Monday, February 4, 2008

12th annual Palm Beach/America’s International Fine Art & Antique Fair

Goedhuis Contemporary.

The five star (Art Newspaper) Palm Beach/America’s International Fine Art & Antique Fair opened to the public this past Friday at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm with more 90 dealers from 13 countries exhibiting. The Fair’s five star rating puts it up there with TEFAF, the European Art Fair at Maastricht (this coming March) which is considered the greatest art and antiques fair in the world. These fairs are not for the shy of funds and assets for this is the land of the collectors and the aspiring, acquiring collectors.

For everyone it is a peak into the world of the rarefied, of beauty, genius and antiquity. There are many items, paintings, porcelains, jewelry, sculptures running in the six and seven figures. This writer is by no means a collector, nor even eligible. Nevertheless there is great pleasure in seeing the treasures that are for sale at this fair. JH got shots of one-third of the stalls, and occasionally we got to meet some of their owners.
One of the most fascinating exhibits was this simple custom valise made to hold a set of gaming pieces by Kristian Stahl of Stahl-Bespoke Jewels of Stockholm. You’ve never seen anything like this and unless you’re very very rich, you’ll never own anything like it either – a set of pieces/chips made of synthetic corundum (sapphire) and edged with diamonds, rubies and emeralds. The pieces which are made to order and sold in a limited edition, are priced in the neighborhood of “several million euros” depending on the stones used. Who would buy? The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo maybe?
We stopped to meet Sara Stewart at Fine Arts Commission, Ltd. out of London. JH got a shot of Ms. Stewart with one of her artists. They are seated before a group portrait around what appears to be a billiards table. They are not playing billiards, however, but game with two balls, a red and a white one – called Freda. The game was invented in the early 1930s and named after Freda Dudley Ward, the mistress of Edward, Prince of Wales, later briefly Edward VIII and later because of the “women (he) love(d),” the Duke of Windsor. Mrs. Ward was the last mistress of the brief British monarch before Wallis Simpson came along and upset the royal apple art. Stewart’s portraits are remiscent of the era when style played a crucial part in portraiture. Not surprisingly she’s had a very successful visit to Palm Beach so far.

The Art Fair is open daily through Monday February 10.
Fine Art Commissions Ltd.
Galerie du XXe Siecle.
Jacques de Vos Galerie.
López de Aragón.
A.B. Levy.
Jacques de Vos Galerie.
López de Aragón.
Seaman Schepps.
Douglas Dawson.
Peter Hardt.
Portland Gallery.
Evelyn Aimis.
Tryon Gallery.
Holden Luntz Gallery.
Guarisco Gallery.
Whitford Fine Art.
Italian Art 1850-1925 from the Gilgore Collection.
Marilyn Garrow.
Brushings, Ltd.
Earle D. Vandekar of Knightsbridge.
Waterhouse & Dodd.
Valerio Antiques.
Orley & Shabahang.
Imperial Oriental Art.
Rudolph Budja.
Numisart Ancient Art.
Richard Green.
Two Zero C. Applied Art.
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