Friday, April 4, 2008

Palm Beach Social Diary

Mario Buatta gave a talk at the Palm Beach Preservation Foundation dinner, showing slides of some of his work, such as the one above.
The Palm Beach Social Diary. Raced back down to Palm Beach from New York, but this time not such an easy trip as I had to hop on and off the plane, like a bunny. Just before take off, Delta called us back to the terminal and dragged all the passengers off to "inspect" the plane. 

Anyway, it did not matter as I had a pal, Pemmy Frick to commiserate with. I was anxious to get down there in time to hear the gifted, award winning, designer Mario Buatta speak at the Palm Beach Preservation Foundation dinner.

We all know Mario is one of the World’s Greatest Decorators as his beautiful work has been documented on zillions of magazine covers, in newspapers and in books. He decorated Blair house, the official White House guest house in Washington, the Winterthur Museum galleries in Wilmington, and so much more. His star-studded client list includes Mariah Carey, Barbara Walters, Donald and Sue Newhouse, Malcolm Forbes, Nelson Doubleday, Henry and Nancy Kissinger, Charlotte Ford, Billy Joel, Henry Ford II and more.
At the Palm Beach Preservation Foundation dinner: Jean Tailer and Mario Buatta; Tom McCarter, Frannie Scaife, and Nancy Corzine; Hilary Geary Ross and John Mashek.
Some of Mario's masterpieces shown during his (always animated) talk.
Not only is he adorable and an extraordinary talent but he is also a hysterically funny man! So there was no way I was going to miss his talk. His unique combination of wit plus talent makes for a wildly entertaining speech, plus you get to see slides of his dazzling works (such as the ones pictured above).

Hostess Mariana Kaufman
Next day was the luncheon benefiting “Hope for Depression” a charity recently started by Audrey Gruss whose late mother, Hope Butvay suffered from that terrible affliction. The lunch was hardly depressing, however; actually it was fascinating with a wonderful group of speakers in the sunny ballroom at Mar-A-Lago. We were all mesmerized by brilliant writer Nick Dunne’s very moving talk about his very own experiences with depression.

Next stop was Mariana and George Kaufman’s dinner at everyone’s fav private spot in PB: Club Colette. All the gals put on their dancing dresses as there is always a great band at Dan Ponton’s hot spot.

Our hostess Mariana was a star in Michael Kors burnt orange “zipper “dress and Pauline Pitt looked beautiful in red Oscar de la Renta. Also there were David and Jill Gilmour, Jerry Seag, Evelyn and Leonard Lauder, Dan Ponton, Freddie and Virginia Melhado, Chris and Grace Meigher, Lucy Musso (who took the photos of the party), Alberto and Peggy Meija, Yanna and Stanley Rumbough, Lesly Smith, Anna and Bill Mann, Bob Nederlander and Pat Cook, Howard Cox, Felicia Taylor, Darcy and George Gould, Susan and Philip Warner,Tom Quick, Nick Dunne, Randy and Barbara Smith and more.

— Hilary Geary Ross
Jill Gilmour and Leonard Lauder
Pat Cook and Dominick Dunne
Audrey and Martin Gruss
Susan Warner, Jerry Seag, and Hilary Geary Ross
Ginny Melhado and Hilary Geary Ross
Lucy Musso and Chris Meigher
Philip Warner and Lucy Musso
Hostess Mariana Kaufman and Tom Quick
Peggy Meija with Philip and Susan Warner
Hilary and Wilbur Ross
George Gould and Lis Waterman
Lis Waterman and Philip Warner
Grace Meigher with host George Kaufmann
Lis Waterman
Susan Warner and Dan Ponton
Bob Nederlander and Peggy Meija
Howard Cox and Felicia Taylor
The Saturday before last, David and Julia Koch hosted a private cocktail reception and candlelit dinner and performance at their Villa el Sarmiento featuring American Ballet Theatre’s new production of Swan Lake, White Swan Pas de Deux, Slave variation from Le Corsaire, Sinatra Suite, and Don Quixote Pas de Deux.

Guests included: The Duke of Marlborough, Christine and Stephen Schwarzman, Countess Christina de Caraman, Princess Maria Pia di Savoia, Lydia and Robert Forbes, Carol and Earle Mack, Hilary and Wilbur Ross, Prince Michel of Yugoslavia, Mr. and Mrs. Winston Churchill II, Karen and Richard LeFrak, Tom Quick, Anka Palitz, Gillian and Sylvester Miniter, Grace and Chris Meigher, Rachel Moore, Richard and Sally Phelps, Hillary and Peter Pulitzer, John Damgard, Muffy and Donald Miller, Josephine and Peter Kairis, Craig Miller, Tara and John Milne, Ashley Schiff and Michael Ramos.

