Monday, January 4, 2010

Palm Beach Social Diary

Kids playing innocently in Palm Beach.
Christmas week in Palm Beach
by Hilary Geary Ross

Christmas week in Palm Beach rocks. It’s about the most festive place on this planet with surprise – haha – nonstop parties.

David Ober bundled up for tennis.
The upbeat tempo was given an extra boost with all the adorable kids that arrive in town ready to play tennis, golf and especially have fun. The weather was all over the place ranging from a perfect “10” with 72-degree temperature on New Year’s Eve along with a glowing blue moon, to rain, rain and more rain the next day; followed by a cold snap over the weekend.  

Kenn Karakul and Jim Held kicked off the week with a cocktail party at their beautiful landmarked house El Castillo. All the world class architects have touched this  spectacular house  originally designed by Sims Wyeth with a later Addison Mizner addition topped off by a John Volk pool house. Messrs. Karakul and Held just bought and redid this gem.

The architect orchestrating the renovation was the talented Tom Kirchoff who recently received the coveted Ballinger Award for this project. Our hosts generously opened their doors for a big old fashioned family party including houseguests, children etc.
Kenn Karakul, Jane Horvitz, and David Ober.
Another fun party was Clelia and Tom Zacharias’ cocktail party at their chic penthouse apartment. Beauteous Clelia greeted all in a black short Oscar de la Renta, accessorized with a vintage Judith Leiber belt and black patent leather Manolos. She looked as young as one of the kids.

Just for the fun of it, the party had a Mexican touch and was catered by Rocco's Tacos, with a mojito bar! The Mejias, Arnots, Sternes, Peeks, Hottensens, Bertles, Meighers all brought their kids. Plus Joanne and Roberto de Guardiola, Philip and Susan Warner, Cameron and Annie MacRae, Denis and Annabelle Coleman, Ali and Lee Hanley, Howard Cox with Camille Douglas, Baron Clifford Klenk, Alex and Kate Donner, Muffy and Don Miller, Alexia and Baird Ryan, Alice Ross, Bambi Putnam and more.
Clelia and Tom Zacharias. Alexia Ryan and Alice Ross.
Liz Peek. Muffy Miller, Joanne de Guardiola, and Don Miller.
New Year's Eve was a blast with fetes all over the place in all different sizes: Alfred Taubman and his beautiful wife Judy gave a small black tie seated dinner with treats such as caviar, vintage icy champagne, Chateau Margaux, mariachis and more.
The Taubman entrance. Judy Taubman.
The band at the Taubman's.
Liz Walker entertained the thirty-something set. Mike McCarty had a pre-Coconuts dinner at McCartys, natch. The big parties included the Coconuts with fabulous Grucci fireworks donated by the ever generous Julia and David Koch, the Breakers “Paradise Ball,” the Club Colette bash, the Flagler big dinner, plus all the other private clubs were packed too.
Amanda Haynes-Dale and John Mashek. Jackie Astor Drexel and Rodney Dillard, Chairman of the Coconuts.
David Koch and Nick Drexel.
Liza Pulitzer. Annabelle and Denis Coleman.
Rodney Dillard.
Black and White. Maria and Bruce Bockmann.
The Coconut dance at the Flagler.
Katherine Bryan and Bill Flaherty.
Averil Haydock. David and Julia Koch.
Nick Surtees.
The fabulous Grucci fireworks show donated by Julia and David Koch.
Next day Mary Hilliard gave a cocktail party at her house and everyone showed up to toast the prettiest photographer around.

Among her fan club were John Loring, Mark Gilbertson, Anne and Bill Harrison, Ronald and Jo Carole Lauder, Tom Quick, Campion and Tatiana Platt, Gigi and Harry Benson.
Mary Hilliard. Bill and Anne Harrison.
Campion and Tatiana Platt, Tom Quick, and Mark Gilbertson.
Hilary Geary Ross and Mike Carney. Gigi and Harry Benson.
Speaking of Harry, Wilbur and I gave a cocktail party in his honor as he has just come out with another dazzling photography book, Harry Benson: Photographs, with an introduction by John Loring. This dazzling book covers 60 years of his brilliant work and is a “must buy.” A big crowd turned out as Harry has a huge fan club! Happy New Year!