Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ellin's Fashion Week Diary

Primping backstage at Michael Kors.
Wednesday, September 12
Oh, what a beautiful morning! Refuse to complain ever again ... not in public at any rate ... readers have sent in remedies for leg cramps one involving putting fingers in your nose. Kathy from Atlanta, wrote:

Dear Ellin,
I'm 63 and finally googled cures for leg cramps earlier this year. Found a nurse's blog. She said, "pinch the skin between each nostril down at the base where it widens towards the upper lip — it's an acupressure point."

It works almost instantly. Put your first finger in one nostril and your thumb in the other and squeeze hard and downwards until the cramp subsides, which it will do in a few seconds. It's been a miracle for me. Good luck.

I love the fact that they are reading me and thank them for their concern, but realize maybe I shouldn't write about such trivia!

My uniform: White Brooks Brothers non-iron French cuff shirt with stretch jeans, DL1961 style coco.
Awakened, showered, I put on my very latest fashion wardrobe, white Brooks Brothers non-iron French cuff shirt (size 4, hurrah!) with my favorite four-way stretch jeans, DL1961 style coco, which is curvy straight (they are fab) and a bluefly hayden private label navy cashmere crew over my shoulders ... et voila! Off to the tents after a quick visit to the marvelous Arson at Bleu sur Bleu. If you do not know them they have a few salons and charge $29 for a quick shampoo and blow dry.

I have been fortunate enough to know Michael from the very, very beginning. I have witnessed his high and his very very lowest. What is happening to him now with all his success is amazing. What is fabulous is that he has not changed one iota. He is still dear, cuddly, warm, friendly, and incredibly talented. I greatly respect and admire him and feel he deserves every bit of attention and success he is receiving.

Michael does not forget his old friends and supporters. He has always been incredible to me and I have often enjoyed front row seating next to his fun loving mother, Joan. This year I received a note telling me that due to their enormous international business I was being moved! I totally understood that and respected it, and happily sat in my very good fourth row seat with lots of pals and enjoyed the show. I thought it was considerate that his PR staff took the time to write me.

I am going to quote his opening program statement: "geometric glamour...graphic stripes...optical tailoring...the trim spring coat...the leggy suit...bold shade of sun, palm and sky...crisp navy, white, and crimson...graphic combos of black and images of shimmering pools and cloud streaked skies...the structured satchel...metallic and lucite accents on streamlined shoes...the oversized goggle...the sculptural belt...the modernist watch...architectural polish."

Indeed he lived up to all those promises. It was a very clean, sharp collection. What first hit you were all the stripes (one of the biggest trends of the season especially in black and white — although he opened with crimson and navy).
Funny that I should go to Jeffrey and fall in love with a Courrèges navy double-faced dress as there were many reminders of Courrèges in this collection. Not a bad thing at all. They are and they were some of the easiest clothes to wear. Michael's double-faced suits, coats, tunics (especially the four-pocket one) with pants, skirts, and his dresses should keep the cash registers kerchunking!

He had some great bright yellow pieces (another trend this season) and some color-blocked clothes.

Swimwear was super with a super middle zipper maillot in stripes of navy and crimson and black and green.
He had some great pleated skirts, which looked like "car wash" ones. He called them "surge" skirts. Love that connotation.

Do you remember Serendipity? Well it is still going strong, but way back when, they carried children's tee shirts in great blue and white cloud prints. And guess what? Those clouds have become pants and shirts and skirts.

Michael had some gold-studded leathers and a crushed gold paillette shell (gold is another hot trend). He had one dazzling white paillette stripe shift dress. He had a fabulous group of graphics in houndstooth and checks and stripes (black and white again!)
His finale were great black double-faced crepe long column dresses, halter and harness.

Thank you Michael ... you gave us something for everyone.

I ought to add that his hemlines were short, mid, and long. There are no rules (at least not in my book).

