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Stephanie Taft Potter and John Foster

T.D. Davis, Scott Potter, Mortimer Berkowitz, Michael Davis, Stephanie Taft Potter and John Foster (the Bride and Groom), John Rikkers, and Strite Potter
Stephanie Taft Potter and John Foster were married at St. Bartholomew’s Church on Park Avenue and 50th Street at 5 pm on Saturday, September 26th. The ceremony was followed by a black-tie dinner dance at The New York Public Library.

The bride, who grew up in Locust Valley and attended St. John’s in Lattingtown, joined St. Bartholomew’s when she began spending more time in the city. Coincidentally she and her husband were introduced to each other by mutual friends outside one of those churches.
Stephanie Taft Potter and John Foster outside the Office of the City Clerk.
She loves tennis, golf, squash, skiing. She attended Portledge School, St. Georges School and Barnard. She is now at Deutsche Bank. Her great-grandfather was Charles “CP” Palmer Strite, founder of the Chicago Coin Corporation who invented the Toastmaster, later to become the GE Toastmaster.

Her father, John T. Potter, founded the Potter Instrument Company (PICO) and was owner of over 100 patents. He was also a well-known A class ocean racing sailor, winning the Bermuda Race several times.
The bride-to-be prepares ...
Mr. Foster, who has been married before, is owner and Chairman of the Board of BioHorizons. He is also founder and Chairman of Healthpoint Capital, a private equity firm.

He serves as a trustee of the Asia Society, Asian Cultural Council, Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, and the National Committee on United States – China Relations.

He served on the Board of Overseers for the Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth, and the Harvard School of Public Health Dean’s Council.
... while Mr. Michael Davis, John Foster, and Leander and Laura Rikkers wait patiently.
In 1995, he established the John H. Foster Professorship of Health Policy and Management at the Harvard School of Public Health. In 1997, he established the John H. Foster Center for Private Equity at the Amos Tuck School of Administration at Dartmouth College. In 2000, he established the Foster Center for Clinical Outcomes Research at the Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY. In 2005, he established the John H. Foster Curator for Traditional Asian Art at the Asia Society.

Mr. Foster received his BA degree from Williams College in 1964 and an MBA degree from the Amos Tuck School in 1967. He is passionate about art and loves China. He summers on Fishers Island and spends time on his ranch in Texas year round.
Dia Potter, Whitney Connor, Troy Brown, Diana Rice, Laing Rikkers, T.D. Davis, Scott Potter, Mortimer Berkowitz, Michael Davis, Bride, Groom, John Rikkers, Strite Potter, Laura Rikkers, and Leander Rikkers.
It was their mutual interest in shooting that led to their getting together. He invited her to lunch at the Four Seasons, her favorite restaurant, and they mainly talked about guns and shooting. When he was away in London on a shooting trip he called to give her shooting updates. When he returned they began to date.

After they were engaged the bride-to-be started wedding plans mid-summer for a September wedding (beware brides, not a lot of time!). Fortunately, she was able to secure most importantly St. Barts, Valerie Romanoff’s Starlight Orchestra and The New York Public Library for the reception.

She asked her friend Polly Onet (of Ober, Onet Associates), a wedding and event planner, to help organize it all. The two women, who grew up together in Locust Valley, had attended some of the most beautiful, classic, and elegant debutante parties and weddings in that area.
Polly Onet going through her checklist.
The ceremony was a formal service. Dina Merrill escorted the bride down the aisle.

For the reception, the design inspiration was green and white, with lots of lime trees -- a feeling of being in a formal garden. Bronson Van Wyck and his design team collaborated to turn the Bartos Forum in the Library into a mirrored hedged garden -- think Versailles.
Bronson Wyck and his team turned the Celeste Bartos forum into a mirrored hedged garden.
The linens were traditional white, and the presentation had a unique modern twist, mirrored runners with a curious collection of cabbage, figs, china berries, persimmons, vibernum, jasmine, white anemone, ranunculus, hypericum and garden roses.

Murano green glass chandeliers were hung along the perimeter of the dining room to match the emerald crystal votives on the tables. Banquettes were installed to make the room feel cozy and comfortable. Olivier Cheng caterers served salmon and lamb and The Starlight Orchestra rocked as usual! After cutting the cake the bride changed into a little Oscar de la Renta dancing dress, her wedding gown was by Amsale and the bridesmaids dresses, a gift to them were by Lanvin.
Mrs. Caroline Firestone and Dr. Bruce Horton Sen. Larry Pressler and Anne Van Rensselaer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller
Mr. Edmund Lynch III, Master Edmund Lynch IV, and Theodore Hartley Miss Welyn Craig, Ms. Kimberley Roosenburg, and Miss Denia Craig  (Dina Merrill's grand daughters)
Mr. Joe Coleman Mrs. Melissa Bellinelli and Mr. David Tereshchuk Ms. Lisa Bytner
Mr. Ford Draper and Mr. Jan Roosenburg Art Fontain, Debra Silva, Matt Colyer, and Jake Barnes
Mr. Michael Davis Barbara and Jerome Gratry Mr. and Mrs. Tal Golomb
  Mrs. and Mr. Stephen Curley Mr. and Mrs. Gene Locks
Ms. Virginia Foster and her fiance Mr. Mark Cannon Ms. Sally Ann  Zenko
  Mr. and Mrs. Steve O'Neil Mr. Michael Beckman
The bride makes her way to the church with the help of Polly Onet
The groom signs the registry Mr. Michael Davis, Mr. Paul Vartanian, and Mr. Mortimer Berkowitz
Mrs. Philip Connor, Mrs. Perry Brown, Mrs. John Rice, and Mrs. John Rikkers Mr. John Rikkers and Master Leander Rikkers
Mr. John Foster,  Mr. Paul Vartanian, and Ms. Stephanie Potter ...  soon to be Mrs. John Foster Rev. Lynn Sanders, the bride, Rev. William Tully, and Dina Merrill
Dina Merrill and Ted Hartley Mr. and Mrs. Scott Potter Mrs. Robert Gianos and Mr. Walter Ross
Mr. Lazlo Adam, Winky Adam, and Mrs. and Mr. Larry
Mr. Edmund Lynch III, Miss Crystal Lynch, Mrs. Deborah Lynch, and Master Edmund Lynch IV
En route to the black-tie dinner dance at The New York Public Library.
The bride and groom make their way down the stairs of the NYPL to meet and greet their guests ...
The bride with Mrs. T.D. Davis  ... Mrs. Boo Van Ingen ... Laura Rikkers.
Mr. John Foster, Mr. Jan Roosenburg, Stephanie, Nina Rumbough Roosenburg hugging Stephanie, and Mrs.  Edward Austin (in blue)
Mrs. Harry Seherr -Thoss ( Elizabeth), Mr. Peter McLaughlin, Mrs.
Peter McLaughlin (Maria), and Ms. Kristina Newman
Christobel Vartanian, Ann Polk, Tracy Rutherford, and Anne Cook
Victoria and Nishan Vartanian Jim Smith, Caroline Firestone, and Sandra Heise
Mr. and Mrs. Philippe dela Chappelle talk to the Groom T.D. and Terie Davis Brian and Pamela Owens
Laing Rikkers, Alan Blanchard, Kim Bradshaw Lionel Goldfrank, Dottie Smith, Joe Coleman, and Kathy Coleman
Leander and Laura Rikkers Mr. John Springer and Leander Rikkers
The cocktail reception.
Dinner is served.
The bride (with Mr. Michael Davis and groom) in her Oscar de la Renta dress to close out the night ...

Photographs by Terry deRoy Gruber and Ann Watt.

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