Friday, March 22, 2013

Palm Beach Social Diary

The beach at Emilia and Pepe Fanjul's fabulous house, Casa Grande, at their magnificent compound by Casa de Campo in the "DR."
by Hilary Geary Ross
Photos by Hilary Geary Ross and Arriana Boardman

Down here in paradise, aka Palm Beach, it has been blissfully warm most of the time with a few cold spells, much to the local's delight as they crave a change of pace and don’t mind reaching into their closets for one of those luscious triple-ply cashmere Italian sweaters that you can only find at Trillion on Worth Avenue.
Trillion on Worth Avenue.
Trillion cashmere sweaters.
Plants bundled up on a cold PB day.
Everybody wants to be soaking up the sunshine, and out in the fresh air! No matter the weather, it is always a treat to hop on a boat to tour around the intracoastal, to take a peek at the fabulous houses, to walk on the lake trail to get some exercise, admire the amazing Banyan trees, play golf, tennis and more.
Bridge opening up for boats in intracoastal waterway in PB.
Boats, fabulous boats.
The Flagler Museum from the water.
Magical Banyan trees along Lake Trail in PB.
Fishing in PB.
Linda Miller on her morning walk with her dogs. PB police on wheels.
Young Palm Beacher takes a pit stop for lunch.
This time of year we get visitors from all over. And there are plenty of art fairs, antique shops, jewelry shopping to keep them busy. We all know PB is a party town so when out of towners arrive, the real festivities begin.
Cristiana Shields in her new jewelry shop.
Susan Gutfreund at one of the art fairs.
On to the festivities ... Darcy and George Gould had a festive dinner for Lily and Sunny Marlborough with two round tables set up with a peacock theme for color and fun! The menu started with fresh black truffle risotto, then roast veal tenderloin with buttered asparagus, pommes souffle, tomato confit, and for dessert ... a citrus sampler of lemon curd milk meringue, creamsicle roulade and margarita sorbet!

Table setting at the Darcy and George Gould's dinner party.
Llwyd and Diana Ecclestone at the Preservation Foundation Dinner Dance.
Among the guests were Alfred and Judy Taubman, Grace and Chris Meigher, Bill Pannill, Sunny’s brother Lord Charles Spencer-Churchill and Sarah Goodbody, Robin and John Pickett, Pauline Pitt and Jerry Seag, former Palm Beach mayor Lesly Smith, Joanne and Roberto de Guardiola, Jorie Butler and Howard Hardesty, Dr. Jim Walsh and more.

Speaking of Pauline Pitt, on another night she and Jerry Seag opened up their house for a festive dinner to toast her pal Duncan McLaren visiting over from London too, along with Charles Churchill and Sarah Goodbody. It was really a treat to walk into a room filled with friends that I have known well for over twenty years ... oh my ... how time flies! After sipping cocktails inside as it was nippy (60s is cold in this town), we sat down to a scrumptious dinner of cannelloni, veal tenderloin and a heavenly chocolate dessert.

Among the group were Suzie and Vere Gaynor, Polly Peabody, Kate and Jimmy Gubelmann, David Ober, Briddy Bardes and Johnny Damgard, Kiwi and Landon Hilliard, Becky and Luic de Kertanguy, Tina Fanjul, John Mashek.

A Palm Beach must is always the Preservation Foundation dinner dance brilliantly chaired this year by Diana Ecclestone. (The week before Diana and Llywd generously opened their newly renovated ocean front house to Preservation supporters and others pals.)

The party was dedicated to the two late great ladies that were loyal supporters of Preservation Foundation, the beloved Evelyn Lauder and Alyne Massey. We all miss them both. Once again, the very talented designer Scott Snyder did not disappoint and created the party’s sensational decoration – a Russian Winter Ball theme topped off with two towering seven-foot-tall polar bear ice sculptures.

The delicious menu followed the Russian theme too with a chilled Stoli vodka shot with vodka cured gravlox, blinis with caviar and crème fraîche, and tournedos of beef “rossini,” followed by a dazzling dessert: Fabergé egg with strawberry mousse, fresh sliced strawberries and flourless chocolate cake.

After dancing the night away to Bob Hardwick’s tunes guests headed home with terrific “loot” including a divine collectable Estee Lauder jeweled compact, Van Cleef & Arpels perfume, a Stubbs & Wootton embroidered pouch, a Paola Quadretti key ring. Plus, a wonderful trip down memory lane with a special edition hardcover book created by the Preservation team of over 400 photographs on 146 pages documenting the history of the Foundation’s dinner dances from the first one in 1982 to last year’s 30th anniversary one.

