Monday, August 31, 2009

Jill Krementz remembers Senator Edward Kennedy

For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die.
Senator Edward Moore Kennedy

The Voice for the Voiceless

Once again our country mourns the loss of a Kennedy brother. On Saturday, under big black umbrellas, family and friends arrived at Boston’s Catholic church Our Lady of Perpetual Help, to remember the man — husband, father, brother, grandfather, cousin, friend, colleague — and the Senator who served in the United States Congress for nearly 47 years.

His eldest son, Teddy, who lost his leg to cancer when he was twelve, spoke about the time when he was trying to make it up a hill with a new prosthetic leg and was about to surrender in despair. His father put his arms around his son and said: “We are going to climb that hill if it takes all day and we’re going to climb it together.”

It was the perfect image for all of us who have always felt that Senator Kennedy had our backs.

We will remember his love of family, and his love of having fun — sailing, skiing, singing and conducting the Boston Pops.

His legacy will be one of fighting for others less fortunate ... and it will be one of robust Irish laughter.

The first time I photographed Senator Kennedy was in South Vietnam in 1965
October 23, 1965: Tan Son Nhat International Airport. Senators Edward  M. Kennedy and Joseph Tydings hold a press conference upon their arrival in the V.I.P. lounge. Senator Kennedy came primarily to look into the refugee situation.

And then again in 1968 at his brother's house in McLean, Virginia
February 16, 1968: Hickory Hill with brother Robert.

Columbus Day Parade in Boston, October 12, 1970
Teddy was handed baby by mother and then wouldn't give it back.

In 1978, I flew down to Washington, D.C. to spend some time with the Senator. After photographing him in his office, around the Capitol, and at home, we crisscrossed the country.
Standing in the Senate office building. Senator Kennedy with Senator Frank Church.
Administrative assistant, Ken Feinberg and secretary, Rick Burke.
The Senator in a room just outside his personal office.
The Senator with HEW Secretary, Joseph Califano.
Welcoming New York Times columnist, Anthony Lewis.
Lunch with Lewis.
Chauffeured to forum on criminal justice, Kennedy sits in the front seat because of a back ailment.
A brief encounter with Mayor Marion Barry.
Senator Kennedy at the William O. Douglas Forum on Individual Rights. Next to him, Professor Vern Countryman from Harvard Law School.

At home in McLean, Virginia
The Senator makes a few phone calls from his library. And plays football with son, Patrick.
When Ted Kennedy graduated from Harvard he was a Green Bay Packers' recruit, but he went to the University of Virginia School of Law instead.

Off to Memphis
The Senator with Chief of Staff, Dr. Lawrence Horowitz.
The exhausted Senator studies his speech.
Staying on message in Memphis.
With Under Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, Patricia Roberts Harris. Greeting Chip Carter back in the hotel room.
The Senator strategizing with Dr. Larry Horowitz and Carl Wagner.

Elmhurst, Long Island
The Senator was joined by his sister, Pat Lawford.

Off to California
Senator Kennedy with Dr. Horowitz and author Alex Haley en route to California hearings on healthcare.
Senator Edward M. Kennedy at Senate Health Subcommittee Hearing, Garden Grove, California.
A photo of me covering the Senator at the hearings.
Senator Kennedy with Ruby Boychuck from Canada and Sylvia Neal from California. Kennedy held health hearings to listen to the testimonies given by Canadian and U.S. citizens on opposing sides to show how patients with socialized health benefits can take care of their illness. While we, in the U.S., are left penniless.
The Senator at senior citizen's lunch at Garden Grove Community Center.
The Senator signs the cast of an admirer.
Senator Kennedy visiting Richard Ferguson, a terminally-ill patient in California.
The Senator visiting patients in a California hospital.

Palm Beach, Florida
Senator Kennedy accompanying his mother to church in Palm Beach, December 17th, 1978. Jean Kennedy Smith, Rose Kennedy and the Senator during mass at church in Palm Beach.
With his mother in front of family photos.

In 1979 I photographed him in New York City
Senator Kennedy with historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. at a party hosted by Simon & Schuster for Teddy in New York City, October 25th, 1979.

Faneuil Hall, Boston, November 7, 1979
Announcing his bid for the Presidency in Faneuil Hall, Boston.
Seen in the crowd, Sargent and Eunice Shriver, mother Rose, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, sister Jean Kennedy and Steve Smith.
An elated sister-in-law.
Sister-in-law Ethel campaigns outside Faneuil Hall.

In 1986, I photographed the Senator in Washington D.C. while working on a story about his friend and colleague, Senator Joe Biden
The Senator with Joe Biden at the Renquist hearings, July 30, 1986.
We know the future will outlast all of us, but I believe that all of us will live on in the future we make.
Text and photographs © by Jill Krementz: all rights reserved.