Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Palm Beach Social Diary

Bikers in shorts as it is finally warm in PB.
Finally, at long last we got a little sun down here in PB after what has seems to have been the coldest winter ever in this little town! The past ten days started off as the weatherman would glibly say "unseasonably cool."

Sure, it is not cold like DC or NYC but darling, this is supposed to be a tropical  resort.
Mario Gabelli with John and Lauren Veronis at The Breakers.
Our pals Lauren and John Veronis came down to stay and yes I had to tell her to pack sweaters, well maybe even a fur jacket; yes in Palm Beach!

Anyway, we turned on the heat, lit the fires and we kicked off the weekend with cocktails at the arts group ltd gallery featuring paintings, photos and drawings from Alice and Allan Ryan, Nina Rumbough and Virginia Burke. This talented group of artists sold everything in a flash.
Virginia Burke, Nina Rumbough, and Alice and Allan Ryan held a joint art show at The Artis
Group Ltd.
Allan Ryan at his art exhibition.
Linda Mortimer and Virginia Guest.
Next night, The Everglades Foundation had a benefit dinner with none other than the one and only fabulous Sting in concert, right there in the ballroom at the Breakers. 800 people showed up for this special benefit!
Sting singing at The Breakers.
Celerie Kemble Curry and her mother Mimi McMaken in the audience.
Next morning everyone was up at nine am to watch the condemned 1515 tower in West PB imploded by experts. The 30-story tower came down in 9 seconds, as it had been so badly damaged by previous hurricanes.

That night we had some pals at home for a dinner in honor of Lauren and John. They have so many friends it was hard to keep this one small.

The following day we had lunch at Christine and Steve Schwarzman’s house to celebrate his birthday. Christine held a tennis tournament with star players such as John McEnroe and Mats Wilander. The tennis matches benefited the Haitian relief effort.
Steve Schwarzman on the court. And off the court, greeting Jim Hoagland.
Christine Schwarzman. Tom Quick.
Valentine’s night we headed to Marjorie Fisher’s who is everyone’s best Valentine for her annual "Pig Out” dinner. This soiree is everyone’s favorite as she serves comfort food with exquisite wines, perfection!
Kara Ross and Marjorie Fisher. Arnold Scaasi.
Francesco Clemente portrait of Marjorie Fisher.
Marjorie Fisher's centerpiece at her "Pig Out" dinner. Kate Gubelmann sporting a Valentine's Day bracelet.
Kate Ford. Wilbur Ross, Frank Chopin, and John Moran.
Muffy Miller and Kate Gubelmann. Steve Ross.
Nancy Silverman. Cythnia Boardman and Mila Mulroney.
Last weekend we had Anne Eisenhower and Wolfgang Flottl to stay so we took them to Krista Bard’s art show at Wally Findlay’s, which was a benefit for Audrey Gruss's (Krista's sister) charity, Hope for Depression. Krista's paintings are terrific and a big crowd came to applaud her wonderful works.
Counterclockwise from top: John Mashek and Krista Bard at her art show at Wally Findlay Gallery; Howard Cox and Peggy Mejia; Grace and Chris Meigher with John Mashek outside Wally Findlay Gallery in Palm Beach.
After that we dined at a cozy gathering at Jacky and Rod Drake's cheerful art-filled house. She set a long table for 12 with smoked salmon, followed by lamb chops and a chocolate dessert, yum! 

Following day, like a miracle, the water calmed and the sun came out. To celebrate, we hopped on to Rand and Jessie Araskog's beautiful Hinckley picnic boat, Dream Awhile, for a glorious tour of PB as seen from the water. What can I say, another quiet weekend in PB!

Rand and Jessie Araskog on their boat, Dream Awhile.
Wolfgang Flottl and Anne Eisenhower on the Araskog boat.
View of the dock.
Views of PB from the Araskog boat ...
Jaw bridge is up ...
More from Palm Beach ... The newly expanded Jack Rogers collection premiered at Neiman Marcus Palm Beach in support of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County. Presented by Steven Stolman, Jack Rogers’ roving ambassador, the event was the big draw at the ever-popular Neiman Marcus-Palm Beach’s “Girls Night Out”.

Like kids in a candy store, the Barefoot committee and friends of the Boys & Girls Clubs jammed the shoe salon to choose from the impressive display of Jack Rogers sandals and shoes in exotic skins, glittering jeweled numbers and a rainbow of colors.

"The Jackie."
One new offering, “The Jackie,” was plumbed from the august company’s archives and displayed next to a lithesome picture of the most famous woman in the world at seemingly her happiest. “You know she was a 10AA,” said Mary Webster. “I was in Classic Shoes in New York after she had just left the store. You should have seen the pile of boxes being sent to her!”

