Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Idiot's Guide To Applying Eye Makeup

By Alyssa Weiss

Mary Beth York is recognized globally as a makeup artist, spa developer and the creator of her signature line of cosmetics, Beauty Ammo. Her makeup kits have become staples on the sets of shows such as "Desperate Housewives," "One Tree Hill," "Dancing with the Stars" and The E! Network. Her products have earned her accolades from celebrities such as Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, Jenny McCarthy and Kelly Rippa.

M.B. is inspired by teaching women how to empower themselves through recreating the latest beauty trends for themselves at home.

We talked eye makeup.

So, let's dive right in. Do most women actually know how to apply eye makeup?

Having done the makeup of thousands of women over the years, I can say with authority that most women have no idea how to apply eye makeup. I hear it from every woman I work on and see it firsthand when they sit in my makeup chair.

Yikes, I appreciate the honesty.

To be totally honest, women are either unclear what looks good on them and how to apply it (so they do little or nothing) or they have a set routine that they do every day that is not flattering ... yet they don't know it's not flattering!
M.B. York working her magic.
So, why do so many women get stuck in these bad makeup routines?

Often, women will be attached to a liquid liner, or some kind of frosty shadow combination that they apply every day without fail, and have no idea how to break the cycle – or that they even need to break the cycle! At one point or another, all women have had a department store makeover. Usually, the amount of colors used during this makeover – and inability of the salesperson to teach them how to duplicate the look at home – results in a half-baked makeover attempt that is ... um ... lacking, yet still becomes a woman's routine for the next 10 years.

Less is more?

I am shocked that most women who apply lots of shadow seem to think it looks good, when it actually makes them look worse. This, in my opinion, is why many men don't like makeup. They see so many women applying makeup heavy-handedly in all the wrong places, using all the wrong colors and all the wrong tools. Especially older women, who seem to be stuck in their ways and don't know who to trust to help them update their look.

Admittedly, some of this hard is to hear (as I look the other way).

I get it. There are way too many options out there, leaving a lot of room for error. If you go into a store, you have to trust the salesperson that is picking the colors for you. I am shocked when I walk through the enormous makeup department at Bergdorf Goodman and see so many salespeople (who badly need makeovers themselves) giving makeovers to customers! Who do you trust?

If you do get lucky and have a talented makeup artist doing your makeover, you are then faced with a multitude of colors, brushes, not to mention a huge bill, if you attempt the look yourself at home. Maybe you spring for just one of the shadows, or just the liner. Then when applying the makeup at home, you wish you had spent the money on all the products because you loved looking that good and feel hopeless that you'll ever be able to recreate the look yourself.

I'm guessing this was the main motivation behind your eyeshadow kit?

Yes, it was with these issues in mind that I created my Paint by Numbers Eyeshadow Kit. This eyeshadow kit comes with a makeup palette containing 6 shadows, all numbered 1, 2, or 3. There's a row for daytime and a row for night. It also comes with 3 brushes, also numbered 1, 2, and 3, and a foolproof diagram showing you exactly where each color goes.

It was actually just featured on The Today Show last week!

So, you're claiming that you've created the perfect base, crease, and liner colors ... and that it works on all skin types, tones and eye colors?

It is so important that a base color not be too light, too dark, too pink or too peach. You want it to be the perfect base to make the eye open and pop, without making lids look wrinkled. The crease colors I created are more like blush colors, kind of a soft champagne bronze that opens the eye but doesn't distract from your natural beauty. The shadow liners I created also compliment all eye colors, work with anything in your wardrobe and make you look younger and more vibrant. I sold these same shadows separately for years before creating the kit, and every woman I put them on would buy them. I would always draw the diagram, and write exactly which brush to use. A lot of times they would say they already had brushes, but if they didn't buy them from me would more often than not come back and say it just doesn't look the same as when I did it.

And this one kit has everything you need for easy makeup application?!

Yes! I decided to include everything in one eyeshadow kit: diagram, shadows and brushes to simplify the process and make it easy and fun. The whole eyeshadow application should take a couple minutes, tops! My clients come back and tell me this is the first time they have ever had their makeup done and been able to recreate the look at home. Plus, the kit is great for travel!

I know I get tired of fishing each color out of my makeup bag ...

And opening and closing all the lids, and digging out the right brushes. I've even included a little book-shaped eyeshadow kit which opens up with everything neat and organized. My clients love being able to throw out all their old colors.

Does the kit apply for all age groups?

It's truly multi-generational. My best friend, who is in her 40s, uses it along with her 15-year-old daughter and 65-year-old mom. And they all have different hair and eye colors! What better way to bond with your daughter or mom than sharing your newest beauty secrets?!

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