Friday, February 10, 2012

Ellin's Fashion Diary

JH set the scene yesterday (above) with the photo of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion structure; and the calm before the storm.

Today, a heavenly day weather wise, for me was a practice session.

Three starting shows did not invite me, one I actually emailed three times as I know the young designer's father and the owner of the art gallery where her collection was being shown, but did not get a reply. Of course she, the designer with big fat Hollywood connections, does not know that I was unanswered so I cannot really blame her! It gave me more time to shuffle papers, organize tickets, send Valentine gifts to my grandchildren.

Got to Lincoln Center early to pick up my credentials. I must further explain that in this Lincoln Center structure there are 4 places for shows as well as Mercedes cars on display and Maybelline, Diet Pepsi, and Tresemme shampoo samples. No one has ever looked at the tag hanging round my neck but it saves having to accessorize!
The scene inside the "tent" ( Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images North America).
Actually the tag also has my bar code on it so I can go to Lincoln Center daily and pick up my seat assignments. Quite ingenious. Means you do not have to stand on a long line for most shows (but once inside you do have to wait for the show place to open). I love radar and gps and bar codes IF they are working. Today, no such luck.

I did not have a seat at TADASHI SHOJI. Not a big problem in this case. The guards all know me by now so took me up front; the girls behind the desk say in unison, "we love Elizabeth," and hand me a standing ticket. For those who haven't heard me brag enough, Elizabeth is my daughter. Very chic, very with it, ex Vogue, ex Vanity Fair Fashion Editor, now contributing editor. She is loved by all.

Standing on line to enter the show two girls are having a major discussion about eyebrows (you see what a world this is!). One of the girls had been working backstage with the makeup crew on the show said "the lips are the key" ... indeed she was right. The lips were red and striking; and the hair was in a semi circle chignon.
Take a seat. Two rows are unnumbered so that is flying "elite coach" Standing becomes seated. Guess who sits right in front of me? A young man in a pink tutu with a pink fur shrug, and a long, bad blond wig. He is very young, I realize. Everyone is talking to him so I finally said, "you look great, but you have to get a better wig." I tell him about wig by mail catalog which has great wigs for very little money ($30 to $50) and that he can order on line. He asks if they have retail stores; I cannot answer that question except to realize he may not have a computer.

The young lady next to him admires my glasses. They are heavy black framed men's glasses (the frames cost $50 dollars) and come from Sterling Opticians on 78 and Lexington. My new look since an eye infection stopped me from contacts for a few months. Mr. Pink Tutu says "you are a walking information stand." I tell him I have been around for a long time and working in this industry for over 50 years; he says I am 1/4th your age I guess. Well not exactly as he is 21; but could be close.
Tadashi Shoji Fall 2012 show.
The show finally starts. His inspiration was the GOLDEN AGE of Shanghai. A modern, opulent, prosperous era when it was called the "Paris of the Opulent."

I confess to not knowing a great deal about Tadashi Shoji, but was most impressed with some of his evening looks (and he did just evening not trying to do all things).
One of my favorites (of course I am a red nut) was flame chantilly lace and pleated tulle tiered cap sleeve dress. Others were in burn outs, and many were lace and chiffon. There was a flame washed velvet and beaded lace cowl back dress that caught my fancy as well.

Sadly my tenth row photography did not do the clothes justice.
Tadashi Shoji Fall 2012 show.
This presentation was in a small studio. The designer is Australian. The sad thing is that neither the program or anything else told me her name. The PR lady, Linda Gaunt, with whom I used to work took me over and introduced me. Sadly it was noisy and I did not write down her name. The presentation was what I call "Log Cabin Chic."
There were some super clothes and boots of her design. I hope to learn her name and tell you before the week is over!
Candela Fall 2012. (Photos: Jason Kempin/Getty Images North America).
Late afternoon. I need to tell you all my promise to myself. Maybe by making it public ... I will keep it. I need to get in shape and lose some weight so I have been going to spin class. You may even know me. I am the lady in the last row who doesn't follow the leader in every move and sits more than she should but still keeps pedaling.

I am also trying to get back into core fusion or exhale mode. But since I cannot do 6:30 am classes, I skip doing both during this time. Therefore I vow to walk to and from Lincoln Center daily. If not both ways then at least one way (I tend to be late in the morning). Today I discovered Le Pain Quotidien in the middle of the park. Did you know it was there? A bit southwest of the bandstand. It is open for breakfast daily!

See you tomorrow. Shows are in three ends of town. West 15. Lincoln Center. East 79. But no excuses!