Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jill Krementz covers Carol Joynt at the Plaza

The guest of honor, Carol Joynt, stands between her hosts for the evening, DPC, Shane Krige, and Jeffrey Hirsch.
Innocent Spouse by Carol Ross Joynt
A Celebration Party in The Palm Court of The Plaza Hotel
May 11th, 2011

David Patrick Columbia and Jeffrey Hirsch, co-owners of New York Social Diary, co-hosted a party with Shane Krige at The Plaza's Palm Court to celebrate the publication of a memoir, Innocent Spouse, by our colleague, Carol Joynt. Mr. Krige is the General Manager of the hotel.

The memoir is about what happened to Ms. Joynt after the sudden death of her husband, Howard, who owned Nathans, one of the hottest restaurants in Georgetown. Ms. Joynt learned that Howard had a lot of secrets, including a $3 million dollar debt to the IRS.

Ms. Joynt is a fellow contributor to NYSD. She lives in Washington D.C. and continues to host a live interview program, The Q&A Café. It was a pleasure to finally meet her after all these years of appearing together on this site.
This is why it's called The Palm Court. The overhead ceiling is beautiful.
When Howard Joynt died suddenly after a three-week bout with pneumonia, he was 57 years old. Carol and Howard were the parents of a five-year-old son, Spencer. Spencer is now in college preparing for his final exams so he was not able to attend the party at The Plaza. Click here to buy Innocent Spouse.
Steve McCarthy and Carol Joynt. Mr. McCarthy is one of Carol's oldest friends and was the videographer for the evening event at The Plaza. He used to live in Washington D.C. where he knew Carol and her husband, Howard, for ten years.

Below: Steve McCarthy slipping a mike into the back of Carol's dress. In the background is Sally Hosta.
Carol Joynt with the gang from Crown publishing, left to right: Suzanne O'Neill, (Carol's editor), Anna Thompson (who works with Suzanne), Carol Joynt, the author, Patty Berg (Director of Marketing), and Sarah Brievogel (Assistant Director of Publicity).
Jane Madembo, who helped with the selling of books. DJ extraordinaire and NYSD contributor, Anita Sarko.
Jason Grant of Webster Light Grant Communications. Alexis Fedor, who works with Webster Light Grant.
Patty Berg and Sarah Brievogel.
Steve Millington, General Manager at Michael's Restaurant. Sally Hosta has been a friend of Carol's for over 30 years. They drove up together from Washington D.C. to New York earlier in the day. Ms. Hosta met Howard, Carol's late husband, in 1969. Carol and Sally's husbands went to law school together. Then Howard opened Nathans Restaurant, which is at the center of this memoir.
Writer Jesse Kornbluth, whose blog is called Head Butler. Maury Rogoff, who heads her own PR Agency.
Actress Arlene Dahl Dr. Fran Gare.
Tara Milne, who purchased two books. What a guest! Alice W. Judelson who bought this sequined top in a vintage shop in Paris. "It was obviously inspired by Schiaparelli, who was inspired by Dali and was Coco Chanel's rival." Ms. Judelson and her husband own an art gallery, I-20, which is now showing the work of Andy Avini. They deal in contemporary art.
Tiffani Cailor is the Director of PR for the Four Seasons in New York. But before coming to New York she was with the Four Seasons in Washington, D.C. "which is how I know Carol." Christina Vuleta writes a blog for The Huffington Post called 40:20, which is for women 40 to 20 years old. She has written a book on the same subject called 40:20 Vision, which will be published at a future date.
Erica Hart used to work for Carol. "I was Spencer's nanny for a year. I'm in the book but I don't even know which page because I have the kindle version." Jeffrey Hirsch with Roger Webster, of Webster Light Grant Communications in New York.
Lorenzo Benazzo with NYSD's JH and DPC. Writer Michael Gross.
Joe Peyronnin, Carol Joynt, and Susan Zirinsky.

Joe Peyronnin and Susan Zirinsky are married and have both been in TV forever, which is how they know Carol. Susan is the Executive Producer of CBS's 48 Hours. Joe, talking about how far he and Carol go back, said "We started television."

Ms. Joynt has worked as a producer for both Larry King and Charlie Rose, and as a permanent staff writer for Walter Cronkite.
Keri Ingvarsson and Naz Tesit. Ms. Ingvarsson has a fashion showroom, The King Collective. Ms. Tesit, who was born in Dubai, specializes in 18th century antiques and paintings.
Art historian Charlie Scheips, who will be graduated from Columbia with a masters this Sunday. Ann Rapp.
Decorator Mario Buatta Publicist Susan Magrino.
Jeffrey Hirsch and his fiancee, Danielle Rossi. Matthew Ferguson, a lawyer in Manhattan. He gradutated from the University of Wisconsin–Madison where he met his good friend, Mr. Hirsch.
Sarah Vass, who heads her own PR firm. Laney Katz Becker, Carol Joynt's agent on this book. Ms. Becker is with the Elaine Markson Agency in New York.
Jeff Hirsch, Danielle Rossi, and Jeanne Lawrence. Ms. Lawrence lives in Shanghai and is a regular contributor to NYSD (in fact, she has a featured column up today).
Louis Araya came to the United States from Chile in 1976 and has worked at the Plaza Hotel for 27 years. When I told him what the book was about, he said "taxes are killing me too." Marina Pellecchi, who lives in Argentina. She is wearing a Bulgari necklace.
Carol Joynt brought presents for her editors at Crown.
And one for DPC! Wendy Moonan, who writes mostly about art and antiques for 1st Dibs and for Vintage & Modern Marketplace.
Carol signing her last book. Every book was accounted for by the end of the night.
Carol at the entrance to The Plaza's Palm Court. Carol exits The Plaza.
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