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JK covers Ellsworth Kelly Plant Drawings, Part II

Ellsworth Kelly at the Met on Monday night, June 4th, 2012.
On Monday evening there was a private preview and reception to celebrate the opening of Ellsworth Kelly Plant Drawings. The evening was hosted by Thomas Campbell, Director of the Met, and began with a small cocktail reception for the artist in the Carroll and Milton Petrie Sculpture Court. Ellsworth Kelly was surrounded by his many friends and admirers, including the exhibition organizer Marla Prather, his dealer Matthew Marks, and several members of the Met's Board of Trustees.
Thomas P. Campbell, Director of the Met. Tom Campbell and Ellsworth Kelly.
Chelsea art dealer Matthew Marks has represented Ellsworth Kelly for 20 years. When Marks opened his new gallery in Los Angeles, a former garage in West Hollywood converted into an all-white 3,500 square foot space, the facade of the building was inspired by a Kelly collage and painting from the '50s and '60s. The gallery is filled with Kelly's works. Matthew Marks and Ellsworth Kelly. As you can see, Mr. Kelly is tethered to an oxygen tank because of a recent lung condition. Carol Vogel profiling Kelly in The New York Times on January 20, 2012 speculated that his condition might have been caused by years of inhaling turpentine, oil paint, and other materials in his studio.
Marla Prather and Tom Campbell.
Kathy Fuld donated (with Richard Fuld) an Ellsworth Kelly plant drawing, Wild Grape, to MoMA in honor of Kelly's 80th birthday. The 1960 pencil drawing is now on view at the Met.
Tom Campbell, Daniel Brodsky (Chairman of the Met's Board of Trustees), and Carrie Barratt (Associate Director of the Met Museum). Ellsworth Kelly with Sean Ryan and Jacqueline Tran. Ms. Tran is a Director at Matthew Marks Gallery. Mr. Ryan is an artist.
Tom Campbell and Ellsworth Kelly.
Ellsworth Kelly and Jack Shear. Mr. Kelly and Mr. Shear live in upstate New York. Shear has been the Director of The Ellsworth Kelly Foundation for 30 years.
Ellsworth Kelly is off and running to host the opening of his exhibition and to greet his many friends and admirers. Here you see him pulling his oxygen tank behind him through the Met's great front hall. Approaching the entrance to the exhibition. If I hadn't been sprinting, I would have been left in
the dust.
Michael Semff, Director of Staatliche Graphische Sammlung Museum in Munich. Dr. Semff jointly organized the exhibition with Marla Prather and he contributed text to the exhibition catalogue. Semff had flown to NYC from Munich for the evening with plans to return to his homeland on Tuesday morning.

That's Barbara Walters in
the background.
Mort Zuckerman was once married to Marla Prather. They are the parents of a beautiful 14-year-old daughter. Mort Zuckerman and Michael Semff.
Adrian Rosenfeld, a director of the Matthew Marks Gallery, with Michael Semff.
Daniel Brodsky, Ian Alteveer, and Matthew Marks.
Carlos Basualdo, curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, with Agnes Gund.
Judy Hecker is the assistant curator in the Department of Prints at MoMA. Daniel Brodsky and John Elderfield. Mr. Elderfield has recently joined Gagosian and is working on another Bob Dylan show.
Ellsworth Kelly with ABC's Barbara Walters.
Ian Berry, curator of the Tang Museum at Skidmore College. "I used to be Ellsworth's assistant — fifteen years ago." Monica Berry is a private art conservator at Sarasota Springs.
Mark Kessell, an artist, and Pamela Barr, who does captions for many of the exhibitions, including this one for the Met. Met curator Sabine Rewald.
Artist Pat Steir. Sabine Rewald and Dorothy Kosinski, Director of The Phillips Collection.
Artist Alex Katz. Art dealer Richard Feigen.
Ellsworth Kelly and his fan club. They follow him to every opening.
Ellsworth Kelly greets Daniel Hantaï and Mr. Hantai's mother Zsuza Hantaï, who is 87. All three of them lived in the same house many years ago just outside of Paris.
Anne Bass and Ellsworth Kelly.
Pat Steir and designer Bill Katz.
Josef Asteinza and Randall Bourscheidt have been together for 22 years. Art critic Jason Kaufman and Susan Martin. Ms. Martin is the publicist and marketing person for the Centre Pompidou Foundation in Los Angeles. She lives in Abiquiu, New Mexico.
Jacqueline Tran and Sean Ryan. Howard Read of Cheim & Read Gallery.
Jeff Rosenheim, Associate Curator in the Department of Photographs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

