Friday, September 10, 2010

Ellin Saltzman’s Fashion Diary

Lincoln Center Tents: Well merged into the south side of Lincoln Center. Very well done. Certainly not looking like a tent at all.

A bit discombobulated as it is the first day -- some of the electronic stations fail to function; some of the advertised booths seem not to be open or I did not see/find them. With great curiosity I was looking for the EFFEN vodka stand, being totally in love with that name!

It takes a while to locate your seat if you do not have a bar code on the invitation or a seat assignment, but I think about 4 different groups of the "real housewives" seemed to have no problem. Quite frankly I do not see their attraction. They do not represent style or fashion. Why have them in the front row??? Am I suffering a generational thing?
They don't call it Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for nothing.
Now what do I think of Lincoln Center as the setting rather than Bryant Park (2 blocks from most designer showrooms)? I am not sure. Think Bryant Park is easier for designers to get added pieces from their showrooms; and for department store buyers to visit the showrooms and actually buy for their stores; and for many magazine editors whose offices are on 44th street ... but Lincoln Center is part of the art of theatre, dance, music, and film world ... and fashion is now considered an art, whether harmonious or not, colorful or black and white, comedy or tragedy or straight drama, models on catwalks as ballerinas on stage. So the jury is still out, whether it is my jury of one or many of our readers.
Under the simulated tent.

Christian was a winner of Project Runway 6 years ago. Probably the most talented designer ever on that show. Also the most ambitious and self confident. I had the pleasure of working with him slightly while I was at He made a small collection for the site right after he won the competition. It was very successful.

Katrina Bowden, Christian Siriano, and Maggie Grace
When Christian first started his clothes were spectacular, entrance making, dramatic, but not very wearable. With his collection for Spring Summer 2011 he seems to have overcome that obstacle. This collection is very salable and very beautiful with some dramatic (entrance making) pieces as well.

The show starts with a fabulous cognac leather belted safari jacket and slim cotton stretch white trousers and a stretch cotton bateau neck white dress with beaded shoulder (very discreet) and a great cognac belt. White is the basis of the first part of his collection ending with a one-shoulder flounced white silk blazer and boot cut trousers.

Then we go to color (it is Spring after all) in a turquoise giraffe print dramatically shown in a satin faced organza bubble dress or for fun in a wing sleeve blouse shown with pleated cognac leather short city shorts (or if nervy) Palm Beach ladies luncheon.

Christian had a group of amber giraffe prints shown with gold -- probably great for his blond ladies with their fair skin, and he ended on a high note of red...from red snake embossed wing sleeve jacket and shorts and ended with a red tulle striking one shoulder draped gown

Well done Christian!
Sparkle Sterling Leigh Lezark Sia Furler
Ken Downing and Teri Agins Mark Consuelos
Christian Siriano for Payless shoes: it is great that he has this franchise. The shoes this season are influenced by "Africa, India, and China together into a single design aesthetic" (Christian's words). They are indeed powerful and strong and platformed with very interesting heels.  Not for the faint of heart but great for the young customers who want an adventurous shoe by a known designer at Payless prices!
CHRISTIAN SIRIANO's spring/summer 2011 collection ...
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