Monday, November 12, 2012

Schulenberg's Page

Bleecker Street 3-11-61.
Schulenberg’s Page

This is a second series of Sketch’s from the artist’s sketchbook dated “January 27 to May 10, 1961” in New York.

A new face in town himself, born and bred and educated (UCLA) in Southern California, completing his service in the Army, Bob had come to the big town to make his way. He was intensely fascinated by the vast passing parade and his sketches are document of that moment in the history of this time. It is as if he was compelled to record everything that was possible to get on the page.  

Although to many of us, that era is still vividly remembered, looking through these sketches of New Yorkers at that time, we can see how dramatically the fashion and sensibility has changed. The men wore hats. So did the women. The luncheonette was everywhere. It was a place for a cuppa coffee (25 cents, a tuna salad sandwich with coleslaw, 65 cents, milkshake, 45 cents; a place for a cigarette and conversation; a hangout). The style has changed but the allure of New York remains the same: people, lots of them, everywhere, all hours. Action; reaction. Drama, solitary, moving on for more. New York, the naked city ...
Caffe Cino 2-11-61.
Kaufman Pharmacy 2-13-61.
Fifth Avenue Bus 2-13-61.
Roma Restaurant 2-16-61.
Unicorn Coffee Shop, Chelsea 2-17-61.
Subway 2-17-61.
P.J. Clarke's 2-22-61.
Subway 2-23-61.
The Beefburger 2-26-61.
Financial District 2-27-61.
Waiting and Watching 2-27-61.
Film showing, Greenwich Village 2-27-61.
Fifth Avenue Bus & Chase Bank 2-28-61.
La Potinière 2-29-61.
La Potinière 2-29-61.
Whitehorse Tavern 2-29-61.
Hector's Seventh Avenue 3-8-61.
Hector's Seventh Avenue 3-8-61.
Which Way is Uptown? 3-10-61.
Herman Arnholt 3-10-61.
Mother Hubbards 3-11-61.
Love and the Frenchwoman 3-11-61.
Rumpelmayer's 3-11-61.
At the Pom Pom 3-12-61.
Hector's 42nd Street 3-13-61.
Hector's 42nd Street 3-13-61.
Hector's 3-13-61.

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