Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jill Krementz covers The Figure in American Art

Barbara Stevens in front of Gallery founded by her mother.
Eleanor Ettinger Gallery
The Figure in American Art 2010
January 14th-February 28th, 2010

119 Spring Street between Greene and Mercer
Monday: 10-5 pm
Tuesday - Friday: 10-6pm
Saturday: 11-6pm; Sunday: 12 noon-6pm

It's nice to see gallery openings still going on in Soho and especially shows of representational artists, a genre too often marginalized by the trendy and the “what's the next thing?” syndrome.

Founded by Eleanor Ettinger in 1975, the gallery is now run by her two daughters, Barbara Stevens and Frann Bradford, as well as Ms. Bradford's husband, James Umphlett. The present show features 11 contemporary artists and many of them were on hand for the opening.

It is galleries such as this one that give a neighborhood like Soho its identity. Residents and visitors can only be grateful. The artists, too, have found a warm and welcoming home.
Gregg Kreutz at entrance to gallery. Mr. Kreutz is standing in front of his painting, The Chess Players.
Ettore DiSebastiano, a 31-year-old model from Florence, Italy who posed for several of the bystanders depicted in Gregg Kreutz's The Chess Players. Mr. DiSebastiano, like many painters, supplements his income by occasionally posing for representational artists such as Mr. Kreutz.
Checkmate by Gregg Kreutz.
Korean artist Hyeseung Marriage-Song with three of her paintings. The gallery is exhibiting this artist for the first time. Born in Korea, and raised in the United States, Ms. Marriage-Song studied at the Water Street Atelier. Behind the artist, on the wall: Pearl, The Maiden and The Gentleman.
Girl In Café, Hopper's Closer Look by Hyeseung Marriage-Song. Posing in front of the painting is the artist's model, Victoria Lee.
Buffalo Dream by Mark English. Morning Paper by Gregg Kreutz who is seated in front of painting.
Artist Gregg Kreutz with two of his sisters, Libby and Charlotte, his daughter, Phoebe, and his daughter's boyfriend, Matt.
Les Seifer who works at the gallery. Artist Glenn Harrington was represented by seven paintings including the one in front of which he is standing: Eden in Profile. Eden is the name of Mr. Harrington's model who has posed for all seven of the paintings on exhibit.
Filigree by Glenn Harrington. Taupe by Glenn Harrington.
Blue Bed by Glenn Harrington.
Polka Dots by Glenn Harrington. Ave by Glenn Harrington.
Cascade by Glenn Harrington.
Frann Bradford, co-owner of the Eleanor
Ettinger Gallery.
Co-owner, James Umphlett. Ms. Bradford and Mr. Umphlett are married.
Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso in front of her painting, The Mentor (Adelaide Labille-Guiard).
Richard Piloco and his three paintings, two depicting his 12-year-old daughter Phoebe, and one his 8-year-old son, Lucas.
One More Page. Lounging.
Jacob Collins runs The Grand Central Academy, which he describes as a "Julliard
for art students."
Victoria Lee with Cherry Jordan. Ms. Jordan is a stylist for Donna Karan.
Gregg Kreutz, Gabriella Gonzalez Dellosso, Frann Bradford, and Glenn Harrington.
Text and photographs © by Jill Krementz: all rights reserved.