Friday, March 25, 2011

Palm Beach Social Diary

Young artists with Itzkah Perlman and Kristy and Jim Clark
Itzkah Perlman and Kristy and Jim Clark with young artists at a dinner and a chamber music concert held in honor of Toby and Itzhak Perlman at the Clarks’ Palm Beach home.
Music superstar Kenny Chesney played to a packed ballroom at Everglades Foundation's Everglades Benefit at The Breakers resort in Palm Beach, Fla., late last month. The annual event raised $2.1 million for the organization's scientific research programs.  

About 700 guests jammed to hit songs like "Back Where I Come From," and "Somewhere with You," with a special surprise appearance midway through the concert by Everglades Foundation board member Jimmy Buffet. The legendary singer joined Chesney for several duets, including "Come Monday." 
Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Buffett, and Coral Reefer Band Member Mac McAnally
Other notables in attendance included golfing legend and Everglades Foundation board member Jack Nicklaus; Tommy and Thalia Mottola; Fenia and Carl Hiaasen; Kara and Stephen Ross; renowned pro-tennis coach Nick Bollettieri; former no. 1 world tennis player Mats Wilander; as well as Ashley Schiff and Mike Ramos; Elaine and Ken Langone; Sonia and Paul Tudor Jones II; and Gary duP. Lickle.

For more information about the Everglades Foundation, visit
Cocktail Hour
Kelly and Joe Rooney
Andrew Thomka-Gadzik and Ashley Heino
Garrison DuPont Lickle, Cameron Lickle, and Paul Tudor Jones II
Krista and Steve Nicklaus
Jack and Barbara Nicklaus
Mats Wilander, Sasha Lickle, Cameron Lickle, and Gary Lickle
Caroline Stark and Mike Parrish
Everglades Foundation CEO, Kirk Fordham
Steve Ross, Kara Ross, and Terry White
Cameron Lickle
Mats Wilander
Thalia Mottola and a friend
Carl and Fenia Hiaasen with Samantha Storkerson
On Saturday, March 12, Kristy and Jim Clark with co-chairs, Emilia and Pepe Fanjul, hosted cocktails, dinner and a chamber music concert on Saturday, March 12th in honor of Toby and Itzhak Perlman at the Clarks’ Palm Beach home.

Founded by Toby Perlman 17 years ago, The Perlman Music Program offers unparalleled musical training to young string players of rare and special talent. With a world-class faculty led by Itzhak Perlman, the New York City and Shelter Island, NY based program seeks to develop the future leaders of classical music, all within a nurturing and supportive musical community. Current students and alumni presented chamber music masterworks by Haydn, Webern, Wolf, and Brahms.

After the Tristan Piano Quartet played Brahms’ Piano Quartet No 1 in G Minor, Jim Clark announced The Campaign for The Perlman Music Program’s $3 million Arts Center on Shelter Island. Building on the Board’s leadership pledge of $500,000, Jim and Kristy Clark pledged to match any future gift made to support the structure.
The Ariel Quartet
The Ariel Quartet
The Tristan Piano Quartet
The Tristan Piano Quartet
Piano Quartet No 1 in G Minor, OP 25
Piano Quartet No 1 in G Minor, OP 25
Jim Clark, Peter Dugan, Christel Lee, Jia Kim, AJ Nilles
Jim Clark, Peter Dugan, Christel Lee, Jia Kim, and AJ Nilles
Sergey Tarashchansky, Amit Even-Tov, Alexandra Kaxovsky, Gershon Gerchikov
Sergey Tarashchansky, Amit Even-Tov, Alexandra Kaxovsky, and Gershon Gerchikov
Now is the time for The Perlman Music Program to begin the next stage of its development. To do this work, the Program must take a step it has not taken since four courageous individuals-David Geffen, Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder, Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg and Alberto Vilar-purchased the 28-acre Shelter Island Campus in 2000.

