Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Palm Beach Social Diary

The Coconuts at Michael McCarty's.
“Goodbye and good riddance” was said to be the New Year’s Eve mantra in balmy Palm Beach for the “annus horriblus” of 2008. Although if you were there, you might wonder what was the problem since PB is looking as spiffy as ever and there were lots of parties, just as you’d expect from that part of the world.

Over at Whitehall, the Coconuts were shuffle-shuffling at their annual white jacket, black tie gathering.
Allan Scherer and John Mashek
Percy Steinhart, Will Matthews, David Ober, and William Surtees
Diann Scaravilli, Marvin Davidson, and Buddy Thompson
Rodney and Peggy Dillard
Irene and Girard Brownlow
Eleanor and Jon Ylvisaker
Will and Jean Matthews
Frances Scaife and Tom McCarter
Malcolm and Natalie Pray
Laddy Merck and Michael R. McCarty
Norman Jr. with Christina and John Murphy
Lynn and Jay Maddock
Blakely Page with Merrill and Bobby Debbs
Christina Matthews, Benjamin MacFarland, Bob Leidy, Dave Aronberg, and Alex Newell
Ginny and Guy Millner
Patrick and Sarah Pendergast with Sam Boardman
Richard and Jackie Cowell with Richard Cowell
Dick and Jean Pearman
Sasha and Gary Lickle with Michelle Henry
Bobby and Chris Leidy
Sam and Mary Boykin
Susan and Dom Telesco
Leslie Harris and Bob Leidy
Bill Benjamin, Kane Baker, Laddy Merck, and Mary Baker
Bob and Jane Grace with Paul and Joan Van der Grift
Betsy and James Meany
Rodney Dillard and Michael McCarty
Elyse, Troy, and Debbie Maschmeyer
Judge and Ali Moss
Percy Gibson, Terry and Nick Simunek, and Joan Collins
Patrick Killian with Susan and Tim Malloy
Davina Wood and Tony Musso
Carol Mack and Mark Gilbertson
Frances Webster and Todd Peter
Julia and David Koch
Alyne Massey with Robert and Joyce Sterling
Arvo Katajisto with Joanne Paull and Johnny Dodge
Benjamin MacFarland and Christina Matthews
David and Polly Ober
Dave Aronberg and Alex Newell
Blakely Page, Eleanor Ylvisaker, and Piper Quinn
Percy Steinhart and Chris Meigher
Over at the Breakers before 500 guests including Governor Jon Corzine of New Jersey and Senators Bill Nelson (Fla) and John Breaux (La.), Tiffany Spadafora and George Cloutier got married in a $2 million production featuring monogrammed ice sculptures, customized martinis, pyrotechnic centerpieces and 4000 French tulips.
Ardienne and William Silver
Andrea and John Stark
Kate Ford and Frank Chopin
There were parties as well at Mar-a-Lago, and at Club Colette (pictured above and below) and scores of others all over the island.
Dr. Neville and Lana Marks with Neville Jossel
Mila and Brian Mulroney
Liska Coolidge and Joseph Barba
Denise McCann and Leslie Rose
Alexia and Ryan Baird
Walter and Nancy Raquet
Al and Barbara Marulli with Maria and Bernie Mocci
June Black with Susan and Ross Johnson
Dr. James Walsh and Lesley Smith
Anita and Sam Michaels
Debi and Gerry Guibord with Kimberly DuRoss
However, one of the most notable, remarked upon for its guest list of “most attractive, eclectic and delightfully diverse” (I’m quoting an eye-witness here) was the Mark Brentlinger and Bryan McDonald soiree at their sumptuous Jungle Road “Villa Invernale” awash as it was in hot pink light and a bright shining “2009” projected above the entrance.

Guests were greeted with massive festooning of floral display from designer Tom Mathieu, hundreds of glowing candlelit lanterns and tables sparkling with silver paillettes. The grand loggia, also lit bright pink, had been cleared to serve as a ballroom electrified by Raquel Williams and her band who played everything from Ellington standards to throbbing disco.

Beyond the loggia, a large transparent tent was set up on the terraced lawn leading to the violet-lit pool with a squadron of high-buffed bartenders all in black, keeping the champagne flowing.
Ann Dexter Jones and Steven Stolman
Byran McDonald and Mark Brentlinger
Joe Ruzzo and Mark Lowham
Don Burns and Greg Connors
Alex Carantza, Liz Quinn, Eric Telchin, and Rob Middleton
Diana Perry, Cedric DuPont, and Bunny Hiatt
Charles Romanoff and Michel Witmer
Rick Moeser, Betsy Turner, and Charles Kappler
Jeff Burnell, Howard Froman, Felix Cornelissen, and Rick Sabag
Geoffrey Thomas and Marty Richards
Megan and Ryan Quinn
Raquel Williams and Bryan McDonald
Mia Morrison and Ken Wyse
Judith Wecker
Jennifer Loxton Peacock and Sharon Sondes
Polly Onet
Ryan Gill, Earl Crittenden, and Eric Telchin
Margo Nederlander, Hunt Slonem, Cynthia Friedman, and John David Elwood
Chip and M.A. Quinn
Wally Turner and Alex Snyder
Carlos and Renee Morrison
Villa Invernale became the go-to party after midnight, as more guests arrived from the wedding, glittering in their LED feather boas and fibre optic hair ornaments, and from the Coconuts.

Among the happy campers: Margo and Jimmy Nederlander, Hunt Slonem, Marty Richards, Sharon Sondes and Geoffrey Thomas, Renee and Carlos Morrison, Carlie Seymour, Frank Butler, Scott Briggs and Howard Froman, Talbott Maxey, Maribeth and Ellen Welsh, Don Burns and Greg Connors, Nancy and Michael Peacock, Penny and Keith Williams, Scot Karp and Jeff Arciniaco, Richard Lambertson and John Truex, Tom Shaffer, Susan Goodfriend, Arnold Scaasi and Parker Ladd, Betsy and Wally Turner and hundreds more just like ‘em.

Photographs by Lucien Capehart.

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