Thursday, February 6, 2014

Palm Beach Social Diary

The Breakers, Mediterranean Ballroom. Cocktail hour at the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society Dinner Dance. Chairman James D. Berwind, the event's first male chairman, welcomed more than 375 guests, and with a record-setting auction conducted by Sotheby's Jamie Niven, raised more than $1.1 million for the organization.
Palm Beach Weekend: Lilly! Andy! The Zoo! Nicky! Jane!
By Augustus Mayhew

This past weekend I took a few moments away from the scriptures of Palm Beach's revered social history to exhaust my camera battery by taking a few snaps of the resort's omnipresent philanthropic celebrations for various causes and concerns.
"It's a jungle out there," decorative pillow. Comforting words of warning from one of the more than 275 lots from the Estate of Lilly Pulitzer auction slated for 22 February 2014 at 11 am.
31 January 2014 - 11:00 am
Preview of Property from the Estate of Lilly Pulitzer Auction
Leslie Hindman Auctioneers 1608 South Dixie Highway West Palm Beach

If you are looking to add the Lilly Look outside of your closets, the upcoming February 22nd auction by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers of selected pieces from Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau's recently sold South County Road enclave might be just time and place to Lillify every room. Conducting 50 auctions annually in the Midwest, Naples, and Palm Beach, LH has handled sales for Mrs. Robert R. McCormick, the Potter Palmer families, and Dole heiress Elizabeth F. Cheney, along with the estates of Leona Helmsley and Betsy Pickering Kaiser, who in 1982 insisted I use Erno Lazlo products and I have ever since.

Last Friday, as the staff was prepping their 1608 South Dixie Highway saleroom a block south of the Norton Museum, I stopped by and took some snaps. The catalog is online at the Leslie Hindman website if you want to pick some must-haves before the actual frenzy goes through the ceiling. Here are a few objet d'Lilly that caught my eye.
There are several Neo-classical-style painted furniture pieces.
A tabletop with accessories to fine-tune any North End décor. Lot 5, the Chinese Export porcelain urns, are of note. Estimate $2,000-$4,000.
Although this Majolica pair of vases may have a chip here and there, who can resist having them as ultimate conversation pieces? Lot 183. Estimate $4,000-$6,000. A worldly whimsical whippet. Lot 13. Estimate $300-$500.
The cat's meow.
Artist Piero Aversa, the King of Mykonos, was a longtime Palm Beach favorite. Lot 6. Estimate $5,000-$7000.
31 January 2014 - 11:30 am
Press Preview - To Jane, Love Andy: Warhol's First Superstar
Norton Museum of Art West Palm Beach

Friday midday I dropped by the Norton Museum of Art for a preview and tour of the To Jane, Love Andy: Warhol's First Superstar exhibition that the following night would be the main attraction for the Norton's annual Gala. Curator Cheryl Brutvan led the local press through the show, along with Norton director and CEO Hope Alswang and communications director Scott Benarde. Just as some of us were getting ready to leave, Jane Holzer graciously arrived. As she glanced up to watch herself in one of Warhol's underground classics, Holzer chatted casually about her 15-minutes of fame — an expression credited to her patron Andy Warhol — that has been mounted at The Norton as a major museum show.
Norton Museum of Art, west elevation.
Norton Museum, rotunda. Mural by Mickalene Thomas. faux real, 2013. Vinyl, paint, contact paper, and oil stick.
Detail, faux real, 2013. Vinyl, paint, contact paper, and oil stick. Mural by Mickalene Thomas.
Cheryl Brutvan, the museum's curator of contemporary art and director of curatorial affairs.
Scott Benarde, the museum's director of communications.
Jan Sjostrom, the Palm Beach Daily News art editor.
The exhibition's opening image.
" … Jane Holzer, the most looked at girl of '64." Each room focuses on a different aspect of Holzer's life in relation to her Pop life during the 1960s.
Jane Holzer wearing something by Betsey Johnson.
The press at work.
The Norton's curator led us through the exhibit.
"Jane and Andy at the Factory."
Exhibit display.
Jane Holzer as a magazine cover model.
The exhibition is in association with the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.
"Create your own screen test." Museum goers are encouraged to film their own screen test.
Jane Holzer, Then … ... And 50 years later.
Museum director Hope Alswang, left, welcomes Jane Holzer.
Jane Holzer meets the press.
As you have probably noticed, Holzer is wearing two wristwatches.
Holzer toured the exhibit with the press. I stepped outside into the Frederick and Paricia Supper Center Garden for a look at the Fountain of Youth.
A Garden in the Wild
Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society Dinner Dance
31 January 2014 - The Breakers - 7 pm