During the dinner, Graff’s white round diamond swirl earrings were auctioned off for $45,000 with proceeds benefiting ABT. The evening raised a total of $500,000 for American Ballet Theatre.
Peter Lyden, Maria Bockmann, and John Damgard
Anka Palitz with Sandy and Gregory Kriser
Kevin McKenzie and Adrienne Arsht
Alexandra and Arnaud de Borchgrave with Katie and Hashem Khosrovani
Chris Meigher, Christine and Steve Schwartzman, and Grace Meigher
Hayden Hosford and Dr. Herbert Gould
Rachel Moore and Karen LeFrak
Anka Palitz and Craig Salstein
Gillian and Sylvester Miniter
Karen LeFrak and Yuriko Kajiya
Hermione Joye, Bruce Bockmann, Maria Bockmann, and Peggy Flesher
Hermione Joye, Julia Koch, and Bruce Bockmann
Ashley Schiff and Mike Ramos
Arnold and Paola Rosenheim
James Boyrnack, Tara Vonstrasdas, and Adolfo Zaralegui
The prior evening, Henri Barguirdjian, Graff President and CEO, hosted a cocktail reception at Graff's Worth Avenue boutique in celebration of ABT and its dancers with hundreds of carats of dazzling diamonds on display for the event. Graff is the official sponsor of ABT’s spring season at the Metropolitan Opera House.
Judy Grubman and Anka Paltiz
Kay Lyons, Rachel Moore, and Peter Lyons
Alexis and Veronica Mersentes
Catherine Cahill and Bill Bernard
Gillian Miniter and Peter Lyden
Susan Pullin, Perrin Blank, and Gerti Kleclamp
Peggy Flesher, Howard Cox, and Talbott Maxey
Jasmine Horowitz and John Banta
Peter Karis, Julia and David Koch, and Craig Miller
Muffy and Donald Miller
Lisa Walker with Carl and Sabrina Forsythe
Some friends of Robert Redd Piper Quinn and Sara Groff, Lily Holt Dillon, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Quinn, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gilbane, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gilbane III, and Mrs. and Mrs. Blakely Page held a cocktail reception for the man two weeks ago at Bice in Palm Beach.
Blakely and Lindsay Page with Merrill DeVito
Robert Matheson with Susan and Tyler James
Laetitia Stanfield and Mary Brittain Cudlip
Nick Goodman, Eugenia Niven, and Susan and John Wanamaker Leas
Piper Quinn, Lindsay Page, Merrill DeVito, Robert Matheson, Merrilyn, and Blakely Page
Jackie and Beau Breckenridge
John Sietz and Binkie Orthwein
Binkie Orthwein, John Sietz, and Andrew Quinn
Piper Quinn, Robert R. Matheson, and Andrew Quinn
Lily Holt Dillon and Eleanor Gilbane
Truism: who doesn’t love a bargain? So it was no surprise to see the feeding frenzy for designer and decorator-donated furniture, accessories and artwork at the gala preview in Palm Beach of FOUND TREASURES: Ultimate Tag Sale 2008, to benefit FoundCare, the organization building Palm Beach County’s new non-profit community health center for uninsured children and adults that is currently under construction.

Honorary chairmen Carolyn Buckley and decorator William Eubanks and benefit chairmen Barnette Druskin and Alan Salomon welcomed hundreds into the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts’ cavernous rehearsal hall- artfully laid out in stylish vignettes by Ralph Lauren display whiz Sean Brivak. The “plum” of the sale- fashion legend Iris Apfel and husband Carl’s classic Ford Country Squire station wagon. “It needs a little work,” she said. “But who doesn’t these days?”
Wally and Betsy Turner
Melissa Parker and Steven Stolman
Laura Evans and Robby Robinson
Rachel Grody with Gloria and Joseph Stolman
FoundCare's president Trent Steele, CEO Yolette Bonnet, and Mark Montgomery
Megan Cunningham and Ryan Quinn
Honorary chairmen William Eubanks and Carolyn Buckley shop for treasures
Mark Ehret and Jennifer Miller
Donna Ross and Dr. David Dodson
Decorator Stephen Mooney
Fred and Anjette Sheiman
Event chairmen Carolyn Buckley, William Eubanks, Barnette Druskin, and Alan Salomon
Michael Murphy, Dabney Coors, and Scott Williamson
Neiman Marcus VP Beth Pine, Mark Montgomery, and Mia Matthews
Cristina and Desmond Keogh
Jeweler Jennifer Miller tries out a pair of chic chairs
Young shoppers Olivia and Lavinia Gladstone
Roger and Linda Benjamin
Las Vegas showgirl and Carl Apfel
Rachel Grody buys a jardiniere from Barnette Druskin
Iris Apfel says goodbye to her car
Photographs by Lucien Capehart

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