Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Palm Beach Social Diary

Delivering the mail on a sunny Palm Beach day. Photo: JH.
And what do they do when it rains in Palm Beach? Well, if it’s early January, rain or shine, they pop into their cars and head west right over to the Palm Beach 3 Contemporary Art Fair.

Meanwhile, everyone knows about, and cannot wait for, the Palm Beach International Fine Art and Antique Fair which opens on January 31 at the Convention Center. Collectors fly in from all over the world to swoop up the treasures.

There will be a world class choice of objects, painting, furniture and jewelry at this dynamic show. In the meantime, everybody has gone mad for Contemporary art, so the aisles were packed last weekend at Palm Beach 3 Art Fair with dealers showing from more 14 countries.
Clockwise from above: "Precious One" by Mauro Perucchetti at Galerie Bertin-Toublanc; Sam Chatterton Dickson of Flowers East gallery; Michael Goedhuis of Goedhuis Contemporary.
The aisles were full with some of our favorite Palm Beachers like Martin and Audrey Gruss, Mai Harrison, Linda Mortimer and more. This show has solely Contemporary and Modern Art and everyone agreed was terrific!

Besides Art, the other subject on everyone’s mind everywhere is, of course, the elections, with Florida’s primaries just around the corner. Naturally there are fundraisers every minute for every candidate. David and Julia Koch have planned one for Mitt Romney along with Don and Muffy Miller, Darlene and Jerry Jordan on the team. Ambassador Earl Mack and his beautiful wife Carol opened their doors of their ocean front palazzo for a cocktail party fund raiser for their favorite candidate, Rudy Giuliani. They had a great big turnout with supporters such as Stanley and Gaysie Gaynes, Wilbur Ross, George and Frayda Lindemann, former Florida Governor Bob Martinez, Pauline Pitt and Gerry Seag, Michele and Larry Herbert, Martin and Audrey Gruss, Amanda Ross and Ellie Libby, Joe Fogg and lots more.

— Hilary Geary Ross
Merril and Ashton Curtis with Nicole Hanley
Ivanka Trump, Jim Bradbeer, and Elizabeth Meigher
Just as three generations of chic women have done since the moment Jackie Kennedy slipped into that first Lilly Pulitzer shift in the early 1960s, so did a throng of pretty young things last Sunday night at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach to support of the Young Friends of the American Red Cross. They were all there, turned out in their Lillys, courtesy of the fashion house and Quest Magazine. The difference being the where once the colorful Lilly cottons were worn with flat sandals, sunglasses and a head scarf to the B&T for lunch, now they’re wearing them ultra short over a thong (if anything) and Louboutin stilettos for a night out on the town.

Ivanka Trump and Elizabeth Meigher co-hosted this beachside bash what with its Trump Vodka bars, sushi boats and paella buffets arranged around the massive serpentine pool. A steel band alternated with a retro disco deejay. The oh-so-preppy crowd couldn’t get enough of when they weren’t bellying up to the bars or deep into their Blackberries.

The chaperones (?!) Grace and Chris Meigher Carol and James Bradbeer (Lilly’s CEO and President), Katie and Jonny Charlson, Westy and Morgan LeConey, Clay LeConey, the SistersOrrico, Lily and Locke Maddock, Binkie and Chris Orthwein, Alex Snyder, Laura Evans, Bobby and Chris Leidy, Nicole Hanley, Kate and Patrick Kenny, Steven Stolman and Jack Young, Dabney Mercer, Mark Gilbertson, Lilly designer Mira Jarvinen and fiancé Stuart Fine, Courtney and Bill Crawford, Merrill and Ashton Curtis, Joanna Lee and Greg Maroney, Carolyn Broadhead. Scott Zenko and Shoshanna and Josh Gruss
Terri Mercentes and Valerie Lund
Amanda Starbuck, Paige Leidy, and Juliana Starbuck
Laura and Scott Evans
Courtney Crawford, Kate Kenny, Patrick Kenny, and JoAnna Lee
Louis Rose, Alex Rose, Liz Walker, and Sarah Reilly
Stephen Geerts, Mira Jarvinen, and Stuart Fain
Lily Maddock, Charlie Maddock, and Lindsay Aquilina
Jody Reiss, Debbie White, and Lesli Brown
Martin Marks and Tiffany Marks
Sara Zambrelli, Serena Mikkhah, and Mary McNally
Grace and Chris Meigher
Jared Lewis and Walter with Marisa Tomenson
Kristina and Max Kuhnke
Kate Kenny and Steven Stollman
Brian and Jennifer Kessler
Reid Boren and Michelle Davis
Christopher Knight, Jessica Kleekamp, Sasha Lickle, and Eric Waldin
Jeffrey Sharp, Mark Gilbertson, Marjorie Gubelmann, and Douglas Steinbrecht
Amanda Meigher and Ellie Berlin
Elizabeth Meigher, Ivanka Trump, and Nancy and Bill Rollnick with Buzz
Lauren Johnston and Elizabeth Patipa
Chris Leidy, Ashley Esterbrook, Ashley Aversano, Story Cowles, Jacqueline Vallis, and Bobby Leidy
Marjorie Gubelmann, Ivanka Trump, Lindsay Smith, and Bracken Zimmerman
Kevin Glaser and Jena McGuffie
Sara and Jay Sullivan
Gentry and Kathryn Beach
Richard and Tamie Thomas
Olivia Pirovano, Paige Leidy, and Avery Dimmig
Matt Holt and Dabney Mercer
Binkie Orthwin, Liz Walker, and Sarah Reilly
Erin McGould, JB Hunt, and Carrie Hanna
The irrepressible Michael Vollbracht, artist, illustrator, fashion designer with an eye for the chic, the irreverent and the exotic is having a Premiere Exhibition of new works at the Wally Findlay Galleries in Palm Beach.

The exhibit, title “Ladies and Gentle Beasts’ draw upon his diverse background in the fashion business both as a designer and an illustrator. The show will run through February. The premiere opening which was the Wednesday after Christmas, benefited Hospice of Palm Beach County.

In the crowd: Allie and Lee Hanley, Carl and Iris Apfel, Eugene and Stephanie Ribakoff, Jorge Pesquera, Juan Pretel, Kit and William Pannill, Ann Summers, Lori and Brad Berg, Jean Tailer, Sam and Anita Hamilton Michaels.
James R. Borynack and Michael Vollbracht
Michael Vollbracht and Jean Tailer
Fred Clark and Stephanie Borynack
Carl Apfel, Michael Vollbracht, and Iris Apfel
Mrs. and Mr. Wade
Jorge Pesquera and Juan M. Pretel
Allie and Lee Hanley
Eugene Ribakoff and Stephanie Ribakoff
Sam Michaels and Anita Hamilton Michaels
Michael Vollbracht, Patricia Field, and friend
Lori and Brad Berg
Kit and William Pannill with Ann Summers
Photographs by Lucien Capehart.

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