The Palm Beach Zoo’s  2014 Gala Committee was headed by James D. Berwind, chairman; Michele Kessler, honorary chairwoman; Whitney Bylin & Thomas C. Quick, event chairmen; and Samantha Storkerson, auction chairwoman.  The gala’s major benefactors included: Florida Crystals Corporation, James D. Berwind, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hamm, III, Stephen E. Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Connors, Florida Power & Light Company, Kim Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Llwyd Ecclestone, Mary & Mark Freitas, Gunster, Susanna Hager, JP Morgan, Tracie and Gary Krieger with Barclays, Carol and John Moran, Palm Beach Kennel Club and The Rooney Family, Amy and John Phelan, Thomas C. Quick, Tiffany Raborn and Tim Carroll, The AMG Foundation/Kerry and Sean Healey, and Noreen Zanft.  Among the night’s most generous donors were Michele and Howard Kessler Ann and Charlie Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Luter, III, Mr. and Mrs. William P. Rayner, Thomas C. Quick, Elizabeth and John Raese, Susan and Lloyd Miller, III, Nancy C. and Richard R. Rogers, and the Donald A. Burns Foundation.

The Palm Beach Zoo’s record fund-raising event will further the organization’s mission of protecting wildlife and wildlife habitat, and inspiring others to value and conserve the natural world.
The Breakers. Entrance fountain designed by Leo Lentelli.
April, one of the zoo's expert handlers, introduces a colorful feathery friend to John Andreu and Ann Nitze.
James D. Berwind, gala chairman.
Darcy Gould and Michelle Kessler, the gala's honorary chairman.
Luis Fernandez.
Lillian Fernandez and Amy Phelan.
Alfy and Raysa Fanjul.
Hunter, the wise owl.
Ashley and Mike Ramos with Samantha Storkerson, right.
Graham Berwind and Susan Stautberg.
Jessie and Rand Araskog. "I'm wearing a vintage Pamela Dennis."
Frances Scaife. Andrew Aiken, president and CEO of the Palm Beach Zoo.
Linda Soper.
Guests arrived in the south loggia and made their way to the Mediterranean Ballroom for cocktails.
William Condie, Kim Campbell, and Sanders Lewallen being photographed by another photographer.
Phil Reagan and Ashley Hensen. Kevin Clarke.
The Breakers, Mediterranean Ballroom.
Dudley and Peggy Moore.
Maureen Donnell.
Vicky Hunt.
Mario Nievera and Susan Malloy.
Steve and JoAnna Myers.
Don Burns.
Michelle Henry and Garrison du Pont Lickle.
Kristen Alyce and Wyatt Koch.
The skeek was a popular attraction during the cocktail hour.
Chris and Grace Meigher.
Dr. Omar and Cheryl Almallah.
Carol Mack and Lora Atkinson. Ambassador Mary Ourisman.
As much as I might have preferred hearing Alabama Shakes, The Soul Survivors appeared to be playing just what the crowd wanted as the dance floor was packed quickly.
This centerpiece added a surreal touch.
Table 36. "Siberia?" I asked, smilingly, when I picked up my table card at the front desk. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised; one more step and I would have been on Singer Island. Seated to my left was Farley Rentschler and Lisa Solar who I would happen to run into at The Colony where they were having lunch and someone said Nicky Haslam was having a smoke before his presentation.
Folly de Grandeur Lecture with Nicky Haslam
2014 American Friends of British Art Luncheon
1 February 2014 - The Pavilion at The Colony Hotel - 11:30 am