The new Arts Center will feature better practice space, modern living quarters, a teaching studio, and an indoor performance space. The state-of-the-art hall will accommodate the entire 40-person PMP String Orchestra and Chorus, informal performances, concerts and even a small audience. 
poolside dining
Poolside dining
Guests included Robin and Norberto Azqueta, Diane Belfer, Page and Theodore A. Bell III, Kristy and Jim Clark (Co-hosts), Howard Cox, Julie and Peter Cummings, HRH Prince Michel de Bourbon-Parma and HRH Princess Maria P. de Savoie, Countess Christina de Caraman, Emilia and Jose Pepe Fanjul, Sr. (Co-hosts), Christina Floyd, Barbara and William Harbach, Sylvia Hassenfeld, Vicki and Chris Kellogg, Eleanora and Michael Kennedy, Susan Lloyd, Brian Long, Carol and Earle Mack, Francie and Rory Mackay, Talbot Maxey, Grace and Christopher Meigher, Maureen Nash, Olivia Newton-John, Toby and Itzhak Perlman (Co-Chairs and Founders), Annette Rickel, Nancy and William Rollnick, Ava Roosevelt,  Hilary and Wilbur Ross, Mary and Robert Simses, Morgan B. Stark (President of the Board), Sandra and Sanford S. Warshawsky, Jody Wolfe, and Mickey Wolfson.
3934-Stuart, Blair, Phyllis, John Kirwan
Stuart, Blair, Phyllis, and John Kirwan
Barbara and Bob Sypult
Barbara and Bob Sypult
Maureen Conte, Marc McDonald
Maureen Conte and Marc McDonald
Murray and Barbara Hazan, Alice and Marvin Levy
Murray and Barbara Hazan with Alice and Marvin Levy
Chris and Grace Meigher
Chris and Grace Meigher
John Easterling, Olivia Newton John
John Easterling and Olivia Newton John
Toby and Itzhak Perlman, Maureen Nash, Jim Clark, Eleanora and Michael Kennedy
Toby and Itzhak Perlman, Maureen Nash, Jim Clark, and Eleanora and Michael Kennedy
Wilbur and Hilary Ross
Wilbur and Hilary Ross
Susan Lloyd, Gigi Benson
Susan Lloyd and Gigi Benson
Michael Katz, Stella Chen, Matthew Lipman,William Hagan
Michael Katz, Stella Chen, Matthew Lipman, and William Hagan
Talbott Maxey
Talbott Maxey
Barbara and Bill Harbach
Barbara and Bill Harbach
Jim and Kristy Clark, Emilia and Pepe Fanjul
Jim and Kristy Clark, and Emilia and Pepe Fanjul
Roberto and Robin Azqueta
Roberto and Robin Azqueta
Stanford and Sandra Warshawsky
Stanford and Sandra Warshawsky
Todd Corder, Brian Long, John Easterling, Olivia Newton John
Todd Corder, Brian Long, John Easterling, and Olivia Newton John
Al Burnes, Eleanora and Michael Kennedy, Dr. Annette Rickel
Al Burnes, Eleanora and Michael Kennedy, and Dr. Annette Rickel
June Jones, Robert Siegel
June Jones and Robert Siegel
Howard Cox, Susan Gardner
Howard Cox and Susan Gardner
Emilia and Pepe Fanjul, Itzhak Perlman
Emilia and Pepe Fanjul with Itzhak Perlman
Christopher Meigher. Jim Clark, Bill Rollnick
Christopher Meigher. Jim Clark, and Bill Rollnick
Bob and Mary Simses
Bob and Mary Simses
Pamela McIver
Pamela McIver
Christopher and Vicki Kellogg, Nancy and Bill Rollnick
Christopher and Vicki Kellogg with Nancy and Bill Rollnick
Dr Annette Rickel, Al Burnes
Dr Annette Rickel and Al Burnes
Peter and Elizabeth McGrath
Peter and Elizabeth McGrath
Kate Ford, Sharon Amlusem
Kate Ford and Sharon Amlusem
Meg Bowen, Conor Jordan
Meg Bowen and Conor Jordan
Amit Even-Tov, Alexandra Kaxovsky
Amit Even-Tov and Alexandra Kaxovsky
Ann Watt, Lucien Capehart
Ann Watt and Lucien Capehart
Herme de Wyman Miro, Anka Palitz
Herme de Wyman Miro and Anka Palitz
Peter and Julie Cummings
Peter and Julie Cummings
Maureen Nash, Morgan Stark, Jennifer Choi
Maureen Nash, Morgan Stark, and Jennifer Choi
Mickey and Jodi Wolf, Daniel Perron
Mickey and Jodi Wolf and Daniel Perron
Simon Irish, Devra Pipines
Simon Irish and Devra Pipines
Lucien Capehart, Diane Belfer
Lucien Capehart and Diane Belfer
Susan Lloyd, Toby and Itzhak Perlman, Diane Belfer
Susan Lloyd, Toby and Itzhak Perlman, and Diane Belfer
Neal Hamil, Brian Long,Todd Corder
Neal Hamil, Brian Long, and Todd Corder
Christopher and Vicki Kellopp, Anka Palitz
Christopher and Vicki Kellopp, and Anka Palitz
Wilbur Ross, Jia Kim, Christel Lee
Wilbur Ross, Jia Kim, and Christel Lee
Page Lee Bell, Ted Bell
Page Lee Bell and Ted Bell
Loretta Katz, Georgiana Yang
Loretta Katz and Georgiana Yang
Pameela McIver, Al Burns
Pameela McIver and Al Burns
Dr Monica Starkman Schteingart, Ed Schteingart
Dr. Monica Starkman Schteingart and Ed Schteingart
Page Lee Bell, Vicki and Paul Reynolds
Page Lee Bell with Vicki and Paul Reynolds
Neal Hamil, Karen and Chris Stueck
Neal Hamil with Karen and Chris Stueck
Christopher Twardy, Ava Roosevelt
Christopher Twardy and Ava Roosevelt
Christina and Ava, Sarah and Elwood
Christina and Ava and Sarah and Elwood
Marianne and John K. Castle gave a big glorious dinner at Morton’s The Steakhouse in Palm Beach on Friday, March 11th, for HRH, Princess Elizabeth of Bavaria and her sister, Rosita, The Duchess of Marlborough. Rosita, who divorced the 11th Duke of Marlborough last year, is still one of the most popular winter visitors in Palm Beach each year. She now lives at Lee Place, her country estate near Blenheim in Oxfordshire, as well as a in London, and in St. Jean Cap Ferrat. The duchess visits Palm Beach each year for about a month.