A big group of loyal supporters escaped the New York snow storm to arrive in PB in time for the Boys Club of New Club of New York Ferragamo Fashion show. The young and fun fashion show in the luscious Brazilian court garden was followed by a seated lunch at the heavenly Café Boulud.
Eileen Araskog and her daughter Christina at the Boys Club fashion show.
The Boys Club women’s board president, Sara Ayres, applauded all the loyal supporters including Muffie Miller, Binkie Orthwein, Grace and Elizabeth Meigher, Emilia and Lourdes Fanjul, Jessie and Eileen Araskog, Barbara Smith, Anne Harrison, Pauline Pitt, Christine Schwarzman, Ali Hanley, Annette Allen, Karin Luter, Kate Khosravani, Alexia Ryan and Candy Hamm, Anne Johnson, Melinda Hassen, Kate Pickett, Susan Burke, Mai Harrison, Carol Rohrig. After dining on a perfect light lunch of salad followed by salmon, then chocolate cake plus strawberry sorbet, everyone scooted off to their tennis or golf games.

In between all this fun
we scooted down to another big slice of paradise, Emilia and Pepe Fanjul's fabulous house, Casa Grande, as their guests at their magnificent compound by Casa de Campo at La Romana in the "DR."
Casa Grande.
View from our room at Casa Grande.
Good morning at Casa Grande.
Emilia and Pepe graciously and generously entertained more than thirty houseguests with style and humor. They are amazing hosts like no others. I was in awe!

You simply must visit this truly spectacular resort, as it is a world class sportsman's paradise, with five championship golf courses (e.g. " teeth of the dog"), a huge marina, fishing, shooting, horseback riding, polo, tennis with ball boys and more.

You can dine at splendid restaurants, such as Le Cirque by the Beach, charming eateries at Altos de Chavon, a fantasy recreation of a medieval village with cobble stone paths, an amphitheater, and more ... all created by its former owner, the late chairman of Gulf+Western, Charles Bluhdorn.
Wilbur Ross and Sunny Marlbough, aka the Duke of Marlborough, at Casa Grande.
Shirley Lord by the beach.
Duncan McLaren and Peter Heywood.
Lord William Astor and Wilbur Ross.
Carol Mack heading off to play golf at the "teeth of the dog."
Earle Mack and Jonathan Becker.
Duke of Marlborough and Countess Christina de Caraman.
Countess Christina de Caraman and Lady Annabel Astor.
Hostess Emilia Fanjul, Jonathan Becket, and Princess Maria Pia Di Savoia at lunch.
Paul Wilmot, Alexandra Kotur, and Emilia Fanjul.
Peggy Siegal, Bob Colacello, and Hilary Geary Ross.
Sarah Goodbody and the Duke of Marlborough. Amy Fine Collins.
Duncan McLaren and Sarah Goodbody.
Annabel Astor, Dixon Boardman, and Alexandra Kotur.
Lord Charles Spencer-Churchill and Countess Christina de Caraman.
Carol Mack and Sunny Marlborough.
Paul Wilmot and Emilia Fanjul after lunch. Ice cream at the Marina at Casa de Campo with Paul Wimot and Bob Colacello.
Pepe Fanjul and William Astor off shooting. The chopper awaits.
The marina.
Emilia Fanjul and Amy Fine Collins shopping in the marina.
There is so much to do in the Dominican Republic. It is a perfect resort with great weather, charm; just wonderful in every possible way. Among the lucky guests were Princess Maria Pia Di Savoie and her husband Prince Michel de Bourbon, the Duke of Marlborough, Countess Christina de Caraman, Arriana and Dixon Boardman, Lord Charles Spencer-Churchill and Sarah Goodbody, Peggy Siegal, Paul Wilmot, Lord William Astor and his wife Lady Annabel, Wilbur Ross, Alexandra Kotur and Jonathan Becker, Carol and Earl Mack, Shirley Lord and Peter Heywood, Duncan McLaren, Annette Allen, Archie and Sharon Sterling, Bob Collacello, Amy Fine Collins and her husband Brad Collins, and more!
Dinner at La Cana in the Dominican Republic.
Music at La Cana.
Brad Collins and Amy Fine Collins chatting before dinner at the Fanjul's dinner at Casa Grande.
Finding our placement at the long beautiful dinner table hosted by Emilia and Pepe Fanjul.
Duke of Marlborough and Princess Maria Pia di Savoia.
Emilia and Pepe Fanjul's guests all having fun!