Monday, October 5, 2009

Jill Krementz Photo Journal - Les LaLanne on Park

François-Xavier Lalanne
Beliers (m), 1994 & Mouton Transhumant (Brebis), 1988
epoxy stone and bronze.

A real treat to see these unless you are Marc Jacobs who owns his very own LaLanne sheep.
Les LaLanne on Park Avenue
New York City Parks Public Art Program

There are 8 wondrous sculptures by French artists Claude and François-Xavier LaLanne on the grassy medians of Park Avenue between 52nd and 57th streets. I say 8 because François-Xavier's flock of famous sheep counts as one.

Claude and François Xavier Lalanne.
The French clearly count their “moutons” differently than the rest of us.

The couple has exhibited widely over the last half-century but this is their first outdoor show in New York City. The installation was organized by the New York City Parks Public Art Program and the Paul Kasmin Gallery which represents both artists. François-Xavier Lalanne died last year. His widow Claude lives in a small town outside of Paris.

Madame LaLanne on a recent visit to New York mentioned that she had begun preparing for a retrospective on the couples' work at the Musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris. Their whimsical bronze creatures will grace the grounds of the Louvre in March 2010.

The Park Avenue installation will be on view until November 20th.
A photographer immortalizing the grazing sheep.
NYPD Terrorist Squad on duty across the street. I asked them if it was okay to take pictures ... meaning take THEIR pictures ... and they said sure. Turned out they thought I was asking for permission to photograph the sheep.
François-Xavier Lalanne, Poisson Paysage V, 2007, bronze.
François-Xavier Lalanne, Wapiti (grand), 1996, bronze. Claude Lalanne, Choupatte (Tres Grand), 2008, copper and bronze.
François-Xavier Lalanne, Singe Avise (Tres Grand), 2008, bronze.
François-Xavier Lalanne, Oiseau de nuit (grand), 2004, bronze. Claude Lalanne, Nouveau Lapin de Victoire (grand), 2007, bronze.
Claude LaLanne, Pomme de New York, 2007, bronze.
It is fitting that the Big Apple should be situated on Lew Rudin Way at 52nd Street as Rudin was the founder of ABNY (Association for a Better New York). Every time you saw him he would give you a little gold apple lapel pin.
Text and photographs © by Jill Krementz: all rights reserved.