Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Palm Beach Social Diary

Kate Khosrovanvi, Harry Theodoracopulos, and Ginny Melhado at a little dinner that Countess Christina de Caraman gave for a dozen people.
The Palm Beach season is in full gear and PB rocks all around the clock, 24/7. The weather has bounced around between the high brrrr 50s to a more seasonal 70s. Some Palm Beachers might even welcome the change in the weather as long as it is not raining and they can play golf and tennis.

The past two weeks have been action packed with breakfasts, lunches and dinners. There was a breakfast at the Brazilian Court, part of Parker Ladd’s wonderful “Author Series” with Joan Rivers chatting about her new book on plastic surgery, wait till you hear the title ... Men are Stupid – They like Big Boobs – A Women’s Guide to Plastic Surgery. The event was sold out and people lined up to get their book signed by Joan.
Cynthia Boardman (in front of the Slim Aarons' photo of her and her children at their PB house) at the Michael Kors store breakfast honoring the Palm Beach Preservation Ball committee.
Jane Churchill and Michael Kors. Blaine Trump and Mila Mulroney.
Another day, Michael Kors came down to PB to host a "breakfast" to toast the Preservation Ball committee at his sparkling new Worth Avenue store, all bright and white accented with Slim Aarons photographs. There was a fashion show of his spring collection, which was sensational and really so wearable.

Michael knows everything about how to dress in a resort, he just gets it every time. Plus he is remarkably charming and so much fun. Most of the ladies jumped into their Michael Kors as did my houseguest Jamee Gregory, who looked adorable in powder pink Kors. Cynthia Boardman was also in Kors and I had to snap her photo in front of the huge Slim Aarons blow up of her and her children taken at her house in the 80's. Cynthia has not changed one bit! Amongst the group were Gigi Arledge, Jane Churchill, Pauline Pitt, Mila Mulroney, Blaine Trump, Talbott Maxey, Allie Hanley, Pat Patterson, Grace Meigher, Tantivy Gubelmann Bostwick, Jessie Araskog, Karin Luter, Muffie Miller, Mai Harrison and more.
Harry and one of his beauties (in front of one of his famous Beatles photos). Artist Kimberly DuRoss and her daughter at Kimberly's art show in West PB.
Next on the calendar was a delightful lunch with famed photographer Harry Benson and his adorable wife Gigi at their light filled house.

Afterwards I rushed to Mar-a-lago to meet Pauline Pitt, my co-chair of the Boys Club of New York luncheon and Oscar de La Renta fashion show, for a tasting. We ran into Donald Trump, fresh off the golf course who guided us to the sun filled ballroom for the meeting.
Donald Trump in the ballroom at Mar-a-Lago in his golf attire. Barbie Bancroft, Lis Waterman, Jessie Araskog, and Shawn de Gunzburg
That weekend we also popped into Kate Ford’s daughter, Kimberly Du Ross’ show of her fabulous big paintings at the Paul Fisher gallery in West Palm Beach.

We also went to Cafe Boulud to Emilia Fanjul’s sold out benefit for the Everglades Preparatory Academy and Glades Charter Schools. This is one of my favorite events as it is like a private party.
My houseguest, Jamee Gregory, and me about to head out; Liz Mezzacappa; Dixon Boardman and Harry LeFrak.
Blaine Trump, Paul Wilmot, and Arnold Scaasi.
Speaking of private parties, the little dinner that the beautiful Countess Christina de Caraman gave was perfection! She set one dazzling long white table with white lacquered comfortable chairs, at least three foot high tall thin candles, sparkling silver and crystal, for a dozen people. We dined on Gazpacho, followed by Lamb and Fresh Tiny Vegetables and a Hot Soufflé, yum!

Among the 12 were Ted Van Zuylen, Freddie and Ginny Melhado, Kate Ford, Frank Chopin, Hashem and Kate Khosrovani, Wilbur Ross, and Gail and Harry Theodoracopulos.
Countess Christina de Caraman's long dinner table.
Kate Ford and Christina de Caraman. Baron Ted Van Zuylen and Kate Khosrovani.
Another flawless dinner was Allan and Maggy Scherer’s birthday party for Alfred Taubman at Club Colette last Thursday. Maggy and Alfred share the same birthday, but adorable Maggy was hush hush about hers.

Speaking of the same, both Maggy and Barbara Broeder had on the very same Armani jacket! Ever thoughtful hostess offered a menu of Salmon or Ravioli, Sole or Steak, and of course birthday cake! Among those attending were Judy Taubman, Maria and Bruce Bockman, Barbara and Bill Broeder, Jackie and Rod Drake, Eva and Herb Jacobi, Gay and Stanley Gaines, Jill and David Gilmour, Frayda and George Lindemann, Helena and Roman Martinez, Suzanne and Bill McDonough, Anna and Bill Mann, Wilbur Ross, Barbara and Randy Smith, Gail and Harry Theodoracopulos. Cheers!

— Hilary Geary
Clockwise from above: Maggy Scherer's seating chart for Allan and Maggy's dinner celebrating Alfred Taubman's birthday at Club Colette; Alfred Taubman and Maggy Scherer; Gay Gaines and Jill Gilmour.
Anna Mann, Maria Bockmann, and Barbara Smith.
Jill Gilmour, Allan Scherer, Jackie Weld Drake. Anna and Bill Mann.
Maggy Scherer, Roman Martinez, and Hilary Geary Ross.
Tom Quick, who co-chairs the American International Fine Art Fair’s Collectors & Connoisseurs Committee with Mario Buatta, Hilary and Wilbur Ross, and Pauline Pitt, graciously hosted an intimate pre-fair cocktail reception at his elegant home.

The fair opens today, February 3, with a Vernissage for The Norton Museum, at The Palm Beach Country Convention Center.

Among the crowd were Rand Araskog, David Ober, Peggy Mejia, David Lester, Ashton and Margo de Peyster, Victoria Amory, Craig and Michele Millard, Bruce Bierman and William Secord, Richard and Christina Orr-Cahall, Muffy Miller, Grace Meigher, Polly Onet, Barry and Linda Donahue, Kate Gubelmann, Annette and Joe Allen, Bruce and Camilla Helander, Melinda Trucks, Mai Hallingby Harrison, Ann Downey, Mona de Sayve, Ian and Ellen Graham, Marilyn White, John Loring, Susan and Tim Molloy, Michael Goedhuis, Jamee and Peter Gregory, Jennifer Garrigues, Marilyn and Zachary Morfogen, Craig and Michele Millard, David and Lisa Desmond.

A bevy of Graff models lit up the room with their sparkling gems.
Tom Quick with Michele and Craig Millard. Tom Quick and Mario Buatta.
Michael Goedhuis and David Lester. Michael Goedhuis and Jennifer Garrigues.
Graff models.
Margo and Ashton de Peyster with Marion Gay. Victoria Amory.
Mai Hallingby Harrison and John Loring. Pauline Pitt with Lisa and David Desmond.
Mario Buatta, Pauline Pitt, Tom Quick, and Hilary and Wilbur Ross
Barry Donahue and Annette Allen. Rand Araskog, Peggy, Mejia, and Polly Onet.
Bruce and Camila Helander. Judith and Bruce Newman.
Tantivy Bostwick, Kate Gubelmann, Muffy Miller, and Ellen Graham.
Mai Hallingby Harrison, Grace Meigher, Mario Buatta, and Ingela E. Carlsson. Ann Downey and Mona de Sayve.
Richard and Christina Orr Cahall. David Ober, Tom Quick, and Warren Whiteman.

Photographs by Hilary Geary Ross & LILA PHOTO (Quick).

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