Monday, September 20, 2010


A Mini-Journey through Spring 2011 Fashion Week
by Jill Lynne

On the eve of Fashion Week I was treated to an intimate roundtable with one of my favorite Actresses, Patricia Clarkson. Patricia is now appearing in the beautiful love story “Cairo Time” – and soon to be released, the sweet, almost “old-fashioned” “Legendary”

Produced by the WWE (World Wrestling) the film also stars John Cena, a celebrated wrestler and television personality and John Graye of HBO’s “Dexter” fame. Although never a fan of spectator sports (Polo and Tennis, being the exception ...) this film explores the development of a possible wrestler in a manner I found intriguing.
Patricia Clarkson.
John Cena being interviewed by two children.
John Cena. Devon Graye.
Devon Graye as Cal Chetley.
Devon Graye as Cal Chetley with Danny Glover as Harry "Red" Newman.
John Cena as Mike Chetley.
Devon Gray with Patricia Clarkson as Sharon Chetley.
The “Tents” have arrived at their new location in Lincoln Center – expanded and pristine.

There seemed to be more chatter about the tents – pro and con, the new space – than the shows. The interiors have been streamlined, access codified through technology, for ease of entry, with beautiful, flattering lighting, actual restrooms instead of port-a-sans, an outdoor atrium for “hanging”, and the Mercedes VIP Lounge. Critics note the ambience is now corporate, as in any anonymous convention lobbies.

Interestingly the attendees themselves seem to “rise-to-the-occasion”, mirroring the beautiful interiors, dressing up and looking better than ever. Hats off to Fern Mallis, President of IMG, for her persistent efforts in developing this lovely fashionable arena.
My first show “Blank Silk” by new Designer Meghan Walsh (Yes, daughter of John Walsh) was held at Ramescale’s beautiful indoor-outdoor Penthouse atop Westbeth.

I was enlisted by the great Charles Morrison to work on the first benefits for the Adam Walsh Society, dedicated to assist in the recovery of missing children. At that time it was easier to trace a stolen car than a missing child. The Organization eventually spawned the important National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. John Walsh continued his good work by developing “Americas Most Wanted”. He also created another family, consisting of two fine sons, and the new Designer of Blank Silk, Meghan Walsh.

Meghan studied the Fine Arts and Eastern Religion as well as Couture at the Parsons School of Design. Since 2003 she has gone to India seek inspiration – from the vivid colors through flowing fabrics with importance to the unencumbered silhouette.
Meghan Walsh ...
John Walsh and daughter Meghan. Geoffrey Holder.
The John Walsh Family: Callahan, John, Meghan, Reve, and Hayden.
Marianne Nems with daughter Athena. Barbara Kemp and model wearing Royal Silk.
"Fashion's Night Out" this year expanded globally – from Los Angeles through London. In Manhattan, perfect weather brought crowds thronging to the Upper East Side, the Meatpacking District, the West Village and Soho. On Madison, outside Dolce & Gabana and Bergdorf’s, overwhelming crowds spilled onto the roads.

There is a new front row at most of the shows, peopled with reality TV stars and obscure talent. Just about gone are the days when true celebrities, significant editors and buyers occupied those very seats. Gone too is the “Lily-White” look, as Hip-Hoppers and multi racial talent rise in popularity.
Let’s talk Front-Row-Etiquette – applicable for any row too. Here are a few MUST-Dos & Do-NOTS! No texting while a show is in progress. Who is doing whatever is NOT an emergency! No chewing gum or eating.

