Monday, January 5, 2009

Palm Beach and Nashville Social Diary

The spectacular 30-minute display of fireworks at the fabled Coconuts supper dance at the Flagler.
This whole week the sun has been shining away in Palm Beach and the weather as my son Ted says has been "ridiculously good," so the days are filled with nonstop tennis and golf. Every night there are all kinds of parties as we are in Palm Beach, darling and that is the way of life here, no matter what is going on in the big bad world. Seriously, I think people do not want to dwell on all the ghastly horrible news and welcome any and all distractions.

One night, Susan and Phil Warner along with Peggy and Alberta Mejia gave a seated dinner for about thirty. The hosts sat us at a long table narrow enough to chat across, fed us royally and provided party favors which lit up the table. They could be called party favors or perhaps magic sparkling wands which delighted all of as we are all kiddies at heart and still love our toys.
Lucy Musso Tom Quick and Fernanda Niven
Same week ... Wilbur and I had a small dinner and again were blessed with good weather so naturally we sat outside under the stars.

Lally Weymouth and Rudy Giuliani at our dinner under the stars
Next night ... Clelia and Tom Zacharias invited a bunch of pals over to christen their glamorous brand new apartment all decorated by the very talented Clelia.

I walked in the room and thought oh my, this could be Park avenue, NYC as I spotted Timmy and Susan Mortimer, Helen and Robert Pilkington, Muffy and Don Miller, Cam and Annie MacRae, Harry and Gail Theodoracoplos, John Mashek, George and Darcy Gould, Eileen and Brian Burns, Susan and Philip Warner, Minot and Victoria Amory, Zac and Missy Taylor, Bruce and Maria Bockmann, Annabelle and Denis Coleman, Peggy and Alberto Mejia, George and Marianna Kaufman, Suzanne and Michael Ainslie, Howard Cox and Camille Douglas, Kristy Coons and more.
Robert Pilkington and Clelia Zacharias Annabelle Coleman and Victoria Amory
Next stop was the legendary Mar-A-Lago club where we dined outside on the terrace under the stars happily (again) as guests of Karen and Richard LeFrak along with Donald and Melania Trump, Alexandra and Philip Ruffin, Audrey and Martin Gruss, Jessie and Rand Araskog, and Joanne and Roberto de Guardiola.

We devoured scrumptious Peter Luger Steaks and lobster tails and the mantra was let’s turn the page on the calendar and move on to a brand new year. So adios 2008 and lets all pray 2009 will be mighty fine.
Regis Philbin Melania and Donald Trump with Karen LeFrak
Alexandra Ruffin, Melania Trump, Karen LeFrak, Audrey Gruss, Joanne de Guardiola, and Jessie Araskog
New Years Eve was a blast as we all  know the whole world wanted to kiss last year goodbye and cheered good riddances to 2008!

The town rocked with parties everywhere starting with dinner parties and of course the fabled Coconut dance.

Judy Taubman
Judy and Alfred Taubman entertained at their ocean front palazzo with a small seated civilized dinner and there were also dinner dances at Club Colette, Mar-a-Lago, the Breakers and all the private clubs.

Of course the fabled Coconuts supper dance at the Flagler starting at 10:30 pm was better than ever thanks to the spectacular 30-minute display of fireworks synchronized to music provided by the ever generous David and Julia Koch.

Must say, the fireworks were awesome but have to mention the other shining stars, the party’s hosts, the twenty five “Coconuts” who looked extremely dashing as they greeted their guests in white dinner jackets and chic velvet slippers designed by Percy Steinhart of Stubbs and Wootton fame.

What a blast and Hello 2009!

— Hilary Geary
Laddy Merck in his Stubbs and Woottons Will Mathews, Wilbur Ross, David Koch, and Percy Steinhart
Mary Hilliard and Jay Gunther Lee and Ali Hanley
One of the most prestigious events in the south, the Symphony Ball, benefiting the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, celebrated its 24th under the direction of Kelley (Mrs. Lee Alvin) Beaman and Sissy (Mrs. William Moss) Wilson at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in the company of dignitaries, country music artists and Nashville society.

Country music super star, Martina McBride was the Nashvillian awarded the esteemed Harmony Award. This award is given each year to individuals who have demonstrated continued interest and support of music in Nashville, and who exemplify the unique harmony between the many worlds of music that exist in Nashville and have contributed significantly to the development and appreciation of our music culture. Her husband John McBride and daughters, Emma and Delaney, joined her.
Schemerhorn Symphony Center
The Dining room bathed in Plum lighting
Also attending: Brenda Black, Dance Committee Chair, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F Frist III, Mr. and Mrs. William Robert Frist, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dye, Drs. Leslie and Keith Churchwell, Mr. and Mrs. James C. Bradford, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bovender, Dr. and Mrs. Frank Boehm, Mrs. Tammy Genovese, The Hon and Mrs. Lewis Homer Conner, Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos and Ms. Lydia Howarth.

The Pat Patrick Orchestra provided music and beautiful jewels from Irene Neuwirth, Nina Runsford and Yassi were available for purchase with a percentage of the proceeds to benefit the Symphony.
Chairs Kelley Beaman and Sissy Wilson
Tommy and Beth Molteni, incoming Symphony League Chair
State Rep. Gary Odom and Rachel Odom
Sissy Wilson with children Edward and Blair, and husband Bill
Chad Blackburn and Owen Joyner
Ellen Martin with daughter Phyllis Fridrich
Jana and Ansel Davis, Lynn Andrews, and Milton and Denise Johnson
Congressman Marsha Blackburn and Chuck Blackburn
Lynn and Elizabeth Greer
Larry and Sandra Lipman
The Beaman Family: Natalie, Kelley, Jackson, Lee (Symphony Board Chairman), and Katherine
Steve and Judy Turner
Nicole and Craig Husby
Martina McBride — Harmony Award Recipient
Gigi and Carl Grimsted
Clair Armistead and friend
Martha Ingram, Hon. Gil Merritt, and Orrin and Lee Ann Ingram
Bob and Elizabeth Dennis with Betty and Marty Dickens
Dr. William Oliver and Alyne Massey
Laura and Charile Niewald
Lake and John Eakin with Vicki and Sam Bartholomew

Photographs by LaRawn Scaife Rhea (Nashville)

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