John Castle and Countess Christina de Caraman
The Castles, of New York, reside in Palm Beach at their house which originally belonged to Joseph P. Kennedy and served as the Winter White House for President and Mrs. Kennedy.

Guests dined on salad, steak, lobster, red wine and champagne and Morton’s signature chocolate dessert. There was a flower covered box of champagne truffles for each guest.

Guests at the dinner included: Marianne and John K. Castle, HRH, Princess Elizabeth of Bavaria, Rosita, the Duchess of Marlborough, Countess Christina de Caraman, Grace and Chris Meigher, Carol and Earle Mack, Frannie Scaife and Tom McCarter, Margo and Donald Stever, Dr. Annette Rickel and Mr. Daniel Zucchi, Dr. John Connolly and Mrs. Ingrid Connolly, Ada Zambetti, Gloria Sidnam, Walter Ross, Donna Shalek, Donald Scott, Bob Leidy, Charles Holman, Michael Harris, Bud Palmer, Alyne Massey, Jim Mitchell, Jasmine Horowitz, and David Koch.
Mrs. Ingrid Connolly and Dr. John Connolly, and Rosita, The Duchess of Marlborough
John Castle, Rosita, The Duchess of Marlborough, and Alyne Massey
John Castle, HRH, Princess Elizabeth of Bavaria and her sister, Rosita, The Duchess of Marlborough, and Marianne Castle
Rosita, The Duchess of Marlborough and Alyne Massey
John Castle and David Koch
Donna Shalek, John Castle, Rosita, The Duchess of Marlborough
Grace Meigher and Rosita, The Duchess of Marlborough
Grace Meigher, Dr. James Walsh, and Princess Elizabeth of Bavaria
Donald and Margo Stever
Grace Meigher, Bob Leidy and Carol Mack
Dr. Annette Rickel and Mr. Daniel Zucchi
Gloria Sidnam, Ada Zambetti, and Ingrid Connolly
Dr. James Walsh and Princess Elizabeth of Bavaria
Countess Christina de Caraman and Rosita, The Duchess of Marlborough
John Castle, David Koch, and Countess Christina de Caraman
Mrs. Ingrid Connolly and Dr. John Connolly
Countess Christina de Caraman and David Koch
Tom McCarter and Frances Scaife
Countess Christina de Caraman and Alyne Massey
Bud Palmer and Countess Christina de Caraman
Grace and Chris Meigher
Countess Christina de Caraman
Gloria Sidnam and Ada Zambetti
In celebration of a significant five-year partnership between Audemars Piguet North America Inc., the renowned watch manufacturer and the Baptist Hospital Foundation, part of Baptist Health South Florida, one of America’s preeminent healthcare institutions headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida, a dinner was held on Friday, March 11th to mark Audemars Piguet as the Official Timekeeper of Baptist Hospital of Miami, honoring Francois-Henry Bennahmias, President & CEO of Audemars Piguet North America Inc.