Other shoe-aholics on hand: Lora Atkinson, Beth Pine, Vice President and General Manager Neiman Marcus-Palm Beach, Beth Beattie, Robbi Toll, Susan Ross, Katherine Shenamen, Siri Mortimer, Jane Ylvisaker, Jennifer Garrigues, Barbara and Michael Crimi, Chrissy Poorman, Paula Cook, Jackie Breckenridge, Blair Griffin, Aime Dunston, Ross Meltzer and Justin Terzi, Joe Ruzzo, Laura Wissa, Janet and Bill Matthews, Kae Jonsons, Vice President of Foundation Development and Donor Relations for the Boys & Girls Clubs of PBC, Melissa Parker, Chad Renfro, John Andreu, Sharon Kearns, Scott Moses, Rick Moeser, Carolyn Broadhead and Greg D’Elia.

The 9th Annual Barefoot on the Beach will be held on Saturday, March 13, 2010. More than 400 party goers will hit the sand for an evening of dining and dancing at the Breaker’s Beach Club. The White on White beach bash has a history of selling out every year and promises to do so again this year.

Co-Chairing the much anticipated event are Lora Atkinson and Reid Boren, and Taylor Collins as the Junior Chairman. Title Sponsors of Barefoot on the Beach are Nancy C. and Richard R. Rogers/ Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. Corporate Sponsors include Bacardi USA, Tory Burch and Van Cleef & Arpel.
Neiman Marcus General Manager Beth Pine and Co-Chair Lora Atkinson. Designer Steven Stolman at work.
Additional sponsors of Barefoot on the Beach include Anthony & Vanessa Beyer, Brooks & Allison Bishop, Alex Donner, Gunster Attorneys at Law, Jim Harpel, David Lambert, Karin Luter, Kelly & Danielle Moore, Rick Pollock, Tom Quick and E. Burke Ross as the Benefactors. The Patron Sponsors are Terry Collier, Deutsche Bank.Alex Brown, The Hartless Foundation, Jim Held, PNC Bank, Bill Pope, Matt & Tracy Smith and Dan & Mary Stanton. Michael Charles, George & Tiffany Cloutier, Laura Evans, Bruce & Jill Goodman, Albert & Carol Hallac, Hedrick Brothers, Ross W.W. Meltzer and Wally & Betsy Turner are also Sponsors.

Proceeds from “Barefoot on the Beach” go towards the 13 Boys & Girls Clubs throughout Palm Beach County, which provide a safe haven for children ages 6-18 during non-school hours. The Clubs serve more than 7,500 children, who find positive role models, learn healthy values and participate in challenging, fun programs including educational and sports-related activities.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please contact the Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County at 561-683-3287 or visit www.bgcpbc.org.
Chad and Lisa Wilkinson John Andreu and Jackie Brekenridge Lauren Lieberman and Aime Dunstan
Katherine Shemaman, Neiman Marcus General Manager Beth Pine, and Crissy Poorman Barbara Crimi, Jennifer Garrigues, and Michael Crimi
Scott Moses and Jane Ylvisaker Blaire Griffin and Chad Renfro Rick Moser Paula Cook and Paula Cook
Ray Raymakers, Rob Copley, and John Andreu Ross Meltzer, Erica Reid, and Justin Terzi
For several seasons now, Palm Beach has welcomed the good folks of the Irish Georgian Society with open arms as they gather support for their mission- saving the great architectural treasures of Ireland so endangered by demolition by neglect. Started fifty years ago by Desmond Guinness and his wife Mariga as a grass roots effort, the Society now has chapters all over the world and has become a driving force in historical preservation, conservation and education.

Last week’s Palm Beach event featured a convivial cocktail gathering (these ARE Irish, after all!) at the baronial headquarters of the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach, a heart-rending performance of “How Are Things In Glocca Morra?” by Palm Beach Opera’s Irene Roberts accompanied by Bruce Stasyna and a talk by Lady Elizabeth Pakenham on the exploits and preoccupations of her family at the time of the Napoleonic Wars.
The Great Hall at the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach.
There, Robert O’Byrne, Joe and Sheila O’Malley Fuchs, Paula Fogarty, Chip and M.A. Quinn with family Ryan, Megan and Liz, Ken Wyse, Donough Cahill, Maribeth Welsh, Fred and Kay Krehbiel, Pepper Jackson, Claire McCrudden, Stephen Mooney and Scott Velozo, Scott Moses, Laurence and Eileen Fell, Herb Schmertz and Kay Gilman, John Andreu, Jane Ylvisaker, Chicago’s Jim Kinney and Brian White, Desmond and Cristina Keogh and many more smilin’ eyes of Irish ancestry or otherwise.
John Andreu, Scott Velozo, Stephen Mooney, and Peter Cromarty Liz Quinn and Steven Stolman
Dr. Dino Rivera and Michel Witmer Palm Beach Opera's Irene Roberts and Bruce Stasyna Herb Schmertz and Kay Gilman
Maribeth Welsh and Sharon Kearns Laurence and Eileen Fell, Fred Krehbiel, and Chip Quinn
Cristina Keogh and Stephen Mooney Jane Ylvisaker and Scott Moses Peter Cromarty and Ken Wyse
M.A. Quinn, Steve Zick, Lady Elizabeth Pakenham Richard Sammons and Paula Fogarty
Ryan and Megan Quinn Sheila O'Malley and Joe Fuchs Stephen Mooney and Robert O'Byrne
Photographs by Hilary Geary Ross; Alissa Dragun (NM/Jack Rogers);