Friday, April 18, 2008

Ellen Graham’s Eye on the World: The Hamiltons

George and Alana Hamilton, Palm Springs, 1974.
I first knew Ellen and her husband Ian Graham in Los Angeles where they have a wonderful house in Beverly Hills and often entertain with cocktail parties. Ellen’s fabulous photographs are kept mainly in one large room, a gallery/library. There are so many famous faces in fascinating places that you can’t resist being distracted by them. Many times you’d see the same faces out on the Grahams’ terrace or around the pool during cocktails. In 2004 she published some of them in her “The Bad and The Beautiful” (Harry Abrams) with Christopher Walken on the cover. — DPC

George and Alana Hamilton

Ellen Graham
I took this photograph of Alana and George Hamilton in Palm Springs in 1974. I was there photographing for the “Growling Gourmet,” a cookbook for dogs and their celebrity owners including Kirk Douglas and Bob Evans.

I’d known George from the time he first arrived in Hollywood in the early 60s. George is a very funny guy, with a great sense of humor; charming, goodlooking, and very popular with people. I’d also known his mother Ann Spalding and his brother Bill, the interior decorator. George was wonderful to his mother and got her a house in Palm Beach. They were a very close family and all great fun to be around.

I took this photograph of them in George's plane (which will appear in my upcoming book, "The Way We Were"). The session took less than an hour.

— Ellen Graham

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