Friday, June 2, 2017

Lucia Magnani: Positive vibrations

Lucia Magnani is the Italian creator of an eponymous high performance skin care line founded on the philosophy of ben essere or total wellbeing.  “Health is not only the absence of illness,” says Lucia, “It is achieved when one feels good in the mind and the body.”  As CEO of Terme di Castrocaro, one of Italy’s top medi-spas, Lucia presides over the resort’s Long Life Formula which aims to establish ben essere for its guests by way of a medical evaluation focused on prevention and the formulation of an individualized beauty regimen.
by Delia von Neuschatz

Skincare expert Lucia Magnani doesn’t want you to just look good,
she wants you to feel good, too. And she really means it. Lucia is a biochemist who has taken everything she has learned over more than twenty years in the healthcare industry — first as a biochemist, then as a senior executive at one of Europe’s largest medical companies and now, as CEO of Terme di Castrocaro, a top Italian medi-spa — to produce a holistic skin care line that joins physics and biology.  With ben essere, or total wellbeing , as the guiding principle behind the range, Lucia’s aim is to offer beauty through health. 
Owing their origin to salt water left by the sea some 6 million years ago, the highly mineralized thermal waters and so-called “velvet muds” of the region have been used therapeutically at Terme di Castrocaro since the spa’s opening in 1838.
Lucia enlisted experts in the fields of biochemistry, dermatology and epigenetics to formulate products that promote cell regeneration and reduce oxidative stress. “This line is a culmination of all my professional achievements,” she said (all the while apologizing for her technical explanation). The concept of cellular vibrations is fundamental in her creation. Our cells have physical and chemical components, explains Lucia.  They produce magnetic fields and mechanical vibrations.  This continuous oscillation generates energy which, depending on its frequency, is believed to impact the skin’s aging process. 

There is a way of optimizing this energy so as to improve the health of the skin.  This is where quartz, a key mineral ingredient, comes into play.  Quartz has its own vibrations and when this energy is transferred from the cream to the skin, more oxygen is delivered into the skin.  “The skin becomes brighter and the circulation improves,” says Lucia.  “That means that it works!”  In fact, the subsequent accelerated energy in skin cells can (and has) been measured by sophisticated hyperspectral electromagnetic imaging. 
Lucia with product designer Marc Rosen, the creator of the line’s distinct packaging. “What’s also unique about this line,” notes Marc, “is that we have a real live woman behind it, whose name is on it.  Today, I don’t think that young people know that Estée Lauder or Elizabeth Arden were real people.  They think it’s the name of a company.  Today, you don’t have cosmetic companies by women like Rubenstein.  It’s something exceptional, as is the fact that it’s the only luxury Italian skin care company of note on the market.”
“I wanted to combine the contemporary, feminine oval shapes that are ergonomic to touch with the tortoiseshell caps chosen by Marc as an expression of long life and Italian style,” says Lucia of the packaging designed by Marc Rosen.  To that end, the tactile packaging is reflective of concepts that are integral to the line:  the transparent jars reflect modernity and innovation, the gold band speaks to the idea that Lucia and her team of renowned scientists created something precious and as mentioned, the tortoiseshell-inspired tops represent longevity.  Lastly, the channel running through the caps symbolize the river of life – life’s ebb and flow.
Another component which enhances cellular energy is Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10, also known as ubiquinone), a vitamin-like substance that is made naturally in the body.  Rounding out the ingredient list is a potent cocktail of antioxidants including Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Alpha Lipoic Acid and oligomeric procyanides (OPCs), a super nutrient found in grape seeds, which supports virtually every metabolic system in the body, including collagen repair.
Lucia Magnani’s chic, retro-inspired Ben Essere Set is a good introduction to the brand because it contains all the signature products:  the Daily Firming Hydrator, the Rejuvenating Eye Cream, Rejuvenating Night Cream, the Refreshing Energizing Tonic, the Retexturing Radiance Mask and the Rejuvenating Serum. 
The creams are luxurious, the ergonomic containers are pleasing to the eye and to the touch and the line’s heady bergamot scent encourages deep breathing.  Lucia Magnani is currently available at Harvey Nichols and will soon be available at Fortnum & Mason.  A US launch is planned for 2018.
By adding OPCs to the list of ingredients, Lucia and her international team of scientists have harvested the natural bounty around Terme di Castrocaro, which includes grapes.  That natural bounty extends to the spa’s famed mineral-rich thermal waters and soil which likewise play a crucial role in the line’s creation.  The combination of this water and soil produces a therapeutic mud, fango, which forms the basis of the hero product — the Retexturing Radiance Mask

On realizing one's dreams: "Often, seeds can travel in the air for a long time before they put down roots and grow plants.
 If I look back at my life, I can envision the seeds that nurtured my ideas."
“Fango mud is absolutely critical when it comes to detoxifying skin,” says Lucia.  It rids the skin from both external pollutants and internal ones too such as those resulting from smoking and drinking.  This is important because, as Lucia explains, “removing sources of damage to our bodies slows and even reverses the aging process.”

The second hero product after the mask, according to Lucia, is the Rejuvenating Serum, because it contains the entire pool of anti-oxidants and has a lifting and tightening effect. “You can see the tightening effect immediately,” claims the founder. 

While you will find plenty of effective natural ingredients in the line, distinctly missing from its make-up are parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and a dozen other harmful synthetics none of which are conducive to ben essere.  After all, as Lucia points out, “skin is a barometer of what you have inside.” 
Beauty tip:  “Above all,” says Lucia, “I want to impart a philosophy that everyone has to feel beautiful for what they are — their own authenticity and inner beauty.  You don’t have to follow stereotypes of beauty.  I feel beautiful because I like myself.  I am different from everyone else and so I want to appreciate my individuality.” 

Interested in finding out more about Lucia’s positive approach to life?  Well, stay tuned ... for the confident executive will elaborate on her philosophy of empowerment through self-acceptance and self-expression in a new book coming out this fall.

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