Friday, August 19, 2016

Teenage Facial-land

by Alyssa Weiss

Now that the kids are home from camp and school is on the horizon, most (save for the lucky ones) are in desperate need of some serious skin care help. With all the distraction that summer brings, even they won't argue that their skin care regimen has fallen to the bottom of the to-do list. Without the proper protection and care from the sun and sweat, a higher incidence of breakouts and post-summer skin irritations are the norm from 12- to 20-year-olds.

Whether going back to school or heading off to college, it is a very good time to start with a simple custom regimen that will empower them to easily take care of their skin year-round.

But first, a Cautionary Word of Warning.
Young skin is sensitive. It is imperative to select products that are gentle. Organic is not always the answer. Many organic products can be the harshest because they tend to contain high concentrations of ingredients. Products that are too harsh tend to be a major culprit contributing to adolescent skin irritation and spots.

In the spirit of keeping it simple and uncomplicated as our children have much preparation to do before school starts, here are three easy, turnkey steps that should work for all skin types.

Step One: Cleanse

Lavido makes a gentle Purifying Face Cleanser that is specially formulated for sensitive skin. It is well suited for everyone and gently removes dead skin cells and impurities. For those in their late teens and early twenties, who wear makeup and are willing to take an extra step, I also suggest a post cleansing toner.

Heaven Skincare EllaJane Celebrity Skin Wipes are ideal. It's a toner in the form of an easy to use wipe. They contain honey which heals and moisturizes as well as peppermint which balances the skin's oil levels and keeps blemishes at bay.

Wipes are my favorite, particularly for nighttime when everyone is tired (read: wiped) and just wants to crawl into bed. Cleansing and moisturizing are most important at night as this is the time when the skin carries out its filtering activities at the cellular level.
Great for removing all that color war paint!
Step Two: Moisturize

Alchimie Forever Daily Defense Cream SPF 23 is all natural, dermatologist-tested and vegan. This moisturizer is gentle and has a light SPF, which is beneficial all year long.

For young men that are about to start shaving or are already doing so, Ursa Major Traveler's Skin Care Kit is an all encompassing try-me kit containing a cleaner, toner, moisturizer/aftershave and toner soaked face wipes. Fortifying Face Balm is an ideal moisturizer and/or aftershave. It fights razor burn and irritation like a charm. Ursa Major's individually wrapped Essential Face Wipes are perfect for use after gym class, as a late afternoon refresher or quick clean-up before bed.
Calling all young men!
Step Three: At Home Mini Facial

For those that will take the extra step, applying a mask once a week will do wonders. It is akin to an at home mini facial that will keep their skin clear all year long. Lavido Gentle Exfoliator Peeling Cream is meant to be a 2- 3 x per week gentle face scrub but I use it as a face mask. The formula contains oyster shell powder and pomegranate peel grains to turn over dead skin cells and buildup. It is extremely effective at unclogging pores but is gentle enough not to overdry skin. Plus, on days that it is used, it can be used as a two-in-one cleanser and mask.

Just apply, leave on for 5 - 10 minutes and rise. Very easy.

Some Useful Extras

For teens that find themselves with blemishes, B. Kamins Laboratories Blemish Gel 5% is the perfect spot treatment to dab onto affected areas. It delivers the right amount of medicine in a lower dose than other over the counter treatments and will not irritate or overdry skin.

Additionally, Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream is a no brainer. With the change of season and school stress, everyone can use a new lip balm to kick off the school year with a stunning smile!
Expert Tip: If you want to go one step further, Yasmine Djerradine Institut de Beauté offers a Teenage Facial devised with adolescent skin in mind.