Monday, March 31, 2008

Palm Beach Social Diary

Life-sized sculptures of children at play on Via De Lela along Worth Ave.
On Friday evening, a week, at Club Colette in Palm Beach, there was a Gala Dinner to benefit the Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States. Arnaud de Borchgrave, who was guest of honor, spoke about Sir Winston. Gala Chairs were Bill Bernhard, Edward Elson, David Gilmour and Martin Gruss. Décor for the evening was created by Jose Camargo.

Among those attending: Mr. and Mrs. Winston Churchill, Virginia Coleman, Alexandra (Mrs. Arnaud) de Borchgrave, Nanette Ross, Michael Carr, Maura and Bill Benjamin, Catherine Cahill, Susie Elson, Harry Elson, Mashi and Manucher Azmudeh, Mario Gabelli, Pat Cook, Dale Coudert, Elizabeth and Patrick Gerschel, Jill Gilmour, George and Darcy Gould, Olive and Ernest Greeff, Hope and Ed Gropper, Audrey Gruss, David and Catharine Hamilton, Candy Hamm, Frances Hayward and Michael Stanley, Edwina Sandys (a Churchill granddaughter) and Richard Kaplan, David Koch, Parker Ladd and Arnold Scaasi, Carol Mack, Lililan Mahtani and the Duke of Marlborough (a Churchill cousin), Howard and Michele Kessler, Donna and Robert Lloyd George, John Mashek, Joan McGivern, Anka Palitz, Donald and Muffy Miller, Billy and Kathy Rayner, Hilary and Wilbur Ross, Anne and Howard Ward, Allan and Maggy Scherer, Richard Ziegelasch, Christopher Phillips, Fernanda Niven and James Oxnam.

The mission of the Winston Churchill Foundation of th United States is to encourage the development of American scientific and engineering talent and foster Anglo-American relations by providing scholarships to outstanding American students, chosen in rigorous competition, to pursue graduate studies in engineering, mathematics, and the physical and natural sciences at Churchill College, Cambridge, in preparation for careers related to science and technology.
Carol Mack, Susie Elson, and Anka Palitz
Winston Churchill, Edwina Sandys, Luce Churchill, and Richard Kaplan
Patrick and Elizabeth Gerschel
Winston Churchill and friends
Harry and Lisa Elson with Susie and Edward Elson
Mashi and Manucher Azmudeh with Luce Churchill
Carl Adams and Susan Lloyd
Winston Churchill, Martin Gruss, David Gilmour, Edward Elson, William Bernhard, and Patrick Gerschel
The Duke of Marlborough, Lillian Mahtani, and Virginia Melhado
Robert Nederlander and Pat Cook
Jill and David Gilmour
William Bernhard and Catherine Cahill
Luce and Winston Churchill
Nick and Anna Loeb
Wilbur and Hilary Ross
Winston Churchill and David Gilmour
Donald and Muffy Miller with Roberto and Joanne de Guardiola
Kathy and Billy Rayner with Candy Hamm
David Koch and The Duke of Marlborough
Anna Loeb and Alexandra de Borchgrave
Audrey and Martin Gruss
Hilary Ross and The Duke of Marlborough
George and Mariana Kaufman
Frances Hayward and Dan Ponton
Dale Coudert, Matthew Barrett, and Diane Millner
Vera and Julio Serrano with Audrey Gruss
For the past nine years in the early spring in Palm Beach, Jim Held and Kenn Karakul hold an al fresco luncheon to benefit the Center for Creative Education. This non-profit organization pairs working professional artists and musicians with core curriculum public school teachers specifically targeted to serve Palm Beach County’s neediest schools. Their program has proven to cause test scores to rise dramatically, helping keep kids in school and, most importantly, filling in the missing gaps in today’s art-starved public schools.

This year’s luncheon was held at the home of Tussi and John Kluge. Among the guests: Tony Bennett, who was houseguesting with the Kluges; Grace Meigher, Britty Cudlip, Tommy Quick, Pauline Pitt, Kit Pannill, Emilia Fanjul, Annette Tapert Allen, Talbott Maxey, Victoria Amory, John Mashek, Ross Meltzer, Renee Wood, Catherine Adler, Frannie Scaife, Ellen Graham, Ali and Bill Hanley, Dani and Kelly Moore, Leslie Singletary, Cynthia Boardman, and on and on ... so much so that the island of Palm Beach was noticeably quiet for several hours.
Keith Williams, Dave Atkinson, Phil Friedly, Ross Meltzer, Carol Kirchhoff, Jamie Gordon, Michele Millard, Kenn Karakul, Helene Lorentzen, Pam Miller, Susie Dwinell, Mia Matthews, and Beau Breckenridge
Young violinist Alice Maxey
The Kluge Lawn
Tom Pilecki and students from Bak Middle School of the Arts
Bob and Mia Matthews
Ross Meltzer, Whitney Baldwin, and Stuart Kerwin
Kenn Karakul and Blair Griffin
Keith Williams, Susie Dwinell, and John Ripley
Steven Stolman and Mia Morrison
Bill and Ali Hanley
Lore Dodge, Tommy Quick, and Ann Summers
Afsy Pottash
Robin Azqueta and Linda Soper
Lois Frankel and Tom Pilecki
Mark Montgomery and Harvey Oyer
Danielle Hickox Moore and Whitney Baldwin
Pam Miller, Jim Held, and Talbott Maxey
Tony and Susan Bennett
Craig and Michelle Millard
Dora Kino with Beau and Jackie Breckenridge
Kenn Karakul and Pauline Pitt
Grace Meigher and Lore Dodge
Jimmy and Meredith Marshall
John Mashek and Victoria Amory
John and Tussi Kluge
On March 19, Alfred Fiandaca hosted his first fashion show in Palm Beach and showed his elegant Fall 2008 collection along with Alexandra Lind for Fiandaca at the Colony. The seats were filled with both Palm Beach and New York tastemakers, including Patty Raynes, Alexia Hamm, Eleanora Kennedy, Jessie Araskog, Liz Lind, Grace Meigher, Louis Rose, and Lily Holt.
Alexia Hamm Ryan, Patty Raynes, and Nancy Sambuco
Jeanne Schiller, Donn Woody, and Kathy Schiller
Alfred Fiandaca, Alexandra Lind Rose, Caroline Collings, and Chris Zhang with model
William Buckley and Cheryl Gowdy
Beverly Yeager and Jerre Gowdy
Carly Seymour, Gregory D' Elia, and Letitia Lundeen
Dale Coudert and Fran Weisler
Lily Holt and Louis Furlo
Gerard Lind, Wyant Vanderpoel, Merilee Holt, and Louis Rose
Eleanora Kennedy, Grace Meigher, and Susan Bodnar
Denise Swan, Diane Tosi, and Maureen Cronin
Veronica Furlo with Elizabeth and Lynn Greers
Alexandra Lind Rose and Alfred Fiandaca closes out Alexandra Lind for Fiandaca Fall 08

Photographs by Lucien Capehart.

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