The American Friends of British Art's 3rd Annual Lecture & Luncheon was held Saturday afternoon at the Pavilion of the Colony Hotel. Guest speaker Nicky Haslam, presented "Folly de Grandeur: Romance and Revival in an English Country House." The event sponsors included: William R. Eubanks Interior Design, Smith and Moore Architects, Fernando Wong Outdoor Living Design, Paris Ceramics, Jennifer Garrigues Interiors, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, and the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show.
Michael Ridgdill, director of the American Friends of British Art, welcomed 150 guests to the group's annual fundraiser. Great fun.
The Colony Hotel, a view from across the pool looking west.
Lisa Solar and Farley Renstchler.
Nicky Haslam, out by The Colony Pool for fresh air.
Leta Austin Foster. A pleasure sitting beside Leta during the luncheon.
Tom Quick.
Tim Johnson, Gale Alger, and Fernando Wong. Tim and Fernando introduced themselves at my lecture "Wonder Women" for the Historical Society and invited me to join them for the American Friends of British Art lunch that I had never previously attended.
Luce Churchill and Marina Zangrilli.
Ben Stein and Bill Eubanks.
Jeff Jacobus, owner of Classic Bookshop on South County Road, was busily selling Haslam's books. Sir Christopher Lewinton. "Nicky and I are old friends …"
Brandy Stephenson.
Lady Sheila Hale and Scott Moses.
Darrell Hofheinz.
Barbara Crimi. Terri Mersentes.
Michael Ridgdill introduces Nicky Haslam.
Nicky Haslam presented an entertaining mix of personal anecdotes and details surrounding the transformation of his 17th-century hunting lodge into a showplace, once owned by John Fowler.
2014 Norton Museum Gala
To Jane, Love Andy: Warhol's First Superstar
1 February 2014 - Norton Museum of Art - 7 pm

Sold out for the past two months, the Norton Museum of Art was transformed Saturday night into a Studio '64, a tableaux to showcase the opening of the museum's latest exhibition of Palm Beach-New York personality Jane Holzer's former incarnation as a Superstar at Andy Warhol's Factory. As Warhol's first and most glamorous superstar, she played a leading role during the 1960s counterculture. The Norton's exhibition traces Holzer's media-magnate rise from her uninhibited roles in Warhol's grainy downtown black-and-white films to her sought-after international magazine cover girl career. Here are scenes from Jane Holzer's latest role as the focus of a museum exhibition.
Guests gathered for cocktails in the museum's main rotunda.
Gala Sponsors. The gala's honorary chairs were Jeff and Mei Sze Greene. The trustee gala committee included Nicki Harris, Harry Howell, Jane Korman, Joanne Pearson, and Dorothy W. Stapleton.
Annie Falk, co-chair of the Norton Gala.
Matt and Tracy Smith, co-chair of the Norton Gala.
Then and Now. Jane Holzer, wearing Alexander McQueen.
Jane Holzer, Nicky Haslam, and Hope Alswang.
Rob Wynne, Beth Rudin DeWoody, and Patrick McMullan.
Jane Korman, Nan Laitman, and Leonard Korman.
Ralph and Muriel Saltzman.
Ted and Ruth Baum.
Christine Aylward. Tracy Stern. Jane Ylvisaker.
Craig and Debbie Stapleton.
Barbara Georgescu.
Tony and Vanessa Beyer. Tim and Susan Malloy.
Ward Blum and Ronnie Heyman.
Wyatt Koch and Kristen Alyce.
Madeleine Rudin Johnson and Bruce Barnet. A pleasure at dinner sitting between two Rudins, Madeleine and Beth.
Mei Sze and Jeff Greene inside the Mylar tunnel on their way to dinner.
The staff finishes last minute touches before the guests arrive.
Place setting and salad. Table 29. The dinner menu was 11-lines long. If only some of the speakers had been as succinct. However, all was redeemed when Holzer's granddaughter spoke, articulate and touching, she may have reminded everyone why art matters.
2014 Norton Museum of Art Gala. Dinner. The view from Table 29.
Andy Warhol and Jane Holzer.
Photographs by Augustus Mayhew.

Augustus Mayhew is the author of Lost in Wonderland – Reflections on Palm Beach.