Monday, February 16, 2009

Jill Krementz Photo Journal - "Enter Laughing" Reprise

Company including James Morgan (far left), Artistic Director of the York Theatre; Director, Stuart Ross, behind Josh Grisetti; Marla Schaffel kneeling beside Josh; and musicians (upper right) flanking cast member Gerry McIntyre for a photograph by Jill Krementz.
Thursday night I went back to "Enter Laughing, the Musical" for the third time ... that's how much I love this show at The York Theatre Company. And what a great evening it was. There were almost as many stars in the audience as on the stage ...
Carl Reiner with his son, Lucas, and his daughter, Annie.
Louise Hirschfeld and Lucas Reiner. Director, Stuart Ross with Gene Saks, who directed play when it was on Broadway. It opened on March 13, 1963 at Henry Miller's Theater as a non-musical.
Carl Reiner and Joe Stein. Reiner wrote the book on which play was based, Stein did the adaptation. Reiner and Stein, who both grew up in the Bronx, are old friends; both were members of the legendary writing staff of "Your Show of Shows," the television series featuring comedians Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca.
Reiner with Les Wunderman. Alan and Arlene Alda.
Jerry Seinfeld and Carl Reiner.
My darling, Josh Grisetti, belting out finale, "So Long, 174th Street."
Carl Reiner leaving his seat to go on stage after curtain call.
Reiner greeted by cast.
Joe Stein joins him on stage.
Cast Member, Michael Tucker with Alan Alda. Bradley Beahen and Josh Grisetti.
Arlene Alda, Jill Eikenberry, Alan Alda, Bob Dishy, and Musical Director, Matt Castle.
Jerry Seinfeld with Josh Grisetti.
Carl Reiner with cast member, Marla Schaffel. Reiner with cast member, Emily Shooli.
Joe Stein and Carl Reiner.
Seated: Elisa and Joe Stein, Carl Reiner, Josh Grisetti. Standing: James Morgan, Jill Eikenberry and her husband, Michael Tucker.
If you want to see "Enter Laughing, the Musical," don't lounge around like the gang in the above photograph. Call for tickets at 212-935-5820. The play must close on March 8th.
All photographs © by Jill Krementz: all rights reserved.