Many stars and kisses ...
Okay, I have now breakfasted on 2 Fiber One bars that are gratis in the tent and quite good, so I am satisfied and ready for the next show. When you walk in and see OBAMA/BIDEN buttons on every seat you know that the show is going to be a success. In my book she could have shown the emperor's new clothes and I would have raved. How brave of her to voice her opinion in this manner.

The BRAZILIAN GIRLS band sang and played throughout the show. They were fun and uplifting even when they were singing "Pussy Pussy Wussy Wussy" (my hearing is quite good). My ex co-worker Linda Gaunt was in charge of the show, and she did a great job with the seating, music and buttons! Thank you LINDA!

Nanette's colors were bright as was her spirit. Lots of checks and stripes, pistachio and coral, and clover prints. She had some super full-skirted dresses and skirts at the finale, which looked as though they were sheer tulle over cotton print. They were shaped and flared and very fresh looking.

Thank you Nanette for being as fresh and frisky as you are. Your daughter joining you on the runway looks to be the same as you (oops, she is a teenager? bonne chance!)
Time for ANNA SUI. Anna's background as a stylist working with all the best photographers and top models makes her a big favorite. She manages to sum up seasonal trends and highlight them. She also makes some of the best, reasonably priced dresses, suitable for any age, but definitely made for the young. Her way of showing clothes is always layered, requiring some work for novice eyes to see.

This season Anna used the new trend of colored streaks in the hair (seen at Derek Lam and even Oscar de la Renta and looking so fun and natural that I realize I did not mention that in my review ... my bad!) Karlie Kloss opened the show (I think she may have opened Oscar yesterday) with serious blue hair in a jumpsuit in forest leaf and berry print with leopard bikini bra under. A great indigo ombre stripe romper followed, yes with colored hair and a leopard print bandeau top. Anna designs great tunic tops, the first being a bird scarf print. Her prints are super.

So were her solids, especially in denim with a great kilt skirt.
Most of all I loved her dresses which were often layered, some shown under a great motorcycle jacket, one a leopard print, several were cabbage rose printed, and she had one fab, black dress.

I realize my descriptions sound lacking, but believe me the collection is not! It is happy and makes me smile. She never fails! Thanks Anna.
Tuesday, September 11, cont'd...

Wow ... is she California dreaming? What a difference a move makes. Vera looks as though she is very happy with her newly single California life. Her return to skating (in more ways than one it is rumored) has given her collection a fresh, young slant.

I am adoring her evening bermudas. They look great in white with beaded top, or in black. They are young and leggy. I hope stores buy them that way and do not order them all with skirts or long pants.

Her dresses are shaped and beautifully detailed. Dressy, but not gaudy. She uses lots of gold (the gold standard is very high this season around the runways).

Cheers Vera. I know there aren't figure 10s in skating but I give you one! Keep on spinning!
Showed at 9 AM. Her collection is sunny in color, yellow, sand tan, golden, floral (opening with a great floral print which she wore for her bow). I am a very poor floral person (and my husband would scold me for not knowing this but hopefully he is not receiving this email. A cell phone was all he could handle, but then again that was 12 years ago) so I cannot tell you what the flower is but it looked great.

Tory's skirts are, for the most part, below the knee. In case you haven't realized, I am not a fan. Perhaps it is an age thing, but below the knee is aging and at a certain age you do not want that!! Her clients are younger in part.

She continues to have some great tunic tops, some great embroidered flat shoes, and Mexican-inspired embroidered totes.
I loved all her blue group with some fabulous upbeat prints in tones of blue and white. Here her dresses at below-the-knee length looked fun and just right for summer (everyone seems to forget Spring, including the weather man); perhaps it is because they are for the most part full-skirted and that below-the-knee look right ... especially if worn with flats or platform espadrilles, but please never with high-heeled pump! This is the fashion police talking! Don't let me catch you!

Keep on growing and smiling, Tory. Your accessories and ready to wear are as upbeat as your smile!
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