The dinner, hosted by Lourdes Jofre-Collett, was held at the private residence of Roger and Armida Jaar. Guests included Alice Bennahmias, Rita Cabases, Tim Collett, husband of Lourdes Jofre-Collett, Luisa and George Foyo, Judy and Barry Katzen, Shulamit Katzman, Lois Russell, and Randy and Dr. Joel Schenkman
Coctails were held at the private residence of Roger and Armida Jaar
Baptist Health South Florida is the region’s largest, most preferred not-for-profit healthcare organization. Baptist Health includes Baptist, Baptist Children’s, South Miami, Doctors, Homestead and Mariners Hospitals. The organization welcomes its newest hospital -- West Kendall Baptist Hospital. Baptist Health also includes Baptist Outpatient Services, which oversees more than a dozen outpatient facilities. More than one million patients visit Baptist Health facilities every year, and more than 10,000 of them come from international destinations.
Christine Kotler and Roymi Membiela
Dr. Barry and Judi Katzen
Ana Lopez-Blazquez, George and Luisa Foyo
Francois-Henry and Alice Bennahmias
Lourdes Jofre-Collett and Francois-Henry Bennahmias
Nestor and Lourdes Machado
Roger and Laura Jaar
Lourdes Jofre-Collett, Francois-Henry Bennahmias, and Regine Cambronne
Risa and Stephen Parsons, and Louis Russell
Rita Cabases and Gordon Myers
On the last week of February in Palm Beach, Lighthouse International held its annual dinner dance at Club Collette, honoring the POSH Palm Beach chairmen and committee. Arlene Dahl served as Honorary Chairman for this year's events, along with a stellar group of stylish women including Catherine Adler, Iris B. Apfel, Kathy Bleznak, Kim Campbell, Linda  Donahue, Michele Kessler, Carla Mann, Talbott Maxey, Grace Meigher, Lucia N. Musso, Nancy Paul, Kit Pannill, Tricia Quick and Jacqueline Togut. Junior cochairmen were Elisabeth Munder and Frances Webster.

Those attending the black-tie event were treated an exclusive preview of the POSH Palm Beach sale, which was then open to the public on February 25 and 26 at Royal Poinciana Plaza.

Guests at the evening included Lighthouse CEO Mark Ackermann, Arlene Dahl, Marc Rosen, Frannie Scaife, Kim Campbell and Kane Baker, Grace Meigher, Tom Quick, Beth de Woody, Nick Roldan, Carla and George Mann, and Myrna and John Daniels.
Myrna and John Daniels
Ann Downey and Mona deSayve
George and Carla Mann
Barbara Gyde, Mark Ackermann, and Melinda Porter
Marc Ackermann and Arlene Dahl
Nancy Paul and Dennis Melchior
Grace Meigher and Tom Quick
Bob Nederlander and Pat Cook
Frances Scaife and Tom McCarter
Marc Rosen, Lauren Duffy, Nick Roldan, Somers Farkas, and Lionel Geneste
Bill and Norma Tiefel
Rand and Jessie Araskog
Jackie Drake and Somers Farkas
The Community Coalition celebrated its twentieth anniversary with a fundraiser cocktail party and auction at the home of Tom Quick house in Palm Beach. The Coalitions mission is to help the non-profits raise money for economic revitalization of areas, to help and create opportunities for those who are disabled, homeless, and more.

The non-profit's founder Moira Forbes Mumma was joined by Co-Chairs including her brother Kip Forbes, Don Burns, Allison and Chip Brady, and Jane and Bob Souaid.  Adding to the fun were Michele and Howard Kessler, Talbott Moxey, Muffy Miller, Judith Giuliani, Leta Austin Foster, Tim Johnson, and landscape designer Fernando Wong who helped raise over $30,000 for The Community Coalition.

