Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Palm Beach Social Diary

Katherine Bryan and Annette Tapert heading off to the links.
by Hilary Geary Ross

Oh my, my, it is kind of like Camelot down here in sunny Palm Beach, with endless days of glorious 80-degree weather!

Mostly the days have been picture perfect, so everyone is on the tennis courts, beaches, golf courses or out and about with their kids in strollers with dogs in tow.
The Platts on their morning outing in PB.
Enter John Mashek.
Well not absolutely everyone is on the tennis courts as I found a lot of my favorite pals were in town showing off their collections, paintings, designs and more.

In Palm Beach, besides all the fabulous sporting activities, there are all kinds of events, lectures, art shows, concerts, plays and more! George Hamilton starred in La Cage Aux Folles at the Kravis center to a sold-out audience. My talented stepdaughter Jessica Ross Brown had her first Palm Beach exhibition of her oil paintings at Palm Beach Framemakers, and the whole town stopped by to applaud this gifted artist!
Jessica Ross Brown at her art show in PB at Framemakers.
Hillie Mahoney and Howard Cox flank a portrait of Wilbur Ross by Jessica Ross Brown.
Duke of Marlborough and Tina Fanjul. Dan Ponton and Shannon Donnelly.
John Pickett and Muffy Miller.
Another day Leezy Scully along with Jeannie and Dick Pearman asked some pals over to toast portrait artist Heather Marcus. You cannot miss Bill Koch's amazing collection of Western Art and memorabilia on exhibition at The Society of the Four Arts. Recapturing the Real West: The Collections of William I. Koch includes everything from Frederic Remingtons to Thomas Moran's to Sitting Bull's Winchester to a Wells Fargo stage coach, a huge mahogany bar from a saloon, photographs and so much more. Bill's vast and well-thought-out collection gives you a stunning glimpse back into time when the west was wild.
Bill Koch at Recapturing the Real West at The Society of the Four Arts.
Beef Jerky at the exhibition.
Wagons from Recapturing the Real West.
I also spotted Cornelia Guest in Orrico store selling her "animal free" fabulously good-looking handbags made of faux soft, luscious leather. I also ran into Kate Pickett selling her great-looking stationary Pickett's Press at Stationer on Sunrise alongside Blair Husain and her beautiful jewelry.
Cornelia Guest with her pooch selling her handbags at a trunk show in PB. A pooch in a stroller on Worth Avenue.
Kate Pickett and Betsy Pitts at Kate's Pickett Press trunk show in PB.
Jewelry designer Blair Husain and Simone Mailman.
Stopped by Jeannie Pearman's chic new abode to take a peek at her beautiful daughter Gigi Mortimer and Courtney Moss's wonderful Glamourpuss designs.
These bright colorful caftans are the perfect thing to wear in sunny Palm Beach.
Gigi Mortimer wearing a Glamourpuss NYC design.
Courtney Moss and Gigi Mortimer with her mother Jeannie Pearman.
Jeannie Pearman and Britty Cudlip. Alexia Ryan and Mary Snow.
Ann Downey with her poodle.
Same day, The Boys' Club of New York had a sold-out fund raising luncheon and fashion show of fabulous Armani designs at Club Colette. What was especially impressive to me, 23 board members flew in from NYC to attend the luncheon!
Roberto de Guardiola, Harry Benson, and Joan Schnitzer Levy outside of Club Colette. Pauline Pitt.
Joanne de Guardiola and Jamee Gregory.
Jill Roosevelt and Ellen Niven.
Topsy Taylor and Gigi Benson.
Of course the evenings are filled with all kinds of impossibly glamorous parties, one after another. Born to be Wild, the Palm Beach Zoo's annual gala party was a roaring success (ha-ha) as was The Society of the Four Arts magical Carnivale dinner dance. Guests requested to wear masks, and much to my delight practically everyone did.
Wilbur Ross, a sloth from the Palm Beach Zoo, and Jeffrey Greene.
Susan Lloyd at "Born to be Wild." Luce Churchill and Felix Mirando at "Born to be Wild."
Jamie Niven and Kim Coleman at "Born to be Wild."
Carol Mack at "Born to be Wild." Christopher Mason and Jackie Weld Drake at "Born to be Wild."
Ivana Lowell and Christopher Mason at "Born to be Wild."
Dessert at "Born to be Wild."
Ambassador Mary Ourisman at The Society of the Four Arts Carnivale dinner dance
Wilbur Ross, Muffy Miller, and Peggy Meija at The Society of the Four Arts.
Melinda Hassen at The Society of the Four Arts.
Melinda Hassen and Muffy Miller at The Society of the Four Arts.
Carol Rohrig at The Society of the Four Arts. Frayda and George Lindemann at The Society of the Four Arts.
Ann Johnson at The Society of the Four Arts.
Francesca Bortolotto Possati at The Society of the Four Arts.
Francesca Bortolotto Possati 's fabulous back.
Fabulous chocolate mask dessert at The Society of the Four Arts.
The Palm Beach Preservation ball chaired by Darlene Jordan was sold out and tons of fun! The music was Bob Hardwick's and the talented Scott Snyder created a silvery fantasy with shiny silver Palm trees, pearls, chic grey tablecloths and even a mermaid on the bar!
The bar at the Palm Beach Preservation ball.
Stepping out at the Palm Beach Preservation ball.
Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Kate Ford. Abigail Kuklis with her uncle Scott Snyder.
Ira Harris and Joan Schnitzer Levy.
Joanne de Guardiola and Martin Gruss.
Michele Kessler and Ira Harris. Peter and Jamee Gregory.
Amanda Haynes Dale and John Mashek.
Emilia Fanjul and Judith Giuliani.
Another night Michele and Howard Kessler had a" warm up" dinner at their fabulous oceanfront abode saluting the Palm Beach Civic association and Tom Brokaw, as he was the brilliant guest speaker at the luncheon the next day. The luncheon, MC'd by Bob Wright, the Civic Association President, and chaired by Michele, was both wonderful and bittersweet as Leonard Lauder accepted the Alexander Haig Global Impact Award on behalf of his late wife, the beloved Evelyn Lauder. The Bill Brooks award went to the philanthropist Alexander Dreyfoos. After the awards we were treated to Tom Brokaw's fascinating and captivating speech for which he received a standing ovation.
Tom Brokaw and Michele Kessler at the Kessler's house in PB.
Wilbur Ross and Leonard Lauder. Bill Finneran, Leonard Lauder, and Carol Rohrig.
Bob Wright.
My very favorites are of course the private parties, and Marylou Whitney's birthday party for her delightfully charming husband John Hendrickson was a stand out! After shooting the breeze and sipping drinks outside we stepped into dinner to feast on caviar in Asparagus Charlotte, Chicken Cordon Bleu, and Key lime tart ... yum! Gotta say, it is kind of fun down here, so come on down!
Photographs by Hilary Geary Ross.