Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Palm Beach Social Diary

Geoffrey Bradfield and Clo Cohen were among the guests at the Kenneth Noland Lobster Bake hosted by Palm Beach's resident Mainer, the revered Paige Rense Noland.
Collector's Item: Kenneth Noland Lobster Bake & Brunch + Uffizi Gallery Reception
By Augustus Mayhew

This past weekend a February Full Moon shined as bright as the international spotlight focused on Palm Beach where there were two presidents, one Japanese prime minister, sports team bigwigs, numerous newly minted ambassadors and Washington bureaucrats, and one birthday bash where even if the fireworks upstaged the full moon there might have been some guests who would still be disappointed unless Lady Gaga had jumped out of the birthday cake.

Lunar tides aside, for Paige Rense Noland it was a perfect Jupiter's transit through Libra planetary time to host a Maine lobster bake in Florida, celebrating with friends the passion she and her late husband artist Kenneth Noland shared for all things Down East. On Sunday I stopped by for brunch at Paige's Private View Gallery on Brazilian Avenue where her weekend guests had gathered. It gave me a chance to peruse some of the latest Kenneth Noland work's being exhibited through the season.
February 10, 9:15 pm. Full Moon over Palm Beach, view from Paige Noland's swimming pool.
Villa Noland's colorful pool.
Along the Ocean Boulevard, the Friends of the Uffizi Gallery launched their weekend triptych of events with a reception hosted by Sydell Miller at La Réverie. For me, as an undergraduate and graduate student living in Florence, the Uffizi was a classroom rather than a museum, a welcome relief from Janson's History of Art or a professor's slide show. In the decades since, the Uffizi has expanded into the much grander Nuovi Uffizi, filling the courtyard with endless lines of visitors. When Giorgio Vasari first designed the Uffizi as offices ("uffizi") during the 16th century for the de Medici family, the noted architect and author could have never imagined that five centuries later his seminal work would become one the world's great museums housing many of Italy's iconic masterpieces.

And for those who still believe that things are looking up, I was impressed by Air Force One's flight path departure last week over Mar-a-Lago as I sat waiting to cross Southern Boulevard. It zoomed across the sky like a rocket ship heading for Mars! A thrilling visual sight.

10 February 2017
Kenneth Noland Lobster Bake
Villa Noland

Photograph, Kenneth Noland and Paige Rense Noland.
Paige Rense Noland and Lucy. "Lucy is 14 and we've shared the past ten years together. A rescue dog, at the beginning she was afraid of everything, even things like grass," said Noland who supports several animal shelters and humane organizations.
PRN Note stationery.
Paige Noland's Private View Gallery located on Palm Beach's Brazilian Avenue features Kenneth Noland's paintings and works on paper.
Bill Noland is a North Carolina-based sculptor, photographer and experimental documentary filmmaker. A professor of visual arts at Duke University, Noland's video work has been shown at the Grand Palais-Paris, National Gallery of Art and CineMarfa-Marfa, Texas. More about Bill's work at William Noland.
Pilar Molyneux and Jim Huntington.
Pilar's beautiful shoes.
Bill Diamond and Regine Traulsen.
A classic David Webb zebra bracelet.
Table bauble. "It is the most beautiful lobster," smiled Paige.
Clo and Charles Cohen.
Clo Cohen and Geoffrey Bradfield.
Will Ameringer and Kevin Byrne.
Kevin's Friday night footwear.
Alison Newton and Tom Shaw. Happy Birthday Alison!
"I found the chairs in Nairobi … the story on how they finally arrived here is as lengthy as how long it took for them to actually get here from Kenya," said Paige.
Villa Noland, entrance hall chair, detail.
Ken and MaryAnn Mitchell.
Victoria Woodhull Cushing and Charles Pierce.
At dinner I had the pleasure of being seated between Regine Traulsen and Charles Cohen.
Charles Cohen, co-distributor of the Academy Award nominated film The Salesman, is in the midst of developing the former Carefree Theatre site, seeking approval for a multi-use entertainment-residential complex located a few steps south of the Norton Art Museum. Happy birthday CC.
Maurice Amiel.
Jim Huntington and Susan Lloyd.
Susan and Peter Sachs.
Photograph, Paige Rense Noland and Jamie Wyeth.
Geoffrey Bradfield offered a poignant toast to Paige. Bravo!
Swag bag, 2017 Kenneth Noland Lobster Bake.
Full Moon Friday night at Palm Beach.
12 February 2017
Brunch at Private View Gallery
212 Brazilian Avenue-Palm Beach
The Private View Gallery features the work of renowned Color Field artist Kenneth Noland.
The gallery is open by appointment, featuring Kenneth Noland canvases and works on paper.
Paige Rense Noland and Susan Lloyd.
The gallery is located in Midtown Palm Beach, a few steps north of Worth Avenue. At right, Kenneth Noland's work Resect, 1979. Acrylic on canvas.
Kenneth Noland. Play, 1960. Acrylic on canvas.
Nancy Collins and Stephen Pascal.
Kenneth Noland. Untitled, 1967-1970. Acrylic on canvas.
6 February 2017
Friends of the Uffizi Gallery Reception
La Réverie – Palm Beach

