Friday, July 31, 2015

Packing Your Beauty Products for an Overnight Trip

And they're checkpoint friendly, too!
by Claire McCormack

Packing beauty products for an overnight trip is a challenge. There's a nighttime routine, a morning routine, and myriad beauty incidentals to consider. I pack many a product because I don't want to wake up with any surprises and have nothing with which to treat it. I have learned, like a true beauty scout, to always be prepared. Here are my methods for arriving at your destination with your products — and your beauty regimen — fully in tact.


• Lately, I have been loving this Binchotan Charcoal Facial Cleansing Mask. It can be used as a cleanser, makeup remover and/or mask. Don't let the dark color or thick texture fool you, it is absolutely gentle enough to use on eyes. Every time I use it I get a compliment on my skin, and I notice a difference in my overall skin quality as well. I like to have this purifying product on hand in case my skin is acting up/breaking out.

I am still in search of the very best drugstore face wipe as I use them religiously. Yes To Carrots Facial Wipes are okay, though I need at least 2 to feel truly clean. This would be okay if I wore gobs of makeup, but I wear little to no makeup, so I feel like one wipe should be sufficient!

• I love packing my many mini products from Heaven Skincare: Bee Venom Mask, Formula Bee Eyes and New Edition Cleansing Cream. They are all fantastic – and genuinely anti-aging. I usually don't like cream cleansers because many don't leave my skin feeling as clean as I would like (which is to say, squeaky). This one does, and like the Binchotan Charcoal Face Mask, it is gentle enough to use on eyes.

• These two B. Kamins products are classics in my book: Renewal Serum is a serum in cream form, which I really like as its easy to apply and easy to layer with other products. I see a real difference in cell turnover and overall quality of skin when I use this serum.

It also works really well getting rid of the red spots that linger too long after a pimple goes away. I like to put it on and then apply the Bee Venom Mask on top of it. Sometimes I'll apply an oil, too, before anything else. Kypris Beauty and Emma Hardie make really nice face oils.

B. Kamins BB Cream
evens out my skin tone and gives my skin the slightest luminescence. It's one of the only BBs I've found that isn't too orange for me.


• I'd LOVE to pack my Sasawashi Body Scrub Towel so I can use it every day, but I do allow myself some practicality-based packing transgressions. A nice, nubby washcloth is just fine to use for one shower, and then I don't have to worry about transporting a damp Body Scrub Towel.

Besides, my very favorite body wash contains glycolic acid, and is therefore itself exfoliating. Glytone Body Wash is probably the most un-green beauty product I use, but it is so good that I just won't give it up. It not only smoothes and softens my skin (and my heels, too!), but it also helps prevent body breakouts like nothing else.
• Now for body moisture products! Acure Organics and/or Mio Skincare & Lavido for body. I mix these with a Heaven Skincare Firming & Stretchmark Oil and apply everywhere.

The Lavido lotion is great to apply to hands and arms throughout the day, and especially right before bed – the lavender scent is very reassuring.

• Everyone needs a tongue scraper; once you start scraping, you won't stop. Every time I get my teeth cleaned, my dentist compliments my teeth, and I know it's because I scrape religiously.


• Here's one of my newer treats: the Binchotan Charcoal Eye Mask. The layer of charcoal in this eye mask helps increase circulation, soothe eye area and relieve optical nerve fatigue. It's like blackout shades for my eyes, and helps me fall asleep much faster than usual.


Pack right tip: packing large bottles of shampoo and conditioner can be a headache. If you absolutely must pack a shampoo and conditioner, Philip Kingsley makes convenient ready to go Jet Sets for every hair type.
• I never leave home without Phylia de M. Connect and/or ReConnect hair & scalp treatment.

Phylia de M. is my favorite beauty brand to launch in the past 2 years. The products are phenomenal.

• Styling-wise: Arrojo Volume Foam. It's usually the only thing I put in my hair. I never blow dry my hair. I just let it air dry a bit and then lightly scrunch this in.

Maybe I'll work a little May Lindstrom The Good Stuff into the ends and bangs if I want a more polished look with some piece-y texture, but it comes in a heavy glass bottle, so it's not something I want to travel with. Instead, I use whatever leftover body cream/oil I have on my hands and work that into my ends, much to the same effect.

Happy travels!