Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What2WearWhere: Alzheimer’s Association’s Annual Rita Hayworth Luncheon

Princess Yasmin Aga Khan and Carleton Varney at last year's Alzheimer’s Association’s Annual Rita Hayworth Luncheon in Palm Beach.
by Hilary Dick & Karen Klopp

We are looking forward to the Alzheimer’s Association’s Annual Rita Hayworth Luncheon in Palm Beach on March 10, 2017 at the Colony Hotel. This special event is being co-hosted by Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, the daughter of legendary movie star Rita Hayworth who passed away from Alzheimer’s disease. The Princess has a long history of dedication to the Alzheimer’s cause which has drawn global attention and generous fundraising.
The organization has special significance for Hilary: “I became involved with the Alzheimer’s Association Rita Hayworth events many years ago. My grandmother, Bunnie DuPont (pictured above), had the terrible disease and I watched it take its toll on her and our family. Princess Yasmin encouraged me to get involved with the Association and I joined the fight to beat this awful disease.”
Hilary (second from left) with her grandmother, mom Nicole Limbocker, and sister Ridgely.
Also hosting is Internationally renowned designer Carleton Varney, the creative force behind the vibrant “re-imagining” of The Colony Hotel and the Pavilion ballroom, in which the luncheon is being held. It would be difficult to find a person today who has not been affected by the devastating disease.

Carleton shared his involvement. “I personally deal with Alzheimer’s daily as my wife Suzanne was diagnosed with the disease in her late 50s. She still lives and is privately cared for. But losing one’s memory is a tragic reality for both the person with the disease and for those of us with loved ones in this state. That is why finding a cure is so critically important.”
Chairman Louise Kornfeld noted the importance of the luncheon and its place in Palm Beach. “The Rita Hayworth Luncheon is quickly becoming an annual event in Palm Beach. Besides the beautiful setting at the Colony Hotel and the delicious lunch and fashion show, the luncheon represents the Alzheimer's Association by featuring speakers who educate those in attendance of the latest research and care that is provided for people living with the disease.” Our goal is simple: "A World Without Alzheimer's Disease!"
This year’s luncheon will include a Fashion Presentation from the illustrious designer, Naeem Khan, who has been exceedingly kind and generous to the organization. And with that in mind, we set off to discover a “what to wear” moment.

HILARY: The Palm Beach Luncheon at the Colony Hotel is a wonderful way to raise funds and educate people about the intricacies of the disease. The Pavillion Ballroom is sure to be filled with chic women and men ready to learn and support this important cause ... and having a wonderful time in the process. With its palm trees, serene via’s and beautiful flowers, Palm Beach is a place to wear bright colors. I thought this bright blue would be a perfect fit for lunch. Especially when jazzed up by these multi colored sandals that are a nod to the iconic Lilly Pulitzer.
Dress: Victoria Beckham Flounce Sleeve Dress; $715
Accessories: Chloe Boxwood Acetate Sunglasses; $260 / Mallarino Oriana Orchid Stud Earrings; $315 / Perrin La Capitale Raffia Clutch; $995 / Aquazzura Tropicana Beaded Stiletto Sandals; $850
KK: I was inspired by the fresh greens of the invitation and discovered this verdant Burberry floral that will be so wearable all season long. To continue the fragrant theme Sophie Webster’s embellished sandals and Lele Sadoughi’s lily earrings bloom brightly. For a great day bag, Eponymous Margot, created by Betsy Pitts and Claudia Overstrom is so handsome and versatile. The ingenious system allows for panels to be attached, transforming the look of the bag, shown here in bone with a watersnake wrap.
Dress: Burberry Floral Silk Dress; $995
Accessories: Dolce & Gabbana Light Horn Sunglasses; $260 / Lele Sadoughi Crystal Earrings; $198 / Eponymous Bone Margot Bag; $1195 / Eponymous Isabella Panel; $495 / Sophie Webster Flower Sandals; $550
When creative minds unite for a single purpose, it creates a ripple effect of energy and knowledge. Events like this luncheon shed light on the latest information available on this heartbreaking illness. Carlton sums it up beautifully. “I personally decorate for Alzheimer events. Why? Because color and magic are the elements that give benefactors “Light.” And it brings brightness to a world that for some has gone dark.”

Go to Alzheimer’s Association ( to find out more information on symptoms, the latest research, and how you can help create A World Without Alzheimer's Disease.
Here's a look back at last year's luncheon as covered by Augustus Mayhew, NYSD's main man in Palm Beach ...
The Colony Hotel, view from the Pavilion looking west.
Guests were greeted with refreshments as the temperature reached the mid-80s.
The Hamilton tickets were a popular item.
Judy Barron at Brass Scale Antiques contributed a seashell painting for the auction.
Sharon Queeney.
Moira Dooley and Denice Quinn.
Gigi Benson.
Lynne Carey and Yasmin Aga Khan.
Jean Amoroso.
Nancy Searle.
Mai Hallingby Harrison.
Lucy Day.
Audrey Gruss.
Ann May, CEO Alzheimer's Association of Florida.
Jeff and Lee Alderton.
Andres Alvarez and Mark Locks.
Louise Aylward.
Donna Long and Wendy Fritz.
Carlton Varney and Brinsley Matthews.
Peggy Moore.
The event was sold out.
Naeem Kahn Fashion Presentation
Spring/Summer/Resort 2016
Left: Short sleeve silk-lined dress embroidered in colorful geometric patterns, accentuated by a dropped waist. $6,990.
Maria Carrillo, chief scientific officer of the Alzheimer's Association, was the guest speaker.
Gail Worth.
Michelle Herbert.
Robin Jay and Brinsley Matthews.
Linda Walls, at the piano.
Jacqui Costello and Carleton Varney.
Lis Waterman, Yasmin Aga Khan, and Gigi Benson at Table 4.
Naeem Khan Fashion Presentation II
Exquisite gown embellished with embroidered floral scrolls on fitted bodice, accentuated by dramatic tiered tulle ball skirt. $9,990.
Modern Art Nouveau silk-lined cap-sleeve gown heavily embellished with intricate beading, detailed with front slit exposure. $12,990.
Naeem Khan Spring/Summer/Resort 2016.