Monday, May 12, 2008

San Francisco Social Diary

Summer Tomkins Walker
Dorka Keehn
Eliza Reed Bolen
By Jeanne Lawrence

The Junior Committee of the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco feted its fifth Mid- Winter Gala, marking the opening of Annie Liebovitz: A Photographer’s Life, 1990 – 2005. More than 400 movers and shakers celebrated the anniversary at the Legion of Honor in Golden Gate Park.

Honorary Chair Vanessa Getty
Honorary Chair Trevor Traina
Museum trustee Trevor Traina was honorary chair along with Vanessa Getty, who wore an elegant one-shouldered Grecian style gown of her own design. The good news is that Vanessa is expecting her third child.

Great appreciation goes to co-chairs Allison Speer and Kathryn Lasater, who both chose to wear gowns by Oscar de la Renta.

Actually, it was fifth generation, SF native Traina’s idea to attract the support of the younger set by establishing this stylish gala.

Always a glamorous crowd, this set has incredible style, and are naturally beautiful and poised. They could give any of those actresses who spend all year primping for the Oscars a run for their money.  

VIP’s flying in from New York included Alex Bolen, CEO of Oscar de la Renta and his wife Eliza Bolen, whose mother Annette de la Renta is married to Oscar; DJ Samantha Ronson and bi-costal vintner Cecilia Harris wearing Chanel.

Also attending were Vanessa’s husband Billy Getty; Trevor’s wife Alexis Swanson Traina in Oscar; museum director John Buchanan and his wife Lucy; Roger and Sloan Barnett in Chanel couture; Carol and Shelby Bonnie; and Andre and Juliet de Baubigny in Gucci and Kendall and Gardner Robinson.

Others in the crowd: movie producer Todd Traina and his wife Katie, who recently moved back from LA, Kimberly and Nic Bini visiting from LA, musician Stephan Jenkins, Victoire Brown, Vandy Boudreau in Alberta Ferretti,Laura Cunningham and Jaime DuPont.

Along with Jeana Toney, Boris Putnanec, Kendall and Gardner Robinson, Jad and Christina Dunning in Galliano, Kate Harbin in Balenciaga, JP and Leslie Thieriot in Marchesa (whose designer Georgina Chapman is the new bride of Harvey Weinstein of Miramax).

Truly a bright spot in the mid-Winter doldrums, the Junior Committee brings lots of fun, laughter, and glamour.
Kimberly Bini flew in from LA
Dr. Alan Malouf
Graham Leggat, President International Film Festival
Elizabeth Scokin (in vintage Scassi)
Alexis and Trevor Traina with Katie and Todd Traina
John and Lucy Buchanan with Eliza and Alex Bolin
Cecilia Harris (in Chanel) flew in from NYC
Isha and Asim Abdullah, owner of Ungaro
Juliet and Andre de Baubigny
Ivan Bejichev of Boucheron and Tamera Briones
Kathryn Lasater
Jad Dunning, Billy Getty, JP Thieriot, and Simon Thieriot
Dale Brown, Bill and Vanessa Getty, and Jonathan Straley
Lisa Zanze (in Etro)
Jenna and Brian Hunt
Lindsay and George Bolton
Tom and Shirley Von Karl
Jessica Gurskis, Kristen Harper, Claudia Ross, and Maria Theresa Peterson
Reed and Vaughan Woodson
Elizabeth Touw, Ali Sonsini, and Kimberly Miller
Jaime DuPont
Jeana Toney
DJ Samantha Ronson from NYC
Doug and Jennifer Biederbeck
Sloan and Roger Barnett
Kristin and Keith O'Donnell
Sobia and Nadir Shaikh
Dr. Fred Moll and Allison Speer
Jessica Turner and Ashley Straub
Nicola Mailer, Robert Mailer Anderson, and Becca Prowda
Angelique and Troy Griepp
Katherine Bettis, Evie Simon, and Kate Harbin
Hans Swildens, Christy Swildens (in Oscar de la Renta), and Ryan Simon
Vandy Boudreau
Viewing the galleries
Amber Marie Bently

The International Museum of Women (I.M.O.W) celebrated global International Women’s Day at a gala for 600 plus guests. Hosted and chaired by Layne Gray and Gabriel Jackson Renstrom while Judy Jorgensen and Sally Huntting served as honorary chairs.

MC Jan Yanehiro
This evening the San Francisco based Museum launched Women, Power and Politics — it’s global online exhibition of features and podcasts in four languages, Arabic, English, French and Spanish highlighting women from around the world who are “claiming and exercising their power.”

Broadcast journalist and Mistress of Ceremonies Jan Yanehiro introduced the featured speaker Hafsat Biola, founder and executive director of Nigeria’s Kudirat Initiative for Democracy. And talk about power, she is also founding member of the State of the World Forum’s Emerging Leaders Program and Global Youth Connect.   

Big supporters included Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Barbara Boxer, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Broadway great Rita Moreno, Fran Streets, Janice Mirikitani, civic leader Dagmar Doby, actress Jennifer Siebel, broadcast journalist Belva Davis, and many more.

I was first introduced to the museum last fall in Manhattan by Roxanne Casson who invited me to a symposium as well as a dinner she hosted for the speakers at her home. There I heard some of the most inspiring women speak about their lives, their struggles and triumphs.
Sydney and Nancy Unobsky with Jack and Gloria Corey
Thanks to Charles Schwab (& Co) and his daughter, IMOW board member Carrie Schwab Pomerantz, for sponsoring the evening.

Bringing together such a diverse group of women, all with different backgrounds, yet sharing the same problems and dreams, it is clear why this group will be such a powerful force. Here’s to the Museum’s great success!
Lora Versola and Elizabeth Colton
Layne Grey and Gaby Rentstrom, Gala co-chair
Annett Harris and Fran Streets, International Museum
Sally Huntting
Reno Rapagnia, Leanna Dawydiak, and Joanne and Bill Maher
Joanne Hayes, SF Fire Chief
Chris Yelton, Museum President and CEO and Doug Crawford
Stephanie Sierra, Jackie Speir, and Alex Kludjian
Karen and George Offen with Margaret Macniven
Harry and Cynthia Eisenberg
Ed Conlon, Elise Stephens, and Lucy and John Buchanan
Television Journalist Belva Davis

Photographs by Tom Gibbons, Drew Altizer, and Jeanne Lawrence

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