Thursday, December 4, 2014

Palm Beach Social Diary

The Paradise Fund's annual fundraiser is one of the Palm Beach season's most anticipated events. The West Room at Whitehall, pictured above, was transformed for the night into the legendary Bradley's Beach Club casino, the long since vanished Palm Beach landmark.
Paradise Fund at Whitehall
By Augustus Mayhew

Ever since 2007, when The Paradise Fund revived the spirit of Olde Palm Beach by installing the legendary Bradley’s Casino at Henry Flagler’s landmark Whitehall, the organization’s annual fundraiser at The Flagler Museum has served as a blue-chip destination for High Roller Millennials from inside the PB/MIA-LA-NYC triangle. Established by Paul Kent Anderson, chairman and CEO, Christopher A. DiSchino, vice-president and COO, and H. Loy Anderson III, treasurer and CFO, The Paradise Fund seeks “to effectuate change in the world by empowering their generation with the tools needed to make a difference in the lives of children across the globe.”

Bettina Anderson and Zachary Potter were the head croupiers for this year’s gala attended by 500+ supporters. The event's chairman emeritus are Kent Anderson, Loy Anderson, Chris DiSchino, Hilary Jordan, Kenn Karakul, Arvo Katajisto, and Talbott Maxey. Committee members include Mary and Kane Baker, Nevin Bauman, Beth Beattie, Jeffrey Berman, Amanda Boalt, Mary Cheatham, Kendall Cheatham, Tony Cummings, Scott Diament, Chase Dreyfous, Annie Falk, Allegra Fanjul, Sara Groff, Ashley Harcourt, Wyatt Koch, Stacey Leuliette, Rory Mackay, Brianna Mahler, Felicia Marquez, Kristina and Brad McPherson, Greg Norman Jr., Eodd Peter, Gary Pohrer, Piper Quinn, Mike Ramos, Lauriston Segerson, Donald Scott, Tracy Smith, Mary Tobin and Angela Vecellio.
The approach to Whitehall for Friday night's event.
The arrival.
However much co-chairs Zac Potter and Bettina Anderson organized a sensational event, directing committee members for the official portrait is another matter.
The front row is still slightly distracted while the back rows are photo-ready.
An unofficial photo of the 2014 Paradise Casino committee.
As guests arrived, they were guided to the red carpet photo station.
Still photographers and a videographer recorded each guest.
The Paradise Fund's focus is "raising awareness through creative and celebratory fundraising, hands-on projects, and strategic partnerships with related non-profit organizations, including the Haiti Empowerment Mission, Jacmel; Divine Ministries in Hope for Children, Port au Prince; and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis. For further information, visit The Paradise Fund.
Co-chair Bettina Anderson wearing Pucci, no better choice for a cool windy 65 degree Palm Beach night. Pucci, Intermix, and Jimmy Choo hosted receptions for committee members before the event. Arvo Katajisto.
Chris DiSchino and Loy Anderson. In the Grand Hall, John Wright and Brianna Mahler.
Wyatt Koch contemplating the bust of Caesar Augustus in the Grand Hall.
To the south of the Grand Hall, the Library with a portrait of Henry M. Flagler above the fireplace.
To the north of the Grand Hall, the Louis XVI-style Drawing Room.
Cocktails in the Courtyard
Before guests arrived, The Paradise Fund hosted a cocktail reception for its most generous donors.
The central courtyard, Whitehall.
Cori Seibert. Kelly Murray.
A statue of Venus sits atop a fountain modeled after one in the Boboli Gardens, Florence.
The courtyard reception for The Paradise Funds VIPs.
James Berwind. Kevin Clarke.
The jazz combo played in the courtyard.
South Hall

From the Courtyard and the Great Hall, guests made their way down the South Hall to the West Room that was transformed into a casino.
Some took a snap in the Grand Ballroom.
Caroline Kling and Ted Hammond.
Scenes from the 2014 Paradise Casino at Whitehall
Among the chips, cards and dice
Palm Beach Roulette
On the West Terrace
The lakefront West Room
Central courtyard fountain, after the cocktail reception.
Photographs by Augustus Mayhew.

Augustus Mayhew is the author of Lost in Wonderland – Reflections on Palm Beach.