Do NOT hold your notes out in the aisle as they interfere with photographs. And although those stilettos may have a costly designer name, please uncross your legs. Also no chatting, gossiping while the show is in progress, and do wait until the Designer has received their due applause until you rush off to wherever.
Edition Georges Chakra show ...
Deborah Hughes working it.
Bow-ties are IN!
Beverly Johnson.
Dania Ramirez.
After attending 30-something shows and presentations this season, it seems Trends are almost at status quo. Perhaps it’s the economy once again causing a new “safer” conservatism. Even Innovators such as Zang Toi and PORTS down played their collections. Known for his gorgeous runway environments and over-the-top beautiful gowns, Zang’s show took place in a bare white runway setting. And PORTS seemed to rehash the same looks as in bygone shows.
Alexander Berardi ...
The Iconic Grace Jones. Fern Mallis.
Patrick McDonald and friend.
Fashion Stylist Phillip Bloch and friend wearing a vintage dress. Anita Sarko.
The Collection.
23-year-old designer AB gets deserved applause.
Monique Lhuillier ...
Whitney Eve ...
From edible candy to wearable candy ...
However here are a few trendettes. The waist has returned to the real-body waist. Faired skirts, short, dirndl, layered with crinolines, or 40’s “housewife” mid-calf, cinched at the waist are back. Almost every thing is sleeveless – less fabric = less money. Pencil-thin silhouettes still do dominate.

Short Playsuits are IN! Capelets are being introduced. Wisps of fabric, that flutter in the breeze, are an integral part of ensembles.

Heels are higher…wasn’t there a Women’s Movement that concerned itself with health?
Designer Nicolette Mayer.
Fashionista-Dandy Patrick McDonald with his New Paper-Doll-Cut-out Book "Dandy" in MB VIP Lounge.
Judy Licht and Robert Verdi in a Mercedes.
Phillip Bloch.
Olivia Palermo.
Meditative man in Skirt.
Colombian Designer Edgard Perez.
I am ever so grateful for the light-hearted shows of beloved Betsey Johnson, Custo Barcelona, and the Blondes. Let’s not take this all too seriously. Betsey showcased her collection “RID(E) ON” against a video backdrop of her cheerily riding her bicycle through out Manhattan, and opened the show by riding onto the runway.

Clearly an environmental statement. BJ has created so very many iconic styles that she has merely to transform them, to be forever timely – colorful prints, brilliant hues, flared skirts and dresses – this time ‘round with actual hoops. Playsuits, jumpsuits, and a cute homage to the Navy.
Custo Barcelona ...
Rosa Cha ...
Bibhu ...
Bibhu Mohapatra.
Custo Barcelona has extended his colorful, pattern-on-pattern outfits for both men and women to children’s wear. Premiering at the “Petite Parade”, his relaxed, easy-to-wear playful signature tees and leggings, will be a hit for wee ones.
Pamela Roland ...
Pamela and family at The Whitney Museum
Zang Toi ...
Zang with models.
Baroness Monica von Zadora-Gerlof, Lucia Hwong, and Bonnie Pfeifer-Evans.
Isabel Barnard-Biderman and Deborah A. Farrington.
Daphne Oz (Dr Oz's Daughter) and Stacey Fitzgerald.
Lucia Hwong and Geoffrey Bradfield.
Caroline Lieberman and Nicole Brewer.
Jamee Gregory.
Zang Toi.
"John Boy."
Betsey Johnson ...
Betsey arrives ...
Lulu Johnson and Denise Richards.
An adoring fan dresses in BJ for the show.
Miss USA Rima Fakih.
Designer Shahil Uphadada wearing BJ-inspired self-designed outfit.
And now to the Blondes – my last show for Spring 2011 – and a brilliant finale to the week. Outrageous, campy, glitzy but also dreamy and wearable ... a collection adored by Drag-Queens and Divas alike. Watch for them increasing in the spotlight.
Masked Marcus. Baroness Sherry Von Korber Bernstein.
Pat Field. Mike Ruiz wearing the Blondes.
Alan Cumming and Greg Wolf. Stella Ellis.
My PS: Congratulations to the new the designers I had the opportunity to view ...

In particular, 23-year-old Alexander Berardi – not only a cutie, but also a Designer whose beginning form-fitting couture collection, revealed the excellent craftsmanship, usually only found in Europe!
Photographs by Jill Lynne. Visit her at: