Monday, November 26, 2012

Jill Krementz covers Wayne Thiebaud: A Retrospective

Drumstick Dinner, 2012
Oil on canvas board
Wayne Thiebaud: A Retrospective
Acquavellea Galleries
October 23-November 30th, 2012

Self portrait of the artist.
Wayne Thiebaud (b.1920) is one of the most celebrated artists working today. Best known for painting everyday objects from gumball machines to bakeshop windows, Thiebaud uses tactile brushwork, saturated colors and luminous light for a range of subjects he describes as "people, places and things." Although associated with Pop art of the 1960s, Thiebaud's subjects reflect a nostalgia and reverence for American culture that sets him apart from the stark commercialism of Warhol and his contemporaries.

Curated by John Wilmerding, the exhibition includes paintings, works on paper and prints spanning the length of the artist's career from the mid 1950s to today. The exhibition, spanning two floors, includes all of the artist's major subjects: confections and diner foods, figures and portraits, San Francisco cityscapes, Sacramento Delta panoramas and his California mountain series.

The fully illustrated catalogue Wayne Thiebaud: A Retrospective distributed by Rizzoli contains two essays — "Wayne Thiebaud: 'The Emperor of Ice Cream'" by John Wilmderding and "The Lonely Crowd: Men and Women in the Art of Wayne Thiebaud" by art historian Pepe Karmel. It is available at request at the Gallery.

It's a perfect post-Thanksgiving outing.
The entrance to Acquavella Gallery at 18 East
79th Street.
Entrance to the First Floor Front Gallery where you should begin your visit.
The catalogue for the show is published by Rizzoli ($40).

John Wilmerding, who has curated the Acquavella installation, has written the essay: "Wayne Thiebaud: The Emperor of Ice Cream."

There is also an excellent appreciation of Thiebaud by Pepe Karmel.
Hot Dog Stand, 2004–12
Oil on canvas
Pastel Scatter, 1972
Pastel on paper
Oil on canvas
Hat Rack, 1999
Oil on board
Shoe Rows, 1975
Oil on canvas
Yo Yos, 1963
Oil on canvas
Masks, 1970
Oil on canvas
Five Rows of Sunglasses, 2000
Oil on canvas
Black Shoes, 1983
Oil on paper
School Flag, 1967
Oil on canvas
Office Still Life, 1980
Oil on canvas
The Lindemann Family.

Left to right, Charlotte (20), Helen (21), Elizabeth (their Mom) and Francis 15.
Now we are entering the back gallery on the first floor.
River Pool, 1997
Oil on canvas
Delta Farms, 2001
Oil on board
Reservoir and Orchard, 2001
Oil on canvas
Island River Farms, 1997
Oil on can
Big Rock Mountain, 2004-12 Canyon Mountain, 2011-12
Oil on canvas
Detail of Big Rock Mountain.
Detail of Canyon Mountain.
Yosemite Bridge, 1975 Yosemite Bridge details.
Winter Ridge, 2010
Oil on board
Big Condominium, 2008
Oil on canvas
Urban Freeways, 1979
Oil on canvas
Over the stairs as you climb to the second floor. Don't miss this cute bunny, or more specifically,
Also over the stairs: Buffet, 1972-1975
Two Kneeling Figures, 1966
White Sand, 2001
Girl with Ice Cream Cone, 1963
Oil on canvas
L. to r.: Dressing Room Figure, 1994; Bikini Figure, 1966
Girl with Pink Hat, 1973 Make-Up Girl, 1981–2012
The Speaker, 2003–8
Oil on canvas
Girl in White, 1979–96
Installation view.
Five Seated Figures, 1965
Mike Ramon has worked as a security guard for Acquavella for five years.

"This exhibit makes you smile and it makes you hungry."
This is the 4th and final gallery on the second floor in the back. Be sure to look at the cigar boxes in
the vitrine.
Lollipops, 1962
Trucker’s Supper, 1961
Peppermint Counter, 1963
Big Suckers, 1971
Aquatint, five colors on Rives paper
Condiment Bowls, undated
Oil on canvas
Detail of Condiment Bowls.
Pie Counter, 1963
Oil on canvas
Three painted cigar boxes.

Left: Flower in Glass, 1999
Center: Ice Cream Cone, 1966
Right: Goofy Doll, 1999
Thiebaud painted Goofy because he used to work at Disneyland.
Cafe Cart, 2012
Oil on canvas
Four Ice Cream Cones, 1964

This image is used as the invitation to the Thiebaud exhibition, which will be up through November 30th, 2012.

This is a great show for kids of all ages.
Detail of Four Ice Cream Cones.
Detail of Boston Cremes, 1962
Oil on canvas
Tulip Sundaes, 2010

Last painting on view. If you are like most people, you will want to go around the corner and get a sundae of your own.
Art © Wayne Thiebaud/ Licensed by Vaga, New York, NY.
Text and photographs © by Jill Krementz: all rights reserved. Contact Jill Krementz here.