He is very patient with me because so many times when I am sending off my photographs to Jeff Hirsch, who does all my layouts, the pix inadvertently whiz off in the middle of the night to the wrong Jeff. Luckily he's a night owl and always lets me know.
Allen Rosenbaum, former Director of Princeton University Art Museum. Matthew Armstrong, who helps Donald Marron curate his art collection.
Writer and lyricist Christopher Mason. Pat Steir leaving the exhibit.
Richard Armstrong, Director, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

In 1966 Ellsworth Kelly had a huge retrospective at the Guggenheim in New York that traveled to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the Tate in London and the Haus der Kunst.
Julian Lethbridge and Jeffrey Peabody, who "runs Matthew Marks." Timothy Rub, Director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, with Carlos Basualdo.
Christo. Dr. David Sherman, a cardiologist.
Artist Anne Koch wearing a vintage dress and a hat to celebrate Ellsworth Kelly's show. Ms. Koch and Mr. Kelly are friends. Anne Koch with her father Robert Koch, who is a fly fisherman and realtor from Atlanta.
Ms. Koch's multi-media exhibition, eat (installation) 2012, is on view through July 6th at the Allegra La Viola Gallery, 179 East Broadway.
Martin Margiela shoes.
Anne Koch and Ellsworth Kelly.
Ashton Hawkins, former legal counsel for the Met and now a lawyer specializing in wills
and estates.
Michael Semff and artist Tom Levine. Mr. Levine and Patti Smith are collaborating on a book about the poet John Ashbery.
Suydam Lansing and Ellsworth Kelly. Ms. Lansing is a very close friend of the artist and is a board member of MoMA PS1.
Dr. Paul Marks, father of Matthew Marks. Dr. Marks is a cancer specialist who between 1980 and 1999 was the head of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Anne Strauss, the Met's Modern and Contemporary Art curator, has recently curated Cloud City by Tomás Saraceno, which can be experienced on the rooftop of the museum.
The exhibition catalogue:
Ellsworth Kelly: Plant Drawings

with texts by Michael Semff
and Marla Prather
Clothbound, $95
There was a reception for guests after they viewed the exhibition.
American painter Terry Winters and Marla Prather. Winters's most recent exhibition at Matthew Marks Gallery featured 11 large-scale paintings, each containing a web of diamonds, triangles, and rhombuses.
William and Wendy Luers with Ashton Hawkins. Mr. Luers, the former United States Ambassador to Venezuela and Czechoslovakia, is Adjunct Professor at Columbia University. Mrs. Luers is President of The Foundation For A Civil Society.
Art historian Phyllis Tuchman, who was also at the morning press preview. Jason Kaufman and Isabelle Dervaux. Ms. Dervaux the Curator of Modern and Contemporary Drawings at The Morgan Library and Museum where Mr. Kelly's three sculptures will soon be on display in
the atrium.
Rosamond Bernier whose memoir, Some of My Lives, has gone into its third printing. Click here to read the photojournal I wrote about the celebration of her 95th birthday and the publication of her excellent book.
Jason Kaufman, Isabelle Dervaux, and Susan Martin outside the Met at the end of a great evening.
Susan Martin bids us "Adiós" as she heads off in a taxi. She was returning to Abiquiu, New Mexico, in the morning.
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