Friday, February 22, 2013

Palm Beach Social Diary

Paul Tudor Jones II and Nathaniel Reed. Chairman of The Everglades Foundation, Jones is the founder and CEO of the Tudor Group. Vice-chairman of The Everglades Foundation, Reed is one of the state's notable conservationist, serving as an Assistant Secretary of the Interior during the Ford and Bush administrations. Author of A Different Vision: The History of the Hobe Sound Company and The Jupiter Island Club, Nat Reed is one of the founders of 1000 Friends of Florida.
FOREVERGLADES @ The Breakers + Designer Showcase benefits Hope for Depression Foundation
By Augustus Mayhew

Fourteen months ago, I e-mailed the communications director at The Everglades Foundation asking if I could cover their annual event at The Breakers for The New York Social Diary, and heard only a brief "We'll let you know" response. Several days ago, I received a last-minute invite to the organization's Friday night event. And since my life is very last-minute these days, I accepted the invitation however uncomfortable I might be in the convergence of a large crowd of environmentalists in Big Sugar's backyard. Nonetheless, I suppose there is no end to saving the Everglades. More than 600 supporters joined Paul Tudor Jones II, Nat Reed, Carlos de la Cruz, Mary Barley, fellow board members and benefit committee chairs in raising slightly more than $2 million during the evening.

Then on Saturday I took in the Design Showcase put together by Scott Snyder to benefit the Hope for Depression Research Foundation during the annual jewelry, art and antique fair..

Here are some highlights.
2013 Foreverglades benefit, invitation.
The Breakers, entrance hall. I arrived around 6:30, a few minutes before the more than 600 guests began arriving for the 7 pm cocktail hour.
Ponce de Leon ballroom, loggia. At 6:55 pm, the hotel staff is at the ready.
Ashley Schiff Ramos and Paul Tudor Jones II.
2013 Everglades Foundation, benefit chairs.
Erik Eikenberg. The foundation's CEO, Eikenberg is a former chief of staff of Gov. Charlie Crist and Rep Clay Shaw, apparently well-suited to direct the organization's lobbying efforts.
Grace and Bill Nelson. Recently, Nelson was re-elected to a third term in in the US Senate.
United States Congressman Patrick Murphy. Murphy received national attention over discrepancies in the vote count in his race against incumbent Allen West.
Guests donned "cheap sunglasses" as the ZZ Top song goes, for their official photographs.
Garrison du Pont Lickle and Michelle Henry. Lickle joined The Everglades Foundation board in 2011.
Richard Fife.
Mary Morse and Katie Carpenter.
Liza Pulitzer. Jack Nicklaus.
Michael Kovner and Jean Doyen de Montailou.
Jackie and Beau Breckenridge.
Thalia and Tommy Mottola.
Marsha Wilson and John Firestone.
JoAnna Ballarini and Steve Myers.
The evening's emcee, television personality Willie Geist was rehearsing the script for the auction and entertainment.
Ponce de Leon ballroom. The staff was busily setting up the appetizers as the cocktail hour was ending.
The Breakers staff putting on the finishing touches.
Molly and Larry Austin.
Jason and Wilder Regalbuto.
Lisa and Ken Thompson.
Steve and Mercedes Gotwald.
Gordon and Jane Brown.
James Donnelley and Mieke van Waveren.
Amy and John Bahl.
Carl and Fenia Hiaasen.
Paul Leone, president of The Breakers and Flagler Systems Inc.
Willie and Christina Geist.
Dinner at Eight
2013 Foreverglades benefit, dinner menu. Why have Key West shrimp tacos when you can have Southern California shrimp tacos.
Ponce de Leon ballroom. Guests begin finding their numbered dinner tables.
The tables quickly fill.
A view of the Ponce de Leon ballroom looking towards the stage area.
I found a chair next to the soundman and in front of the light booth.
Some guests wore their sunglasses during dinner.
The Ponce de Leon ballroom measures 100 x 150 and holds 1,000 guests, according to the hotel's marketing department.
Lucy and Nat Day. Nat and Lucy were sitting across from each other.
Scenic digital images were projected on the large screens during the dinner hour.
8:46 pm The soundboard for comedian Jerry Seinfeld's stand-up performance scheduled to begin in 14 minutes.
That's Entertainment

Stand-up comic Jerry Seinfeld was the opening act before the room rocked with ZZ Top. I left during Seinfeld's reportedly 15-minute volley of jokes. But, I did spot two of the ZZ Top group during the cocktail hour.
Billy Gibbons, lead vocalist of ZZ Top.
ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons and Frank Beard, the group's drummer. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld.
Seinfeld on stage and screen.
I had only seen Seinfeld on television accompanied I believe by a laugh-track; the audience was laughing at his barrage of punch lines.
The Seinfeld television show first aired in 1989; here is Seinfeld on the big screen in 2013.
Congressman Patrick Murphy, Tom Van Lent, and Nat Reed. Van Lent is the Senior Scientist at The Everglades Foundation. Last laughs, perhaps.
2013 Hope Designer Showcase
Hope for Depression Research Foundation
Palm Beach Jewelry, Art and Antique Fair

On Saturday morning, I drove to the PBC Convention Center where the PB Jewelry, Art and Antique Fair was once again hosting a seven-room designer showcase. Organized by Pam Beach-New York designer Scott Snyder, the second annual design showcase held during the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Fair featured the talents of nine designers including Bunny Williams, Bruce, Bierman, Polly Onet & Bronson van Wyck, Campion Platt, Susan Gutfreund, and Jim Aman & John Meeks Interiors. Proceeds from sale items benefit the Depression research Foundation.

Here are some quick snaps.
"Paris in Palm Beach." Scott Snyder.
The fair's opening night was a benefit for the Hope for Depression Research Foundation.
Design showcase, entrance.
The design showcase was at the entrance to the fair.
Bunny Williams
Bunny Williams.
Bruce Bierman
Bruce Bierman.
Polly Onet & Bronson van Wyck
Polly Onet & Bronson van Wyck.
Campion Platt
Campion Platt.
Susan Gutfreund
Susan Gutfreund.
Aman & Meeks Interiors
Aman & Meeks Interiors.
Scott Snyder
Scott Snyder.
Photographs by Augustus Mayhew.

Augustus Mayhew is the author of Lost in Wonderland – Reflections on Palm Beach.
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