Friday, August 21, 2015

The Benefits of Negative Ion Water

by Ishi

There is no denying that the recent wave of (very) hot, (very) sticky summer weather is making our hair and skin freak out. Fortunately, there are ways of controlling and keeping those break- and frizz-outs to a minimum. The solution: Vine Minus Ion Care Water.

My favorite multitasking product, Ion Care Water is negative ion water that was first developed in Japan for NASA to clean the lenses and mirrors on space-bound vehicles and satellites. Bacteria cannot live in a pH 12.5 environment, so it was made as a germ-killing cleanser. Negative ion water is 170 times more absorbent than water, so on its own it provides moisture. Used in conjunction with hair and skin care products, negative ion water works as a driver — so it boosts the effectiveness of products used afterwards.
Ishi at work.
Negative Ion Water Benefits for Hair Care

The negative charge of the water is attracted to — and bonds to — hair. It helps strengthen fine hair, making it feel thicker. It boosts the strength of conditioners, treatments and styling aids to amplify the benefits of these products. It can also be mixed with your shampoo or conditioner at a rate of 10%, or can be sprayed onto hair, roots to ends, before leave-in conditioners or styling aids are applied.

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Minus Ion Care Water
This is a fabulous tool for thick, curly hair as well (next week, NYSD Beauty will provide some tips for curly hair).

Negative Ion Water Benefits for Skin Care

Care Water works well as a moisturizing skin toner or clarifier (most products that clarify tend to dry the skin). Many of my clients have had success clearing up some forms of acne with Care Water as well. Layered with other products, it boosts the benefits of those products.

Here's an easy experiment to give you an idea of what Care Water does:

• Put a few drops of oil into water. You will see that it separates.
• Then spray the oil and water with Care Water.
• You will see it actually reduces the size of the oil drops so that the water and oil mix together.
• This is the same way Care Water breaks up and clears away oils on the skin.

Negative Ion Water Benefits for Scrapes & Cuts

Sprayed on scrapes or cuts, Care Water cleans the wounds (by killing bacteria) and moisturizes, therefore promoting healing. It's currently being used in research at burn hospitals in Japan with very positive results.

Negative Ion Water Benefits for Teeth

Care Water also works for brushing your teeth — both cleansing and whitening. Don't swallow it, though! It is not for internal use as the pH is too extreme for that. Care Water is the ideal multi-tasking travel companion. You can find this cure-all wonder water in travel size here at NYSD Beauty.
A little background on Ishi. This native of Japan honed his hair styling skills by studying with the top stylists in the beauty capitals of the world, including Tokyo, Paris, London and New York. Ishi has been strongly influenced by the elegant, soft and sexy look of French hairstyling, as well as the impeccable level of customer service traditionally found in Japanese salons. Ishi has combined these influences to create his own salon, Salon Ishi, in midtown Manhattan.

For Ishi, style is that which makes someone his or her most beautiful; the most important beauty secret is enabling a person to feel good about him or herself.