Monday, August 13, 2012

Debbie’s Hamptons Diary

Usher, Ron Isley, Paul McCartney, and Jon Bon Jovi perform at Ron Perelman's annual bash for The Apollo Theater.
by Debbie Bancroft
Monday, August 13 , 2012

You can feel summer’s crescendo building out here. Folks are dropping anchor, saying adieu, ciao and Antio sas, to foreign shores. Kids are coming back from painting orphanages in Equador (of course, they could build a new one, with what these trips cost), and squeezing every last minute of summer revelry before those pesky schools pull them back.

Last night, Ron Perelman hosted his annual bash for The Apollo Theater. Names and numbers aren’t in yet, but you assume it hauled the $’s in, and had at least Bon Jovi and Usher, serenading.
Michael Michele, Russel Simmons, and Venus Williams at EleVen by Venus Williams launch party at Rita Schrager’s Southampton house. Ava Schrager, Rita Schrager, and Sophia Schrager.
George Soros celebrated his 82nd birthday, then defied it by announcing his engagement to his 40-year-old girlfriend, Tamiko Bolton — a self feeding, well educated woman, I hasten to tell you tsk tskers.

Venus Williams showcased her tennis clothing line, EleVen at Rita Schrager’s Southampton house, and hit with a few brave or brazen, tennis amateurs. I had to pass to watch my son play in a tennis tournament, though in tame ‘ole whites-not the neon florals, Venus sported. Sotheby’s started the activities early on Thursday, with a preview of their contemporary art sale at the appropriately chic and arty, Bridge Golf Club (not often terms associated with golf).

Arriving at Anne Hearst McInerney and Jay McInerney's Ashgrove Farm in Bridgehampton
My Saturday night was spent with pals, at their home, where I frequently sup, but this night, with 200 other folks. Anne Hearst McInerney and Jay McInerney generously threw open the gates of their wonderful Ashgrove Farm, to support their friend Anthony Kennedy Shriver, and the organization he founded in 1989, Best Buddies.

You probably know BB is a global volunteer movement, creating opportunities for employment, friendship and leadership for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Mollie Noble, their Buddies’ Ambassador told us, “I deserve to be heard!” and she was.

Anthony told us, “She’s the best dressed woman in the tent (ouch), and she smiles at me more than my wife does.” Over $250,000 was raised with, and for, Mollie this year.

Anthony sat with us, at Anne’s table, and coincidentally, one away from William Cavendish — whose father’s cousin, William Cavendish, the Marquess of Hartington and heir-apparent to the 10th Duke of Devonshire, was married to Kathleen “Kick” Kennedy, Anthony’s aunt. Hartington was killed in action in WWII, four months after their marriage, and four years later his widow was killed in a plane crash in France with Peter Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, the Earl of Fitzwilliam on their way to elope in the South of France. Sad history abounding, but only joy this night at the Hearst-McInerneys.
There are always a few overdressers. Actually, they are commemorating Best Buddy's new French location.
Anthony and Alina Shriver. Anthony with Molly Noble, Buddy Ambassador.
Looking for the llamas at Ashgrove Farm — just like Hearst Castle!
Anthony had his impossibly beautiful children, Joey, 3, Carolina, 11, and 16-year-old Eunice, romping with him. All they needed was a football.

You always want to sit at Jay or Anne's tables-they serve their own, amazing wines
Anthony told me he’s been in Hyannis most of the summer. “How’s Taylor?” I asked. Meaning of course, Taylor Swift, whose been dating cousin Bobby Kennedy’s 18-year-old son, Conor.

“She’s been up there a lot. They are great together — she seems young, too.” Quite a switch from 33-year-old Jake Gyllenhal.

Wonderful wines from Jay’s own collection were poured, Robbins Wolfe’s always yum dinner sated, and The Stingers sang up a storm. After Nate Berkus, Katie Lee, Donny Deutsch, Pandy Biddle and Yves Hentic, Valesca Guerrand Hermes, Nicole Miller and Kim Tailpale headed home, Anne and a few of her home team walked up to the porch where we spend so many cozy evenings.

Several slinky girls were strewn over her — our sofa, and I, high handedly said, ‘This is our hostess, and it would be nice if she could squeeze in here.”

They scampered, and we settled in for a little dessert, and a private porch dance to my requested favorite, “Respect” ... and we got some.
Kathy and Rick Hilton (finally in the Hamptons), and moi.
Anne Hearst McInerney, at home, with William and Lilliana Cavendish.
Anthony and Joey Shriver-do they get any cuter? Jammy time.
Jammy-or-not-time for me. Actually a painting on their wall, but eerily familiar.
The much-discussed decolletage after the kiddies went to sleep.