Corporate sponsors included Florida Dental Benefits, Inc. and Rosenberg Diamonds & Co. of Boca Raton. David and Jamie Rosenberg auctioned off a gorgeous 18k white gold and diamond necklace and matching pin whose proceeds were split between The Community Coalition and the Miami-based non-profit Gene Spotlight, which provides medical research grants to help cure rare genetic disorders. Other auction items included wines from France and Italy, and an eight person stay at the stunning Forbes-owned Chateau de Balleroy in Normandy.
Allison and Chip Brady
Tom Quick, Jamie and David Rosenberg, and Kip Forbes
Suzanne Johnston, Bart Williams, Buddy Bombard, and James Berwind
Muffy Miller and Don Burns
Talbott Maxey, Howard and Michele Kessler
Tom Quick
Moira Forbes Mumma and Kelly Barel di Sant Albano
Bob and Jane Souaid, and Jeff Lee
Tim Johnson, Leta Foster, Judith Giuliani, and Fernando Wong
Judy and Jarrett Kling
At the Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach, on a Sunday last month, the Comprehensive Alcoholism Rehabilitation Programs, Inc. (CARP) hosted 350 guests at its 16th Annual Spring Luncheon featuring Guest Speaker, Butch Trucks, co-founder and drummer of the legendary Allman Brothers Band.

The event featured the presentation of the inaugural Cathleen McFarlane Ross Emeritus Award to Harry S. Hamilton, whose generosity recalls Mrs. Ross’s unwavering commitment to helping those who suffer from alcoholism and chemical dependency.

Dick Robinson served as the Master of Ceremonies, and the program included live performances by Broadway singer, Avery Sommers, and pianist, Peppi Morraele. A live auction featured a portrait of Mr. Trucks, painted by artist, Michael Maness. The event co-chairmen were Dr. William Adkins, Barbara Katz, and Xiomara Ordonez. Lavinia Baker, Nancy Rifkin Hummel and Margaret Luce served as co-chairmen. The Honorary Chairmen were Patty Dean and Park Miller.
Bob Bozzone, Harry Hamilton, Dick Robinson, Butch Trucks and Robert Needle, and Todd Weintz
Honorable Grand Benefactors were Palm Beach Yacht Club, Patty Myura/The Eleanor Patterson Reeves Foundation, Mr. Walter M. Ross and The R. Cathleen Cox McFarlane Charitable Foundation, Inc. Grand Notable Benefactors were The George F. Baker Trust, Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Cummings, Samuel J. and Connie M. Frankino Charitable Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Harry S.Hamilton, Mr. Park Miller and Ms. Patty Dean, Mr. Robert Needle and Ms. Marci Allen, Mrs. Amanda Schumacher, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tisbo, Wachovia Bank-A Wells Fargo Company and Mr. Ron Woods/Palm Beach Illustrated. Grand Benfactors were Grand Bank and Trust of Florida, Stephen and Petra Levin and Mr. and Mrs. Todd Weintz. Benefactors were Mr. and Mrs. Melvin J. Levy and Mr. Robert Bozzone.

Proceeds from this event benefit CARP, Inc., one of the oldest Palm Beach County public sector alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs. CARP Inc., provides family-centered treatment for adolescents and families, and specializes in the treatment of the chronic addictive disordered recidivist client. CARP, Inc.’s clinical approach is based on assisting the client to achieve an abstinence-based recovery to prevent relapse and to maintain social supports conducive to recovery including participation in 12 step programs.

CARP, Inc. provides acute care and stabilization services for the homeless addict, treatment of co-occurring disordered clients including psychiatric examination and medications management services, and treatment services for co-dependency of the significant others and family members of clients in treatment. All services provided on a sliding scale fee basis and services are provided regardless of the ability to pay.

For information about CARP, please visit
Park Miller, Patty Dean, and Leo Parnell
Mr. and Mrs William Paty
Barbara Katz, Dr. William Atkins, and Xiomara Ordonez
Carla Pisani and Dr. Fred Barr
Margaret Luce and Lavinia Baker
Chris and Vicki Kellogg
Nancy Hummel and Michael Maness
Walter Ross and Bridget Healey
Seth, Butch, Melinda, and Elise Trucks

Photographs by Lucien Capehart; Ann Watt (Perlman).

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