred Lucier
Christina and Bill Aylward
Janet Pleasants and Michael Reiter
Roberta and Stanley Bogen
Stephen and Petra Levin
George and Lyn Ross
LouLou and Jamie Gordon
Norma and Bill Tiefel
Sara and Jim McCann
Arnold and Paola Rosenshein
Ellen and Robert Jaffe with Gail Nessel
Minnie and Kevin McCluskey
Frances Fisher, Christina Orr-Cahall, Jeff Bateman, and Sally Soter
Deborah Atwood, Harold and Ann Smith, and Robert Hyman
Jeffrey and Frances Fisher
Carlos and Renee Morrison
Jeff and Katy Amling
Mark Freitas and Mary Fairbanks
American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra celebrated the 90th Anniversary of Leonard Bernstein at their Benefit Gala in Palm Beach chaired by Diane Belfer, Sara Fabrikant, and Sydell Miller.

The dinner and sold-out concert were held at the Kravis Center/ Cohen Pavilion on Wednesday, February 13th. The Belfer, Endelson, Cypres Foundation, Rochelle and David Hirsch and Barbara and Morton Mandel, from the Palm Beach area, were National Underwriters for the five city IPO Tribute to Leonard Bernstein United States Tour. The generous support of the community for this fine orchestra made this the most successful benefit in the Palm Beach area to date.

The concert was lead by Leonard Bernstein's protégé, Michael Barrett, who conducted fifty members of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in a musical program of Bernstein’s Broadway music from Candide, On the Town, Wonderful Town and West Side Story. Jamie Bernstein, daughter of Leonard Bernstein, narrated the musical evening with stories about her father and his passion for music and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.
Stanley and Vera Miller
Ed and Francine Kittredge with Elaine and Charles Petschek
Sandy Baklor, Arlene Kaufman, and Joy and Jerry Weinberger
Mark and Dianne LaRoe
Freddy Friedman, Lorraine Friedman, and Mary Jo Friedman
Ruth Shapiro, Sara Fabrikant, Carl Shapiro, and Ellen Jaffe
Sara Fabrikant, Sydell Miller, and Diane Belfer
David and Rochelle Hirsch
Morton and Barbara Mandel
Kenneth Endelson, Diane Belfer, and Sherry Endelson
American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra also celebrated the 90th Anniversary of Leonard Bernstein at a Benefit Gala in San Francisco chaired by Maribelle and Stephen Leavitt, Varda and Irving Rabin and Douglas and Lydia Shorenstein at the San Francisco Conservatory on February 9th.

The Koret Foundation was the Lead Sponsor for this benefit concert and benefactor support from the Jewish Community Endowment Fund and the Bernard Osher Foundation as well as the generous support of the community. This was the most successful benefit in the Bay area to date.
Sass and Eta Somekh
Lydia and Douglas Shorenstein with John and Lisa Pritzker
Roselyne Swig and Stephen Leavitt
Elaine Wolfensohn with Howard and Diane Zack
Elaine Wolfensohn, Jeffrey Farber, and Roselyne Swig
David and Riva Berelson
Susan and Moses Libitzky
Rita Moreno, Lenny Gordon, Jamie Bernstein, Susan Libitzky, and Michael Morgan
Two days after the triump in San Francisco, the Los Angeles Gala Benefit for the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra was held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel. The evening was chaired by Daphna and Richard Ziman. More than 400 attended and generously contributed $1.3 million dollars in support of the Orchestra.

All of the IPO Tribute to Leonard Bernstein Concerts were lead by Leonard Bernstein's protégé, Michael Barrett, who conducted fifty members of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in a musical program of  Bernstein's Broadway music from Candide, On the Town, Wonderful Town and West Side Story.
Michael Barrett (conductor) and Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
Taking bows
Jamie Bernstein, daughter of Leonard Bernstein, narrated the musical evening with stories about her father and his passion for music and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

In both San Francisco and Los Angeles, Academy Award winner Rita Moreno was the special guest and brought audiences to a standing ovation.
Marion and Ernest Goldenfeld
Max Salter, Marilyn Ziering, and Howard Walter
Gary Winnick, Rita Moreno, and Karen Winnick
Charles and Ruth Gold
Stanley Gold and Battina Kurowski
Joan Holland and Eli Glassman
Jeff Morris
Marilyn Ziering, Michael Barrett, and Jenny and Avner Dorman
Richard and Daphna Ziman
Marvin and Roberta Holland
Lois Rosen and Rita Moreno
Ruth Ziegler and Dr. Robert Wexler
Gary Winnick, Rosalie Zalis, and Richard Ziman
Irwin and Helgard Field with Elaine Wolfensohn
John Williams and Rita Moreno
Rita Moreno, Michael Barrett, Jamie Bernstein, and Marilyn Ziering
Down in Palm Beach earlier this month Architectural Digest’s editor-in-chief Paige Rense signed copies of her book Private Views: Inside the World’s Great Homes at the Worth Avenue Ralph Lauren store to benefit The Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach. The event was held from 6 to 8 pm with over 250 attending.

Published last Fall, Private Views: Inside the World’s Great Homes collects in one volume the best in interior design and architecture as determined by Paige Rense and her editors at Architectural Digest. The book features thirty homes from Ralph Lauren‘s Bedford estate to the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland’s castle to David Bowie and Iman’s idyllic Caribbean retreat.

Rense is the author of nine other books. She is also founder of the Arthur Rense Prize poetry award, named after her late husband Arthur F. Rense, the sports journalist for the Los Angeles Daily News and director of public relations for Howard R. Hughes' Summa Corporation. She is now married to artist Ken Noland.
Beau and Jackie Breckenridge
Gregg Beletsky and Paige Rense
John Mashek and Virginia Coleman
Carl and Sabrina Forsythe
Tom and Carol Kirchhoff
Stephanie Rockwell and Scott Moses
Tatiana and Campion Platt
Jill Crompton and Scott Snyder
Delfina Blaquier and Nacho Figueras
Harry Benson and Ellen Graham
Wilbur and Hilary Ross
John Ripley and Kate Ford
Victoria Amory
Jack and Talbott Maxey
Nacho Figueras, Delfina Blaquier, and Paige Rense
Philip, Carol, and Alexander Ives
Photographs by Lucien Capehart (Quick); Kristen Locken Antsey (SF); Alex Berliner & Tiffany Koury (L.A.)

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