Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ellin's Fashion Diary

The boys from Saks at Carolina Herrera: Steve Sadove, President; Ron Frasch; Joe Boitano, Senior Vice President, General Merchandise Manager.
by Ellin Saltzman

Monday, September 12

Awakened realizing that the fabulous friend and talent who styles and cuts my hair, Kevin Lee of the Kenneth Salon, had arranged for me to get a "blow dry" before the week of shows!

Hearing that we were in for another gridlock day I happily took the Lexington Avenue 6 train down to the Waldorf Hotel. Subway is the only way to go if it is a straight line! It took 10 minutes.
Backstage with Carolina Herrera, Renee Zellweger, and Reinaldo Herrera.
However exiting the Waldorf I realized I was off to Lincoln Center for the CAROLINA HERRERA show, and I might get gridlocked again! Fortunately it was not the nightmare of last Friday and I made it, just 15 minutes late which is almost okay.

Renaldo Herrera, Carolina's husband, has always taken care of the seating; and he very nicely seats my pal Helen O'Hagan and myself in the 5th row. It is great to be there and to see everyone from Renée Zellweger to some titled Italian and Spanish folks. I will tell you that Renee Z. is much tinier than I expected in every way.
Front row with Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington.
It was fun to see the four male top executives from Saks Fifth Avenue sitting like see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and maybe think no evil (now what fun can that be?). However I cannot tell you a great deal about the skirt lengths or the shoes but I did feel the collection looked a great deal easier, prettier, and younger than it has been in the past few seasons. And I think some of the skirt lengths were at the knee or above, that is an instant sip from the fountain of youth.

Carolina's colors started off sunny side up; with canary yellow and grass green opening the collection.
From Carolina's Spring 2012 collection.
She has some very pretty cornflower blues mixed with white and sepia. Ever being the great shirt and trouser lady, she of course has some stunning blouses and jackets worn with pleated pants.

Happily for me, a red fanatic, Mrs. Herrera has some great red pieces, such as a red seersucker silk cloque dress and a gown of the same fabric with black and white geometric embroidery.

Always one for spectacular evening gowns, Carolina did not fail this season. The colors plus the crystal or caviar beading could and will be coveted by many for very special occasions.

Brava Carolina!
Carolina has some excellent red pieces and beautiful evening gowns.
MARC BY MARC JACOBS. Marc's diffusion collection took his standard collection Monday evening slot. His collection will be the last show of the season on Thursday at 8 or 8:30. They missed three days due to Irina.

His Marc by Marc Collection did however stick to the standards set several years ago by Marc. It started promptly at 8 (oops).
Marc by Marc Jacobs.
This was a bright and happy American collection, clean and neat and red white and blue. There were clean dresses; bermuda shorts; skinny trousers; short shorts all shown with contrast ankle strapped shoes or some fun white sneakers. I admit I do not like ankle straps. Never have and never will. I don't mind espadrilles with laces that climb the legs, but an ankle strap ... it cuts the leg for most people, unless they are models with never ending legs!

Marc's collection was fun; not kookie but good clean living good, and spirit appropriate.

Can't wait to see "big Marc" and cannot wait to hear whether Marc is going to Dior.
Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Two very American collections were shown, DKNY and TOMMY HILFIGER. The DKNY collection was mainly red, white, and blue. Everything was shone with a big floppy beach-like hat. It's a point of view I guess.

The silhouettes were loose and flowing and most of the lengths were asymmetrical. It was a good city collection.
DKNY's red, white, and blue.
TOMMY HILFIGER's collection was as expected, grown up preppy. He had some sensational swimwear (in men's wear check patterns) shown under bright stripe sweaters. They looked great as did the models!

His schoolboy blazers are super, as are his bicolor raincoats. He has a new shirt dress shape, which has a drawstring waist and looks comfortable, but still citified.
It's fun to watch a Tommy show and mentally cast the clothes into a commercial or great magazine spread. The only group I would stay away from are the blue camouflages. Camo in any color has been done. Or maybe I am being super-sensitive to the date.
Highlights from Tommy Hilfiger's Spring 2012 collection.
One final note: Nadal lost tonight. But it was an amazing match. I have never seen two men play such long-drawn-out points. But Novak did win it, and was superb. Anna has her Roger, but I have my Nadal!

See you tomorrow ...
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