Sydell Miller
hosted a recent cocktail reception at La Réverie for the Palm Beach Friends of the Uffizi Gallery organization in honor of Contessa Maria Vittoria Colonna Rimbotti's philanthropic endeavors in preserving the Florence museum's several century's trove of Italian artworks. The Board of Directors is headed by Contessa Rimbotti, president, and officers Emanuele Guerra, Bruce Crawford, and Madeleine Parker. Directors include Diana M. Bell, Michael J. Bracci, Susan D. McGregor, and honorary member Eike Schmidt, director of the Uffizi Gallery. The organization's Advisory Board is led by Diann G. Scaravilli, chairman, and officers Daniela Di Lorenzo and Barbara Chamberlain. Advisory board members include Linda Civerchia Balent, Francine Birbragher-Rozencwaig, Marianne Caponnetto, Scott Diament, Mars Jaffe, Gordon A. Lewis Jr., Irvin M. Lippman, Meredith A. Townsend, and Linda J. Tufo. Honorary Advisory Board Members are H.R.H Princess Maria Pia di Savoia de Bourbon-Parma, H.R.H. Prince Michel de Bourbon-Parma, and Contessa Chiara Miari Fulcis Ferragamo. Lisa Marie Browne is the group's executive director.
David Miller, Diana Bell, Sydell Miller, and Eike Schmidt, director of the Uffizi Gallery. A Florentine scholar, Schmidt is the museum's first non-Italian director, formerly associated with the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Getty Museum, Sotheby's, and The National Gallery of Art.
Lithograph, Galleria degli Uffizi, courtyard view from the Arno River. When construction of the de Medici family's offices was completed in 1581, the family first displayed their art works on the piano nobile. By the time the de Medici reign ended and it formally opened to the public as a museum in 1765, the family's collection had grown immensely. As Italy's premiere museum, the Uffizi has withstood cultural conflicts, political clashes, wars, and the devastating 1966 flood that jeopardized Tuscany's architectural and cultural fabric. Courtesy Amici degli Uffizi.
Contessa Maria Vittoria Colonna Rimbotti, and Eike Schmidt. Contessa Rimbotti, the evening's guest of honor, is president and founder of Amici degli Uffizi in Florence established in 1993 as well as president of organization's American branch based at Palm Beach since 2006. When a car bomb exploded in 1993 and damaged the Uffizi, Contessa Rimbotti responded by forming an organization for patrons who would assist in preserving and restoring the museum's art treasures.
Michael and Colleen Bracci. A director of the Friends of the Uffizi as well as chairman of the Kravis Center board, Michael Bracci heads up the Palm Beach/Treasure Coast operations for The Northern Trust Company that hosted a luncheon the following day for Eike Schmidt, the Uffizi Gallery's director, at their North Palm Beach branch.
Sandro Botticelli's Birth of Venus is one of the 12,000 paintings from the Uffizi's collection that also contains 3,500 sculptures and more than 180,000 prints and drawings. Patrons of the Friends of the Uffizi assist in underwriting the restoration of the museum's distressed artworks and artifacts. Courtesy Amici degli Uffizi.
Guests congregated in La Réverie's Grand Hall perusing silent auction items before gathering in one of the salons for the evening's presentation.
Veronica Atkins and Contessa Maria Vittoria Colonna Rimbotti.
Mickey Beyer. Sharon O'Neil.
William Jennings, Sandra Scoliard, and Richard Griggs.
Todd Barron and Judy Oppel.
Edith Bjork and Johanne Massicotte.
Veronica Atkins and Bianca Bacsa.
Beth Koven and Maddy Singer.
Bill Blind and Meredith Townsend.
Cascades of orchids fashioned centerpieces for many of the rooms.
Frank Loré and Lisa Marie Browne.
David Miller and Ray Wakefield.
K. K. and Joe Sullivan.
Madelaine Mavec and Ellen Stirn Mavec.
Diana Bell and Diann Scaravilli.
Photography by Augustus Mayhew.

Augustus Mayhew is the author of Palm Beach-A Greater Grandeur